Covid and Keto

(MC) #1

Covid came knocking a couple of weeks back and I fell off the horse.

So good news, covid helped me lose four pounds, on top of the nine I’ve lost since July, mainly due to fasting. I was due a weight dump though so hard to say if keto was still kicking in at that point.

Bad news, my vegetarian keto diet involves a lot of dairy and once the cold hit my sinuses, cheese and cream became big no nos. Anything easy to make like soup, potato, pasties, even bread, became my goto, I even ate some biscuits then felt rubbish.

I’m finally climbing back on the keto horse today. But I’m wondering how far I’ve set myself back in terms of reaching a decent metabolic state. Ketones usually take about a week to appear, weight loss might still occur because I’m undereating calories, but I’m thinking have I reset my metabolism all the way back to July with a week of carbs?

(Allie) #2

Unlikely, wouldn’t even worry TBH, just get back on track.


so sorry you got nailed so icky with covid!!

you will be fine. right back into your good keto eating and all will readjust as it will for you. Never worry about coming back and time it takes, you did not ‘ruin’ you beyond any repair :slight_smile: :slight_smile: More power to you as your tastes come back good and you feel secure in your Keto Plan!!


This is our @Fangs, giving the best pep talks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wouldn’t worry either.

Vegetarian keto with problems when eating dairy is tough though doable as there are more hardcore styles… But I understand temptation was too big, I am the same when I have problems with some of my staples (it’s boredom in my case), I just can’t eat much higher carbs for a whole week, my body would lose its mind… And boredom goes away. Sensitivity to dairy probably doesn’t so it’s better to find something else, getting the nutrients elsewhere, vegetarian keto has so many possible items. I ate dairy but not very much I think (it was so long ago and my memory is selective), my main protein sources were eggs (galore) and oily seeds.
Even when adding carbier items, those very high-carb items aren’t good for most of us. Of course we are all different, some can handle them better…
I can’t say much about metabolic state, it’s something I can’t figure out and it’s my body’s job to work well and mine to feed it as well as I can… Never worried about a little trip to carbier worlds (if I go too far, my body will react anyway and I run back) but it’s me.


Not even close, most people will burn off their liver glycogen in 24-48hrs, your muscle glycogen doesn’t count against that. Then you’re back in. You’ve done no damage. You don’t just “un adapt” because you ate some carbs for a week.

(MC) #6

Thanks for the replies, I didn’t really want to start from scratch in terms of metabolism, though I would have! Feeling like I’ve been slow and steady in the weight loss department and pretty pleased with how it was going.

Oddly I didn’t really crave the carbs, it was the literal convenience of opening a pack or shoving a spud in the microwave. I’m back to being more prepared and able to eat dairy again : )