Cruciferous vegi question


It solunds like a (not tasty) salad to me. Never liked salads. I LOVED raw vegs (not the leaves), I just disliked salads. Unless they were full with protein and warm fried onions, that kind was nice but then came my carnivore trials and the next time I tried iceberg lettuce (I loved it because of the crunch. it is pretty much tasteless to me so that part was fine), it felt bitter grass, ew. I suppose the only green stuff I can eat is onion leaf, sorrel and pea at this point. Not like I often do that but I can.

I find avocado tastes like grass too. With a too little bit of fat. And creamy, that’s neat but that flavor… Okay, between grass and nothing, more like.
I never had any problem with my disliking green leaves, I just didn’t eat them. I didn’t need them even as a vegetarian so all was well…
I don’t use bad tasting ingredients as a principle. Though it almost happens with gluten but it’s subtle and easy to mask the flavor and enjoy the benefits. (But I rather eat meat so I usually do that.)

I hate the taste of olive oil too except when camambert is pickled in it. That stuff is good.

I never tried spinach row. But I prefer sorrel anyway, how amazing, a sour leaf :smiley:

That’s way too sweet to me. But we have other capsicum here, not much taste but crunchy! I only ever was willing to eat it raw. But it gives a nice flavor to tomato sauce, even soups though my family never used it like that. I just don’t eat the cooked pepper. Maybe if it’s seriously mixed with other things so I don’t recognize it.
And I realized I have Vitamin C in a drawer still, IDK when I bought it, maybe 10 years ago? It’s wonderfully sour, maybe I will use it.
Vegs can’t help me with Vitamin C just like lemon can’t as I eat a minuscule amount.

Yes, I have read that too and made sense but the near scurvy info was about ones with traditional diet. Many was fine but quite a few was close scurvy, I have read.

Won’t happen. There is no such as overcooking for me. I love my meat very very well done. Frying? I do scratchings. Oven? 2 hours for chicken (only when I have pork that actually needs that time, I do it to get crispy skin but for crunchy I just need to fry the skin alone for a long time. but it’s tiresome).
I don’t even want my food eat grass only most of the time. I prefer pork and maybe some fowl (can’t afford beef anyway). And I need the cheapest (or almost. I could go lower if I only ate supermarket chicken frames but nope) but I do buy from farms here and there. it’s not like it’s much more expensive but surely much better. But my body handle anything. Except it couldn’t handle starvation for long and higher prices would bring that.
I eat the best I can, food quality is pretty important for me. At least I eat close to carnivore, I feel that is the most important thing for me, I always feel a bit better there.

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Good morning. I do not have an answer for you, but others will soon. Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the forum!


a fast google shows what ‘species’ of veg is under the term crucifers which also is a term for ‘the flower part resemble a cross’ on these plants and the list isn’t that long but the species includes alot of diff. variety.

while I type this for info…I sure do not like the saying ‘the healthiest veg to grow!’ :scream_cat::crazy_face: but this post gives the info asked.

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Yep. Basically, they are the Brassica species.

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So are the cruciferous veg safer to eat re plant toxins ?
Presumably they are also good to keep carbs low in the keto diet?

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They contain a lot of fibre, so if you are counting net carbs, you can eat a bit more.

As for toxins, you’d have to do some research. Oxalates are a problem, I believe, but while some people are sensitive to them, others seem to be able to cope.


page 35 in this article by Dr. Kevin Stock shows some info on cruciferous.

NOW this is not meant as a ‘doom or gloom’ or ‘do and die’ type post from me LOL Keto is a great plan for many, key being it is a very great step into elimination of alot of crap foods that work against our bodies, as we get further down the food line, eat what veg YOU feel work for you! Like all other foods, some can eat nuts, some are allergic. Some people can eat tons of salads, others like me, omgosh lettuce and spinach and leafy green type things ‘run thru my guts’ pretty fast, one reason I loved never eating that crap thru my life :slight_smile: So we all know what will work ok for us and what we know we do wanna avoid since it doesn’t set well in our own bodies. The page 35 info just tells you what that cruciferous is capable of doing in the body…how it reacts as a natural living plant organism on the planet and what it is capable of in its toxin loads. I could eat broccoli back in the day but ya know…I was never a fan. Always had a weirdo bitter type taste to me so it was a very easy veg for me to volunatarily drop :slight_smile: Again, not a doom gloom eat a veg and die type info I am posting, just showing you page 35 and just consider how that veg works for one’s body for oneself personally.

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Thanks very much for the link to the article Fangs. I have skimmed through it and it looks really interesting so l am going to go back and give it some more time for a thorough read.


That’s a very Reddit response. We have detoxification systems, I don’t think anybody would deny that. Poison is in the dose, no shortage of veggies and otherwise that have some bad, but also lots of good. Getting a little bad typically doesn’t negate the good. Now if you’re a veggie or vegan and eating Kale by the truckload, that’s a very different situation.

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Yes l agree. I believe our systems should be able to cope with some veg. But too much may become problematic - it was clearly an issue for me but l don’t know whether it was the plant chemicals , the insulin response or combination of both. Shame l can’t look inside my body and get the answer!


You said it there!!! Wouldn’t we all love to know ourselves on the smallest cellular function and level of effects of our food has on it all. Best we can do is N-1 on oursevles to see what works for us and what is against us I guess LOL


Never too late! I fought a lot of different problems for years before I got smart about it and started figuring out everything vs constantly adding and subtracting foods, typically for too long, not long enough, adding things in too fast and not getting a real answer etc. Process of elimination is fine (if) it’s done right, which can take forever depending on how much you’ve got going on, OR there’s testing that’ll get you where you need to be much much faster.

Thought I had issues with things that I didn’t, had some problems with things I thought I was good with. Thought I was lactose intolerant (diagnosed twice), I wasn’t. Testing is the way.


Folks. Lets be honest…depends on the individual person.


It does.


P.S. I, and most of the world, love onions.


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Blimey. Cooking without Onion and Garlic … ouch. I’m scared to try Carnivore. In case in suits me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do whatever suits you, mate.

Cor blimey, apples and pears, plenty of porky pies here!


:smiley: I actually had that thought sometimes :smiley: Thankfully, this far “extreme low net plant carbs most of the time” suits me… But carnivore pretty much took away garlic (immediately) and I barely ever eat onion and even then in very tiny amounts as it’s so very sweet and I hate sweetness in my meat dishes.
But it’s fine. As long as I still enjoy my fruits. Losing them would feel sad. Okay, the sweetest ones are mostly out. I lose items all the time and I don’t even do carnivore just something close most of the time… Sometimes I think I should enjoy certain things until I can… :wink:


You should enjoy things.

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Garlic is proof God loves us! (Not beer.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I was diagnosed with T2 nine years ago, after the nasty three week withdrawl from carbs, I found that my sense of taste returned. I thought that the taste issue was “old age sucks”. I and LOVING Keto!