Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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I moved to a rural area of Colorado about two years ago with a fairly new vehicle. A few weeks ago, had my first mechanical problem. When I first approached the local shop, they said VW? nahhh, you’ll have to take it (50 miles away). That shop gave me an estimated 3 week wait time for an appointment. EEEK…I was in shock. 3 shops later, same news. The local NAPA parts place had a clerk that had pity on me and walked over to the local shop and told them she thought it was just a loose hose (I’d gone off the road in a snowstorm and plowed through some pretty deep stuff). They agreed to take a look and ended up fixing it for me, and the guy was super nice. I told them I was already shopping for a new vehicle/different brand so I could get local help. He told me I had a good vehicle and agreed to help me in the future. So I’m calm now for a bit, but still anxious. Thinking of switching to a truck/4WD by early summer, and a brand I can be sure the local shop will touch.


Thanks :slight_smile: I don’t have a problem working on cars, since I always done most of my own work myself, even building a couple 1970 Chevelle’s back in the day. … it’s just nowadays I basically don’t have the free time and with the new stuff having so much junk on them, they’re not as straight forward as they used to be, which really sucks. - But I also took Mechanics and Bodywork in school as well. So have done a bunch of both over the years. :slight_smile:

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Doing things yourself is awesome, but paying professionals also has an important place.


Yeah, I get that too and it’s even better when you find someone you like and is trustworthy. Which is not always easy to do, especially in this crazy ass world we live in now. :neutral_face:

But V would tell ya, I’ve always hated to pay someone to do something I can do myself, and for much less cost. Plus I enjoy it and really like doing things myself, knowing it’s being done right and everything that went into it. (Bit of an perfectionist I’m told. :slight_smile: ) Not to mention learning new things along the way. (I know I’m also fortunate to be one of those folks that seems to pick up quick & have always been good with my hands)

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i’m sorry about the news. :cry: Hopefully the diet will help.

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I hear ya.

Once I was talking to a coworker about how shocking easel prices are. They are basically 4 pieces of wood. A tripod with a cross bar to support the canvas. I can make that myself.

He laughed and said I sounded like a man. Why pay a reasonable price for something if I could do it for cheap if only I had this expensive tool?

And I was sold. Do it myself and get a fancy new tool? Deal.


Thanks Jody, we’re really hoping so. - I mean to see him, how he acts, eats, etc. You wouldn’t know he’s having any issues. So hoping to get some better results/news next week when they re-test. :slight_smile: :+1:


Well that’s a nice Feministic response from your co-worker. :smile: … But as rare as it is, I have indeed found on occasion where purchasing something already made can be cheaper. But this is usually mostly due to when a company buys in such bulk, they can keep the cost down lower then purchasing all the stuff for a DIY project. (But again, only rare and no where near as fun.)

Haha… Yes, this is easily the best part of all! :smile: … Always nice to purchase a new Toy, um, I mean Tool. :slight_smile: Then when you’re done, you start looking for other things you can do with the new tool. :+1: I have to admit, I do have a pretty nice collection of fun Tools now.


Well, I just got the call from the Auto Shop a little while ago… Turns out V’s Trail Blazer had one of it’s front Calipers blow out. Said the other one looks a bit rough, but it didn’t fail like the other one. Said it also blew out a strut on one side as well, so this may be why she almost spun out a couple weeks ago when she left the house? Can’t say for sure, but this has all taken place in the past couple weeks…

She said the vehicle just went into a sudden skid when she was pulling out onto the main road, nearly doing a 360° before stopping on the shoulder of the road. She was just pulling off so couldn’t have been going that fast. It wasn’t raining or wet pavement or anything, but it did scare the hell out of her. … I actually thought it might have been the tires being a bit low, and made sure they were properly inflated afterwards, but they were not that low so this is good to know about the struct. … So I’m having them replace both Calibers, struts and doing a front end alignment. Also having them replacing all the tires since they too are worn down some and lastly throwing in an Oil Change while it’s up on the rack. So in total it’s going to cost around $1800 :confounded: … But at least this will get her through the Wintertime safely where I was already planning to pick her up a new Vehicle next year anyhow. Will probably just keep the Trail Blazer for hauling the dogs back and forth, or anything else needed.

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I feel your pain, Dave… our 2009 van keeps costing us tons, but we don’t have the money to buy another one… vehicles are wonderful to have but also so expensive…


Yeah, they can be a pain indeed at times. (And seems to hit at the worst times too.) … But overall can’t say we’ve had many issues with hers over the years we’ve had it though. - Other then replacing Tires, brakes, etc. We’ve had the instrument cluster rebuilt after the gauges started acting crazy couple years ago, but nothing else major that I recall. But it is fifteen years old, so it’s been pretty good to us overall. :slight_smile:

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Our dryer died on us a few weeks ago, so we went to the store and bought a new one that we could put in the back of the van, and got our son to come over and help hubby lug the old one out, to dispose of at the dump, and hook up the new one (that I had to throw on a credit card) but we do tonsss of laundry around here, so it was a necessity to replace it immediately. The van we had to put $3000 on just a while ago, about about $1500 last year – we cannot get a new one, so we just cross our fingers that we can keep it going. Hubby has to have a vehicle to get to work. With his health, (not sure how long he can drive with his health issues) this will likely be our last vehicle so hopefully it lasts.

I am just so glad that your lovely wife didn’t have any accidents, vehicles are replaceable, our loved ones are not =).


Sorry to hear that, and thanks. … Hopefully your Van continues without any major issues for ya. And yep, as much as it sucks when it happens, you can always replace a vehicle. :slight_smile:

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All these annoying things happen to all of us; life is good as long as we have our loved ones around us to cope with it all =).

This forum is an amazing support as well, for real life stuff and our Keto journeys =).

I am hoping and praying for your dear doggie to be okay =).

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Right there with ya. My wife is still driving her 2001 Toyota and I am still driving my 2007 Nissan.

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Still driving my ‘99 CRV. I should hit 100,000 miles by 2021. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yep, we’re right there ya’ll. I have a 2001 Dodge Ram and 2007 Harley Fatboy, so yeah they are starting to get a little older now. My Son had his 2000 Silverado until the transmission acted up a few years ago, so he picked up a 17 Ford Escape. Still didn’t want to get rid of the truck, but put the money towards his new one. But he already paid it off so is thinking about picking up another truck.


Week 77 Shows I’m up 1.5 lbs. for this week, but hell, last night’s meal was probably 2 or so lbs. :smile: … Actually took today off from Hunting. It’s been cold, which is good for hunting, but it’s also been extremely windy, which sucks and is not as good for hunting & I actually hate when it’s windy.

So I hunted in it yesterday, at the new place, and didn’t see anything. But again, winds tend to keep deer down most times too… I actually stayed home and did some work in the house, as well as went out and split the last cord or so of wood I had in the backyard. Took a few hours, but got it all done with my Son helping. He kept is coming to me and stacking it, so it surely helped. … Also lit the burn barrel and burned up all the small scraps and cleaned up the storage area on both side of the shed. But at least my little Popsicle ‘V’ can stay extra warm for the Winter. :smile: She actually stays quite cold most times, but this has been like this for some years now. And believe me, she gets that damn wood stove going too! … Just needs to make sure to let it cool down before bedtime, or the other side of the house where the bedrooms are, will be extremely cold. This is because the thermostat picks up the heat in the hallway, which is the warmth on that side of the house, so leaves the heat off for the rest of the house. Hell, we’ve never used the Fireplace which is down in the basement.

But as they say, wood warms you twice, once when you cut it, and then when you burn it. :slight_smile:

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How did Kito’s vet visit go?

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I also stay quite cold, even when I get warm in the summertime my hands and feet stay quite cold. I have trouble regulating my body temperature. I still think everything that you describe with V , she has some auto immune issues!