Dave's 6 Months


Just figured I’d share that yesterday was the 6 month mark since I started, and I’m down 62 lbs from 278 to 216. Also been exercising along with the Keto lifystyle and overall I’m down 7% Body Fat and up 5% Muscle.

Now I need to buy some new pants and stop just relying on over tightening my belt…

Here’s to the next 6 months. :slight_smile:

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(George) #3

Congrats!! It’s pretty exciting seeing everyone’s progress on here. I’m almost exactly 4 months in, and down 50lbs as of Saturday (297 to 247). I’m holding out a while longer before buying clothes though, I want them to last me while. Thank god for belts :slight_smile:


Right? I feel good about being able to keep this up so I’m like “don’t buy new clothes yet… don’t buy new clothes yet… don’t buy new clothes yet” but I think I don’t have a choice haha

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I did the same thing until my pants were practically falling off :joy: congrats on your progress so far!

(George) #6

haha understandable. Luckily, I had a couple shirts that fit me when I was “thinner” that I’ve been using lately, but they’re too big now too. I have a vacation coming up in September, so I’m holding out till then (my goal is to be in the 2-teens at that point) for a small shopping trip, but other than that, I’ll do my next big clothes shopping spree when I’m closer to the 200 mark

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Congrats on your success so far Jdave. :slight_smile:

Amen. Once, I made the mistake of wearing jeans out with no belt. With my hands full of groceries, I had to walk like a cowboy to keep my pants from slipping off my hips.

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Wow, way to go! Keep up the great work. I’ll bet you’re feeling better, too. :+1:t3:

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Congratulations on your progress!

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Wow what a great success story. I have a good keto story. Vietnam vet and have bad lungs from AO. Lung dr put me on 30mg of prednisone and now have diabetes from prednisone. My Ac1 was 8.4 so dr said go low carb,got on internet and read for weeks so went on keto 1/3/19 as of over three weeks ago my A1c dropped to 7.0 dr was stunned that it dropped this fast so will have a recheck 6/11. Since all this I have dropped 19lbs,went off blood pressure meds,off diabetes meds,off acid reflux meds down from 30mg of prednisone to 5mg. Pretty good stuff. I will be staying with it and thanks for your great story of your loss

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@JRS08 @Jdave If you really want to hold out longer buying new pants suspenders are a must.

Also George, don’t buy many clothes before you go to Indonesia. Most of our western clothes don’t breathe enough for being on the equator. And Indonesia has millions (literally) of tailors that will custom make shirts and pants for a bargain price. You can get double seams and all kinds of stuff you never get with clothes off the shelves, custom pockets or whatever. :cowboy_hat_face:

(George) #12

oh wow, great to know!

Yeah I’m sort of dreading the weather out there. I was in Rome last august and the humidity was horrible, I can only imagine Indonesia.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #13

Lightweight cotton. You want long pants and shirts with sleeves, if you want to visit any temples, etc. Bare shoulders and short pants are considered offensive, especially on Bali, as I recall, when visiting most sites.

My sister volunteered for Project Hope in Jakarta for a while, many years ago, and when Mom and I went to visit her, I came back with lots of batik and lots of carved wooden objects. Many wonderful memories from that trip!

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I wore a sarong about 95% of the time in Indonesia as the majority of people do because pants get sweaty and wet “down there” and it’s easy to end up with a rash. I always try to dress like the locals do when traveling, the people who live there know what the best clothing scheme is. :cowboy_hat_face:

(George) #15

@PaulL @David_Stilley I’m looking forward to checking it out!

And yes, I plan on getting a few lightweight cotton button up shirts and bringing along a long sleeve one in my backpack in case there are issues with my arms (I’m pretty heavily tattooed)

As far as pants go, I might just opt for the sarong.

I have activities set up for each day I’m there, but I’m curious to try out the rafting/tubing, problem is I cant swim LOL

(Full Metal Keto) #16

I recommend a UV protective shirt like used for swimming, I got a hoodie like that super lightweight and breathable. It never gets wet from sweat, it dries fast and never collects moisture as you sweat. Saved my ass in Arizona, Louisiana and Florida when I traveled the South and Eastern US. I wear it fishing when I go. I take meds that make me susceptible to melanoma. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ll definitely get one of those. I booked an ATV tour for one of my days there, the package said it was 4 hours in length, which seemed fun when booking, but now I realize I’m probably going to be slowly cooking myself in the sun while on the ATV. -_-

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Great progress!

(George) #19

Oh I forgot to ask you this before. As far as money and exchange rates, do you think I should exchange my money at the airport money changers, or an ATM? and how much USD do you think I’ll need for a 6 day stay?

I already have all activities booked, which pretty much just cover the guided tours, but I’ll still need to pay the entrance fees to the temples and various other locations, plus food, tip, and miscellaneous souvenir shopping.

I was thinking around $260 USD for the week, but let me know if I’m wrong

I hear that you get better rates at the money changers throughout the city, but I’d rather get it all done in 1 shot, with the security of being inside the airport.

(Full Metal Keto) #20

@JRS08 About money and expense, well that’s completely about how you’re planning to travel. Nice hotels? Cheap Bungalows and rooms? Street food or restaurants? Traveling by bus or train or “Tourist Busses with Deluxe accommodations like leg room for people over 5’4”? :grin:

I haven’t been there since about 1990. I don’t know about current exchange rates. I used to use paperback budget travel guides like “Indonesia on a Shoestring”. Usually recommended to change in a bank in Indonesia. You can get some at the airport. Look up current exchange rates, read a travel guide and estimate your costs and add about 40% to that for stuff you weren’t planning on is my recommendation.

These books may be available electronically now I’m sure. Gotta look at the kindle store soon because…

Coincidentally George I am planning a two month trip to Nusa Tengara and some time in Singapore (food heaven) in July of 2020. I am really excited about traveling again after 10 years on dialysis and a kidney transplant for over a year they’ve kind of released me from monthly doctor visits recently so leaving the country is an option again. Bali, Lombok, Komodo and Flores are in the planning at this stage. I will have to research traveling there all over again especially Komodo and Flores. There will undoubtedly be more islands visited since the travel between them will be on ferries. :cowboy_hat_face: