Craving cream


cream is carnivore and so is milk but we all know it falls into ‘dairy category’ and dairy is a massive wild card for all of us. It also falls into that ‘man made for us carnivores’ as we did not ever ‘hunt dairy’ out in real life :wink: Eat dairy only as dairy does best with the carnivore on it :slight_smile: Many have to dump it. Massive improvement. Others like me can eat it, but I limit it cause I don’t ever crave dairy in any way, I just love a friggin’ CHEESEburger over a plain burger :slight_smile: So when I eat a burger, it has cheese and I thrive on that. Only other cheese/dairy I use to suit me is homemade alfredo sauce when I am in the mood to make it. Other than that, rare I bother with any dairy. Now when I started I would definitely put cheese as a side to a dish, now I don’t require that.

remember also if ‘one is craving’ on carnivore one ain’t eating enough meat and fat. That is what changes our cravings and if we crave even something like cheese, which is carnivore ‘approved’ we have to think why…cause it actually is a possible ‘issue’ and the brain is being more demanding…so when you ‘crave’ on carnivore, key is friggin’ eat til ya can’t put a bite more in your body. Reason we do this more when we start this journey is that if you don’t satisfy what signals the body is asking just from eating good meat and fats then it is now ‘gonna crave’ and our brains fill int the blanks. OK I ate…not ‘too hungry’ but craving, what 'snacky type small thing can I eat carnivore…OH dairy LOL forget it, eat the big meat plates, yummy and delish and eat all you need and those I crave cheese issues go away. Seen it time and time on the carnivore forums, cravings means one is eating less than what they need and when one eats as they need…time changes all that craving crazy. I sure had craving crazy in my yrs into carnivore :slight_smile: answer. eat big meat and fat and what I loved to total satisaty and all the ‘I need dairy’ or ‘I need’ went away. Works that way for most of us unless one is eating other crap and not following plan tightly as it needs to be followed.

ok just chat on it :slight_smile:


Sometimes meat is super off putting (even if I can’t imagine it now, I have the opposite problem since some time, I keep myself from eating a ton) and no way I can eat it, of course I go for something else then. Even so, dairy never can be more than some lovely fun, it’s not food I can get satiated with, it’s not satiating at all to begin with but I couldn’t eat much of it either. It’s just fun or adding fat. I eat cheese whisps like no tomorrow now (well I try to behave but they are so perfect…) as they are crunchy. I can’t make my meat crunchy. I don’t desire cheese but I always needed crunchy things.
Yesterday my meat was mostly lean (and it will continue for a while, I need to use up my lard first and I have about 80g, it probably will take weeks, oh my :frowning: ) and dairy is almost the only way for me to add fat. I did eat butter yesterday but it’s rare. I use fatty processed meats as well but a little dairy still helps - and I don’t want to live without them anyway. The white creaminess of sour cream is very important for me. I could give up cheese if I had something else being crunchy, no problem, cream is important but I use it very rarely and in small amounts but sour cream, that must be in my fridge in proper amounts all the time.
I need my textures. Soft, hard, crunchy, fluffy, creamy :slight_smile: I need them all.

I will make steps to make crunchy pork skin, I rather not like eating this much cheese. I feel okay but it boost my calories and anyway, never was a big cheese lover. And I like simplicity even if I am not so good at it.

So, dairy is important for me in small amounts and sometimes it’s more than that. But after some years flirting with carnivore, now egg and meat are the vast majority of my diet. They always were my 2 big pillars on carnivore but my meat consumption grew and my dairy one got smaller. I like this direction. My egg consumption dropped a bit, it’s about 6 a day in average now… I would love to eat more, sure but I can’t eat my current amount of delicious meat then and meat is more satiating… But I can handle this smaller amount. I never plan to go lower, 6 eggs are so few, I only can pull it off when I really focus on meat (and dairy) or when I have egg aversion. Eggs add up very quickly and they are super useful. Meat alone would be super boring, no matter how much I like it.

Dairy is less useful to me but still pretty much vital in its smaller amounts. And as I wrote, there are so many reasons to eat dairy. The different dairy items can help with a lot of things. I used sour cream to balance out too hot, too spicy, too strong flavored, too low-cal dishes all my life :heart: It took a long time to drop the amount to the current tiny amount but I couldn’t afford all that non-satiating fat and I didn’t NEED so much of it.