Data Driven Fasting


(Marty Kendall) #1

Hey gang!

I’ve been playing around with some ideas around quantifying your fasting protocol to ensure long term success using your glucose meter as a fuel gauge. Rather than focusing on BG rise after meals, you simply wait until your BG is below your personalized trigger to know if you need to refuel.

It’s based around some fascinating and promising recent research from the University of Otago and a book by Angela Ross that I heard mentioned on JM’s podcast a while back.

Anyway, I’d be interested in your feedback based on your experience.



(Bunny) #2

Hi Marty,

I bought your nutrition plan, kick start guide fat loss bundle which has awesome information for meal plans, I like to follow besides your awesome site.

Works wonderfully even if your not diabetic also. I used that info by triangulating that with some info by Dr. Berg and started burning body fat like crazy, fascinating stuff, that was a few years back.

Your data driven fasting emails have some really neat info also…

(Marty Kendall) #3

Awesome. Thank you! Glad you are finding it useful. The DDF 30 Day Challenge is really blowing up! Way beyond our hopes and expectations.


Hi Marty. I missed this post first time round, during that distracting viral pandemic. Glad that I found it now.

Just heard your discussion on the Low carb MD podcast. I do like the way you present your observations. I remember attending a talk you gave at Low Carb Brisbane back in the mid two thousands and teens. That was my introduction to looking at LCHF and type 1 diabetics.

My sceptical reflex was to wonder, is this where technology meets eating disorder? But that’s just a cynical fear at it’s core.

I think what you have provided here is a choice. The choice of an engineering approach for the data driven LCHF people that have either hit maintenance or a stall in their timeline.

The extended benefit to data driven fasting is tuning in and relearning the physiological cues to eat. It becomes almost a built in redundancy into data driven fasting. As the practitioner correlates how they feel to what they can measure, they develop an intrinsic instinctive knowledge of when to eat added to their explorations, through LCHF, if what to eat.

You’ve booked us onto a retrorocket time machine back into our human past. Thank you.