Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(Robin) #1464

SO happy to see you again. You know, we start worrying when a regular disappears. Glad you’re well.


Good to hear from you, Dave. KCKO!


Thanks, Robin. … Never fully disappeared, just maybe faded out some, more like a Ghost. :ghost: But, full transparency (Pun intended :grin:) I honestly haven’t spent much, if any, time at all on a computer whilst home and not working. At least, not mine. - I’ve been so wrapped up with additional work, that I can hardly get away from it these days. Whether at the office, or here at home. So I guess I just didn’t even want to be on my personal when I wasn’t doing something on my work computers. (But I am hoping that can change here soon? Though I have been waiting for this for a while now.) :crossed_fingers:


Hey there Gaff, nice to see you back around again as well. - Hope you and yours are doing well these days. … As mentioned, I haven’t been too active here myself in recent times. I actually took some time out to knock out some stuff, and yeah, it’s been busier than I had planned. :slight_smile:

Actually about to head out to tend the Garden. Like a lot of other things, I ran quite late getting started this year, not planting anything until just about 3-4 weeks ago. But from what I’m seeing, it should be ok.