Creatine during extended fasting


(Elis Diaz) #1

I am on day 3 of my 7+ day fast. I am supplementing with a multivitamin, magnesium, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and apple cider vinegar. I am also taking 5 grams of creatine. I googled for the effects of creatine during a water fast, but I haven’t been able to find anything useful. I am taking it because I thought it would be helpful during my workouts, and it’s a general supplement recommended by Dave Asprey. Has anyone else used creatine during a water fast? I was wondering if it will reduce the water gain after a fast, since creatine tries to hold water in your muscles. I’ve lost 5 pounds so far.


Asprey’s protocol doesn’t involve fasting beyond a daily shortened eating window, and so his rec would carry the same weight as any other person rec’ing creatine for muscle gain. i.e. it’s general advice, and the scenario of a 7-day fast is a special scenario.
Calorie-wise, the creatine won’t affect anything, but does it stop autophagy? I don’t think we’ve had good human studies on that. Leucine (a BCAA) does halt it. My gut tells me that creatine would affect it too, but I dunno. I’f you’ve taken it for 4 days already, I’d say stop for the remaining 3 days. That way, if it did interfere with autophagy, you’ll still get a good 72 hours of fasting benefit, plus any other potential benefits you’re hoping to achieve from the 4 days thus far.
Are you maintaining your weight training regimen?

(Michael ) #3

I wanted to bring this topic back up since I haven’t been able to find anything useful elsewhere, so was hoping some people might have personal experience. I have found a lot of people who are ketogenic and supplement with creatine, but not a lot of information on intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting with creatine. I’m interested because I do a lot of strength training and gave up creatine during a 30 day diet reset when I started paleo. I’ve since transitioned into full keto, but missing the performance results I had seen in the past with the creatine.

Anyways, recently started taking creatine about 5 days ago, so won’t start seeing any results for about 8 more days. I plan to continue intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating whilst supplementing. I usually lift weights during the fasted state and break my fast a few hours later, and include the creatine. Currently, I’m on a 3-day water fast and continuing to load the creatine. After my fast, I will go back to intermittent fasting and start weight training again. Just curious if anybody out there has experience with this or can see any issues with creatine and a keto/fasting lifestyle. Otherwise, I’ll update this with my own findings over the coming weeks.

I don’t see why it would be a problem, and can’t see any evidence that it would break a fast…mind you, once I go back to intermittent fasting, I will be taking it during my eating window as I’ve read it does better with insulin. A lot of the research I’ve read about the positive cognitive effects of creatine is actually the primary reason I want to supplement, but if I’m honest, my abilities in the gym fell off dramatically when I stopped as well. It’s a very cheap supplement for the potential upsides, so if I don’t find that it compromises my dietary goals, I would like to take it.



Thomas DeLauer has some good videos on YouTube about BCAAs & creatine coupled with fasting that may give some insight.

Also, there is a group on Facebook called KetoGains - if you lift, this would be a great reference group with you, and they are helpful when questions are well asked. Lots of people there IF and are heavy lifters who are well versed in supplementing.

Here’s an article about supplementing while lifting and on Keto - granted, no mention of fasting while doing it -

(Michael ) #5

Thanks so much. I love thomas but have only seen him advocate against creatine and not discuss it with regards to fasting. I’ll check out the group. Thanks.

(Simo ) #6

I’d be careful with delauer, he’s a known quack… so much contrasting information. He just reads off some studies, but has not much knowledge of his own. Tough to find real experts out there, usually the top ones are just clickbait.

(DougH) #7

Good warning. I binged his videos when I first got into keto and other nutrition interests. It took me a while to realize how full of crap he is, total internet personality just peddling BS for views.