Coronovirus Prediction


The strange thing about this virus, is that chart could have 2 more rows: ‘no symptoms at all’ and ‘symptoms so mild you’d miss them’ - both would have a big red dot in their column!

What is it that causes such a huge range in severity of infection? I really hope that will be one of the answers that start coming soon.

(Susan) #332

You are right, those two additional rows would be helpful, for sure.

I just thought to add it here as I found it interesting and always keep googling symptoms I have in a bit of a anxiety/worry mode here, you know?

My family was really sick the end of December and into early January for a few weeks and we just thought it was a bad flu bug we all had (we even went to the doctor’s office and they said it was a viral bug --now I am wondering if it was a milder forum of the Covid19 that we had).


Yes, us too. One of my children was the most poorly any of my children have ever been - really high fever that couldn’t be brought down, delirium, slept and slept for days and it came on so quickly. GP said it was ‘just’ a nasty virus… I’m wondering ‘just’ how nasty a virus it was since CV wasn’t on anyone’s radar then, it was probably already enjoying a good spread across the world by that point though.

I hope you and your family will keep well, Susan.

(Susan) #334

Thank you @HBuk --I wish you and your family all the best as well =).

(Jules ) #335

I am waiting out a swab result here. I think the most likely culprit is strep throat, but will be treated as positive until proven otherwise and excluded from my work.
I feel okay, not terrible, just suddenly got a sore throat and felt tired/flushed at home yesterday so took my temp and it was 38.5C. When I went to the COVID clinic, my temp had come down as I have some paracetamol (tylenol? for you guys in the US) but still was not within normal range, I was tachycardic, from my elevated temp but oxygen sats acceptable.

I am fortunate that I have a little self contained ‘granny flat’ in my backyard, so am able to isolate away from my family and not share bathrooms etc until the swab results are back. This is normally my bedroom for when I am sleeping after night shift as our house is quite small and the kids are understandably noisy, so I feel very nicely set up out here.

These really are the most uncertain of times, I am glad for this online community to have contact with as we all retreat otherwise inwards and limit social contact.

(Susan) #336

Big hugs, Jules (they are safe at this distance so no worries for either of us) but I hope that you will be okay. Take care =)).


So last night, I finished working a 6 day stretch. My feet were sore, I was exhausted, my nose is bruised and cheeks are red/irritated from wearing masks all day at work…yada yada yada. I wanted to set my sights on other things that used to bring me joy…like planning my garden, canning, and such.
I flip open the laptop, and begin reading various headlines… and this is one I see:

Tyrannical Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Prohibits Grocery Stores From Selling Vegetable Seeds

I don’t get in an ugly mood much at all. I rarely get angry enough to appear visibly irritated. And I certainly don’t holler in my living room. However, upon reading that…I did all of the above. Not upset for myself, because I harvest seeds, save them, and replant. I’m fine. But my fellow gardeners and growers … must be absolutely devastated. Our communities are made up of large families, and rely on gardens in the summertime to produce foods for canning and freezing for winter consumption. So, this left me scratching my head.

Ya know, they could just simply ban farmer’s markets, if that’s what all the worry is about. Don’t mean to be a downer on Easter morning, but that really got my goat and I needed to vent.

Going to go cook a large meal for my peeps, and watch youtube church 242 from A2. =)
Blessings to you all!!!


And why was this edict necessary???

And There It Is… Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans Buying US Flags During Lockdown

(Polly) #339

Get on social media to drum up a campaign to prevent her re-election, ever. That should make her back down in a hurry!


Someone already did. =)

(Jane) #341

Unbelievable. What is her reason for this??

Seeds already are in short supply. I got an email from a place I order from saying they are running 2 shifts to package seeds and won’t be taking any more orders until they catch up. Another is reporting 3-4 weeks to ship.

Lots of folks putting in gardens this summer and that’s a good thing. Many will not make it to harvest if people go back to work. They will find out just how much work it is to turn a seed into an edible vegetable!

(Ashley) #342

I wanted to buy a tree to plant on earth day to celebrate dads birthday since it’s that day and I can’t!

(Jane) #343

They weren’t selling them at Walmart? Ours has trees and you can buy them

(Ashley) #344

I may have to look and see! Michigan stopped selling all plants right now so it may not be doable even if available!

(Jane) #345

That governor is bat shit crazy. So growing your own food is “non-essential”?

Have they closed the liquor stores there?

(Ashley) #346

Nope I see them open still! Well some are open!

(Jeff S) #347

Try not to be ridiculous. The problem is not the seeds or the flags per se. It is the fact that people are ignoring the stay-at-home order to go browsing at their local big box stores.

You can’t yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. Is that a “tyrannical” suppression of your First Amendment rights? No. It is for the safety of you and others.

You can’t drive the wrong way on a one-way street. Is that a “tyrannical” suppression of your freedom? No. Is is for the safety of you and others.

Right now certain extraordinary restrictions are deemed to be the best way to protect you and others. Try not to get overly dramatic about it.

(Jane) #348

So you agree big box stores should remain open but not allow seeds to be sold? That’s insane. Close the whole damn store then.

And OF COURSE being able to buy liquor is ESSENTIAL! :rofl:

(Jeff S) #349

Thanks for putting words in my mouth. I was hungry.

(Jane) #350

So tell me in your own words whether you support keeping the stores open but banning seed sales… because your previous post implied it was a reasonable precaution.