Dairy on Carnivore?


I am a northern european, but must’ve missed out on that lucky mutation. I’m not entirely sure, however, if it’s lactose intolerance or if it’s casein intolerance. All I know is dairy seems inflammatory to me, and really aggravates both my roseaca, and the swelling of my lipoedema. But then I tried almond milk, ugh, and in the past I’ve tried oat milk, double ugh. What I haven’t tried yet is coconut-milk so might give that a go. I’ve searched for creamed coconut as an alternative to put in my morning coffee, but can’t find it anywhere in the supermarkeds. So I’ve tried several times in my life to give up dairy, but always end up going back to it for lack of good alternatives, and the worry about calcium.


I totally agree :slight_smile:
I am sure I merely need “extreme low-carb net carbs from non-animal sources most of the time” - but I will try pure carnivore for more than a few days (I couldn’t do it longer yet) as I can’t possibly know it wouldn’t be something magical :wink:
My carnivore (that I barely ever do but I have a carnivore style) still isn’t good enough for people as I can’t afford ruminant meat and anyway, I strongly prefer pork. And I eat eggs. And some dairy. But that’s carnivore to me.

Bob made me realize I didn’t talk about milk! I am unsure about it. I drink milk if I fancy it but as it’s very carby (that may or may not matter) and not satiating, I avoid it if I don’t specifically want it.
I too easily drink 7-10 deciliter of it and I don’t want to do that often… But milk is kinda new to me, I would get desensitized or trained out of this amount, it’s not even my usual one, just sometimes happens. Milk is about as easy to drink as water…
So I understand if milk isn’t considered carnivore but it is animal product and I don’t care so much anyway, I look at it and figure out if it’s worth it to consume for me. Definitely not something I want regularly. It’s not really good in coffee, I drink too much all alone, I don’t make desserts with it… If I lived alone, I probably would buy it once a year or less. But if my SO uses up all but a little bit, it’s nice to enjoy that tiny amount sometimes. I won’t feel bad about it for sure.

Oh yes, it’s never really good without cream for me either… So I cut out cream and coffee together… Well I try with mixed results.
It’s a good idea to lower your dairy even if you can’t just cut it out, maybe it will help? And maybe you will be able to stop eating it later.
I love creamy coffees but I tend to drink coffee in mentally unhealthy amounts and it’s not food but costs money so I am better with a very occasional consumption. The lack of joy is fine as I can enjoy my proper food even more. (And I wouldn’t stop drinking coffee completely… One box of cream per month can stay :))

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Crazily… if I have any significant amount of cheese, I get inflammation and achy joints! But I put that heavy cream in my coffee all day long. I know nothing about casein… maybe that’s part of it?
I could do some researching. But I prefer to pester @PaulL. He’s my handy dandy pocket encyclopedia.

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I’m using oat milk in coffee currently, and pea milk is surprisingly good too.


Yes any excessive amount of dairy brings on the inflammation for me too. By giving up sugar and gluten my lipoedema pain has greatly reduced, but still I get joint aches, muscle pains and swelling, and I am wondering if it is the dairy that is contributing to that. What I haven’t tried is cut out all the cheese and butter and just see if I can get away with the cream in my daily coffee, that will be my next step.

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That might work well, if the problem is a sensitivity to the proteins. It should even work if the problem is intolerance to lactose, come to think of it, since heavy cream is almost exclusively fat, and nothing else.


I just couldn’t aquire the taste for either almond milk or oat milk, I would never touch soy milk and pea milk really doesn’t appeal to me either. One thing I haven’t tried is coconut milk and coconut, cream, I might like that. The last time I tasted coconut milk was when I was a little girl, from a real coconut, I seem to remember it was difficult to open, but that the coconut milk inside was OK. But then my memory is sketchy.


Yes, I too have jumped the dairy train on and off. It’s such an easy snack, provides calcium and protein so I’ve kind of stubbornly kept on with it despite my body protesting the whole way. But I am really struggling to find something equally satisfying that is not dairy. So then I catch myself thinking a slice of cheese here and another slice there, to spice up things, what harm could it do? And it was this way of thinking that led me to a recent cheese-binge. Now I’ve got a strawberry face and pimples. So will be jumping off the dairy train for a while besides for the cream.


I dislike oat and probably most plant milk but I did like coconut milk. I dislike it now but even my tastes change… Cream is simply the best and I doubt I will think differently. Without cream I eventually lose coffee too though egg and a little butter have some chance. But it will make the coffee okay, not good.

The clear-ish liquid inside the coconut is coconut water.

Nothing is like dairy but if one just want something different than normal meat and eggs, there are options… Meats are different, eggs can be used for very different dishes… But dairy is so very unique (even the various kinds) that I couldn’t substitute them, just learning to live without.
But using only a tiny bit? I can do that as long as I have plenty of other food.
I don’t use dairy for protein, I eat more than enough from meat and eggs. Cheese is like spice to me. As dairy doesn’t seem to be a big pillar of my diet (that is only meat and eggs), I easily could lower the amount. But it would be tricky and somewhat unpleasant to stop eating dairy completely. I would do it for health though.

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Dairy is actually addictive which could be why you’re struggling to find alternatives.

The pea milk is strangely the closest I’ve found to tasting like real milk. I tried it out of desperation as coconut and almond aren’t great and soy is vile. Read about pea milk (it’s actually lentils not peas) when I was researching milk alternatives for coffee and managed to find some, honestly I was pleasantly surprised but it’s not as easily available as other types. It was a vegan friend who suggested oat milk and I find it very acceptable as an alternative, plus it’s easy to find in stores.


I bought coconut milk ones, I made all my other plant milks :slight_smile: It’s WAY easier than buying them, after all, maybe coconut milk that is available but as I remember, not so great when not homemade (now I dislike homemade coconut milk too but I really loved mine once and made it nearly every day). Some were pretty vile like sesame milk :smiley: But I had to try them. I kind of liked poppy seed milk but I very much like poppy seed too. I never tried to make walnut milk (or I don’t remember it), I don’t know why, walnut is my fav nut, maybe pecan is better but that’s exotic and expensive and I only tried it once.
Not like walnut isn’t super expensive now and it’s pretty odd as walnut trees are everywhere, there are significantly more of them near me than people.

I never drank pea milk though.

What CAN’T one be addicted to? But when one does carnivore, dairy can be mere variety. It’s pretty different from meat and eggs and it comes handy sometimes. It can be mild too, I mean meat has a strong flavor just like eggs. I always used sour cream to soften something too “aggressive”. Or salty. Or hot (both temperature and spiciness) :smiley: Or low-cal but that was before carnivore.
If I was a poet, I could wax poetry about dairy all day!

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Dairy is very inflammatory for me. It gives me painful, itchy bumps and painful joints. I don’t use any dairy with keto. It can definitely be done.

Maybe try milkadamia (macadamia nut milk) as a substitute. It is quite tasty. If I need a creamy dairy substitute, I use that or coconut milk.

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Sounds like you have your answer to your original question. All the best!! Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

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I’d rather not drink any type of milk at all, if I can’t drink bovine milk. Nut milks just taste awful, and coconut milk is quite bland. And obviously, soy milk is out of the question because it’s crap.


My problem with it is the opposite. It’s very strongly coconutty and very sweet.
At least my homemade one, I don’t remember the one I bought but it wasn’t as sweet as what I made.

Cow milk is neutral and sweetish but not too sweet, that’s nice.
Goat milk has a funny taste, not bad once in a blue moon…

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When I make it using coconut milk powder it is very rich. OK in coffee, one mug anyway - not a second. The pre-made coconut milk in cartons is watery and flavourless to me.


I loved my coconut milk in coffee for years… And then I just had enough of the coconut flavor. But I added back cream first, maybe that’s why, cream is just superior :wink:
And I did liked coconut, I just didn’t want it even in my coffee anymore.


all those plant based milks are no go on carnivore. no plant based junk for our lifestyle.

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They’re mostly sugary water with some flavour added. Heavy cream is a lot tastier (though if I remember right, you don’t do dairy, Karen?).


darn right I do but very limited in that the years changed me now.
I was heavy cheese when I started zc back in the day but thru time I dumped my dependency on it. I love it in ‘only certain’ issues like on a burger, love my homemade alfredo sauce I make, do eat cheese in my bacon/cheese omelet and I found, I am now a cheese snob that ONLY SUITS me in my food choice ya know.

I can not eat soft cheese like mozz, cream cheese, or anything soft and new, goes thru me and lets not talk on that :wink: I can only do hard aged cheese and I learned this just thru eating. My old days of ‘scraping pepperoni mozz topping’ off the crust is LONG over, again learned the hard way on the guts on that one LOL

I always did well on dairy. guts great and all. found that the ‘snack’ eat cheese’ attacks came and went fast. I used to buy blocks of sharp cheddar in the old days, now, I might buy 2 a year and use it :sunny:

time heals and changes all old wounds but darn if not alot of time is required sometimes for alot of us LOL

Never researched other ‘milks’ cause I saw ads on tv for almond milk and I am like----------yea another product to ‘be pretending’ they are something ya know. Milk…hmm…vegan burger…ick…veggie chick nuggets…omg give it up advert manufacturing ya know :wink: