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(Steven Patterson) #1

Hey everyone,

Steven (@DadBodKeto - instagram)

Fairly new to keto, been at it since August 5th, 2018.

Starting weight was 239.4lbs and I am currently 219.6lbs as of September 18, 2018. I am 5’8 and dont know what my ideal goal weight is but I havent been under 200 since high school so that’s a good place to aim for at first.

Father of 2 wonderful kids and husband to my beautiful wife, they are the reason I am doing this. I want to be able to keep up with my kids easier and be around for them longer.

I look forward to getting to know any and all of you guys as we go about this lifestyle change.


Hey, Steven! Great to have you! Thanks for introducing yourself.

That’s a great looking family you have there. I’m glad your doing keto for them, too. :+1:

You’ll be glad you did it for yourself also. :grin:

So, ideal goal weight, that’s an interesting question. It differs for everyone. Don’t go by the outdated BMI, that’s ridiculous (you probably already knew that). As you lose the fat, you’ll probably also gain muscle mass which is denser than fat, so your ideal weight (what you would like your body to be at) may be more than 200? But I agree, 200 is a good goal.

I think your head’s in the right place though, when you mention living keto for your family. One of the greatest things about the ketogenic diet are the NSV’s (non-scale victories); breathing better, sleeping better, more energy, etc. You may find, IMO, these are MORE important than the weight loss.

Thanks again for the introduction! I look forward to your contributions here. :+1: