Craving cream

(Norma Laming) #1

I’ve been zero caring for the last 3 weeks, for curiosity and because I have autoimmune conditions. I say zero carb, but I’ve been topping up with cream. I’m finding as the weeks go by I’m seriously craving cream, which I’m trying to give up so that I can get to a stage where I’m just eating meat and drinking water. The other day I gave in and went out to buy double cream- 50% fat - creme fraiche and clotted cream: large spoonfuls of each and eventually the cravings went.

I have a sneaking suspicion that, having eaten dairy fat in heroically large quantities for so long, the craving come from the enzymes/ bugs in my gut that are crying out to be fed.

I’m soldiering on, but I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced this?

('Jackie P') #2

The truth is that for the past few weeks, due to a post on this site, I have developed a passion for clotted cream! I will eat 3-4tsp at a time. At first it felt like a bad(ish) thing, but I have discovered that I am full for hours after such an indulgence!
Thus I am considering it a good thing!:yum:

(George) #3

Cream has been tough for me to give up as well as I try being zero carb. I only gave in 1x this week and had some in my coffee, but that’s it. How are you liking zero carb? I’m only a week into it, so a little soon for me to judge. I’m mainly trying to see if weight loss accelerates from it.

(Norma Laming) #4

I’ve been low carb / Keto for a long while ( I don’t measure). I’m intrigued by how little I now eat. No particular effects to report. Neither good nor bad. For several weeks my bowel movements were on the liquid side, but seem to be settling.

I do use lemon juice and I drink coffee- planning to give up coffee for a week; that will be hard!

Even though I am well versed in the science and have listened to gazillions of podcasts, I’m slightly anxious about Vitamin C: my meat is not fresh enough to contain any, usually.

Luckily for me, I was brought up eating live, kidney and heart, so that’s no big deal for me. I’d love to get some blood work done, but here in the UK you only get blood tests that are strictly necessary. I do have to have some tests fairly often and I’ll be into see if there is any change. I’d really like to test glucose / insulin because of autoimmune conditions in my family.

Incidentally, I found by accident that drinking water with added elete electrolytes, lemon juice and erythritol helped the craving.

One thing I have found is that I now can’t stand bacon - I loathe the salt and the texture- and what I really want is meat cooked blue / rare. I don’t want chicken or pork meat.

(Elizabeth ) #5

That’s great you found something that works for you :slight_smile: I just want to warn you that using any sweeteners including artificial can keep cravings alive. The brain doesn’t always differentiate between the two. Just a thought :slight_smile:

(hottie turned hag) #6

@Hermione I have experienced a ridiculous craving for cheese past few days after being almost “carnivore” for a couple of months. I’d eliminated all cheese and veg, was doing great -no cravings, lowered appetite- until past two weeks or so when appetite increased :expressionless: and then this cheese craving, so severe I walked in a trancelike state to the FREEZER and DEFROSTED blocks of a cheese I had in there for grating purposes and crammed it all in like some sort of fiend.


(Wendy) #7

Hi and YES!! I was craving HWC i could drink a whole carton by myself! But found that “it” was causing my stomach upset. Really bad heartburn. And i wasn’t loosing any weight. I had read some threads on weight stalls. And that dairy can be one of the problems. And as a baby i was raised on Goat milk due to the intolerance of Cow formula. So it has been about a month. And to my surprise, the weight has come off and the massive heartburn is gone!! "But i still would Love to devour a carton of HWC":stuck_out_tongue:

(Norma Laming) #8

Funnily enough I can take or leave cheese. Sometimes I add a little for flavour but to me carnivore means eating flesh, though I’m going to make an exception for egg yolks, to make a hollandaise sauce to go with me meat.

You have no idea of the industrial quantities of cream I can eat. I’m determined to go without cream and butter for a while. Somehow

(Norma Laming) #9

Confession time: I went out and got tubs of double cream, creme fraiche and clotted cream . Most people would have been sick, I just felt satisfied. But I can’t believe that it’s healthy to feel like that. Interestingly I also like eating the beef fat off a joint, which won’t have the carbs that dairy cream has. So next time I order meat I’ll order beef fat trimmings

(Norma Laming) #10

I ate the cream without sweeteners and I can take or leave erythritol: it doesn’t affect me. If I’ve eaten something salty it rebalances the taste in my mouth. The lemon juice was pretty sour and the erythritol balanced that out and made a nice drink.

(hottie turned hag) #11

@Hermione HA I too, formerly could ignore cheese and before keto never ate it by itself, only if it was part of a dish. That we both are craving a dairy product after awhile on carnivore is the similarity. Seems the craving is triggered thereby. @Ilana_Rose cites similar struggles with cheese after going keto that she hadn’t had prior.

(Norma Laming) #12

That’s interesting. At least I’m not alone!

The other night I went out and jus bought and ate another steak, just in case I needed more meat. That did help but often my stomach doesn’t really want the bulk of more meat. I’m going to try to deal with this because I don’t like being ruled by it. I still think it’s bacteria in my guts that are wanting to be fed.


I crave cheese especially mozzarella, halloumi, paneer, feta… crunchy and soft cheeses but I tend to overeat them so I am doing carnivore without cheese. I think I’ve read somewhere a while ago that if your body craves something very badly then it means you have some kind of intolerance or something like that and you will need to wean yourself off that substance…something similar with carb or sugar addiction. I am not lactose intolerant and never had a problem with cheese nor peanuts and peanut butter (another red flag for me) but I will test reintroducing these 2 at a certain point in my carnivore journey (only day 17) to see if the intolerance thing has some truth to it.


I wonder if it is not the lack of enough fat. I am relatively good with adding extra fat (and I mean extra egg yolk, butter, tallow on meat) to make me get easier over cheese cravings. But not sure yet (day 17), still adapting to carnivore after 4 years of keto.

(cathy) #15

Join the club! I crave heavy cream. I once ate 1/2 of an entire tub of Cool Whip! I constantly have to remind myself that I’m not only a diabetic, but I have Heart Failure as well. I have consumed so much Half + Half so many times its a miracle that I’m still alive! I also consume Coconut Milk/cream on a regular basis! By the way, I don’t know what to say about clotted cream because I cannot afford it! Oh how I wish that I could buy/use Clotted Cream. After I consume any kind of heavy cream the craving disappears.


Oh, absolutely. I crave double cream every single day, it is my piece of heaven, especially in coffee, but also on its own, whipped, and I absolutely cherish it, with no ill effects that I’m aware of. I also enjoy my fatty meats. And on some days a few vegetables. I tend to put butter on everything, and nibble several slices of cheese in a day. I am 52kg, 5.2. I don’t believe giving up the dairy will make a difference to my goal. I am slim, but I have lipoedema. So I eat this way to keep my lipoedema in check. Although I’ve also discovered other benefits. The thing is, and you’ll probably hear this from a lot of people, one WOE does not fit all. It’s all so individual. And we all have different reasons for embarking on a ketogenic WOE, with individual goals and outcomes.


Or more likely, you really like it and you’re restricting something you enjoy… Carnivore isn’t for everybody.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #18

I thought cream was carnivore. Huh!


I know I didn’t dump it when I did Carnivore, Guess I was more about Animal than Carnivore.


Even milk is carnivore, it’s animal product. And Fangs said so :smiley: Of course most of us don’t overdo it (or use it at all). I never put a carb limit on my carnivore(-ish) as it seems just as unnecessary (for me) as caring about total carbs on keto, it doesn’t seem to matter.
I like to keep things simple and carnivore IS about only animal food, without extra rules. Unless the one in question decides on them, sure. We all have our individual restrictions I suppose as it’s best to tailor the woe to our needs.

I usually drink very little milk and very rarely, by the way. I just consider it carnivore (as it is but I am aware that it’s very sugary so one should know what they are doing) and don’t worry about it.