Coronovirus Prediction

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This is obviously a major topic today, and it’s a concern for everybody and rightly so. The truth is that once a pathogen like this is out in the General Population is that it is really impossible to contain and that eventually everyone will be exposed. It’s really a matter of slowing the spread of it until effective symptomatic treatments and vaccines are developed. The most effective measures that everyone can practice are personal hygiene and making sure if you’re showing symptoms you limit your exposure to others in order not to spread it.

Having said that, in light of my own experiences since going to fat based nutrition nearly twenty years.ago, I predict the Keto Community will have an overall lower rate of infection and severe symptoms due to stronger immune systems. Everyone will be exposed, but many will be asymptomatic, with others only experiencing fairly mild effects.

If anyone does develop significant symptoms, I like the Scottish resident of Wuhan’s account of how he cured himself by a regimen of Hot Whiskys.


I am not so sure. Lots of ketoers are too fresh ketoers compared to their health problems, many are quite obese with messed up bodies, others have serious problems without obesity…
The longer term ketoers probably have better chances than the average person, I think that too…? Maybe. But there are the past health problems, that’s why many people go keto (or they went keto to lose much fat but that is correlated with problems) and I don’t know if they have some effect way later… Ketoers are probably more health-conscious than the average person and they surely don’t refuse to make efforts for their own health and well-being… So it’s not just about the diet, the “give me pills, I won’t lift a finger” attitude easily results in bad choices not related to our diet.
I think the positive part is stronger but I have no data and these things are very complicated and we know getting knowledge and true conclusions is hard.
But we can make more or less educated quesses, it’s interesting and useful, I like to use my mind to think about things and possibly learning something in the process especially when I am exposed to other people’s thoughts and facts.


I am old and my lungs are compromised from 50 years of Asthma (didn’t start until I was a young adult). I live on a big property way out in the country, and I am all set to stay here until it’s safe to mingle again. If I get exposed, I am quite sure it will be the end of me. I have been taking precautions during flu season for years, ever since a bout with the flu darn near cost me my life. I am not taking any chances. Luckily, I have space to roam, observe nature (my favorite thing_) play with my dogs and tend the garden. As introvert, I thrive on solitude and I look at it more as a vacation than confinement.

Of course, if it goes on for a long time, I’ll be forced to venture out for something, although most things can be delivered. If the delivery chain breaks, we are all screwed.

No telling how this may turn out.

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•Fasting metabolism is protective in bacterial, but not viral, inflammation

• Ketone bodies limit ROS-induced neuronal damage during bacterial inflammation

• Glucose utilization prevents UPR-mediated neuronal damage during viral inflammation


The best way to combat a virus outbreak is with copper mesh gloves and micron screen copper face masks and copper spray paint; that contains real copper; spray on door knobs or anything humans touch; pennies are sprayed or coated with copper, they use to be pure copper, don’t believe me, take knife and scrape a penny?

Will kill it on contact!

The other is ultraviolet light but that’s hard on the eyes like yellow text…lol


[1] ”…Keevil explains that copper ions – electrically charged molecules – kill dangerous viruses by destroying their genetic material. Copper ions do this by interacting with oxygen and changing the oxygen molecules. As a result, the virus cells cannot mutate. …More

CoVid 19
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People have no idea how much they share body fluids with each other on a constant basis.

I was screened for temperature before entering the medical building for my mammogram.

Then I was directed to a screen to check myself in. Touched the keyboard, screen and mouse everyone else did. During intake I offered my insurance card and DL, which was handled then handed back to me. After intake I was asked to sign forms and directed to a cup of pens everyone else touched.

While waiting another patient got up for some coffee and handled the carafe.


I don’t doubt our immune systems are stronger, there’s a lot of evidence to back that up. Plus, I do a lot for it to begin with. With that said the media like always is TRYING to make people afraid! Yes it’s serious, yes would should be careful and hopefully they develop a vaccine soon enough to put a dent in it but it doesn’t change the fact that 20 something people have died from this thing, while the Flu KILLS over 50,000 people EVERY YEAR in the US alone and HUNDREDS of thousands worldwide! Irrational fear is good for ratings.

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I try to carry my own pen, avoid handrail and if pushing a door open don’t touch the door with my hand. I wash frequently but rarely use hand sanitizers. This morning I started thinking about all of the surfaces I am touching at the gym. I do a Nautilus set and aside from the weight pins every machine has grips or handles. I guess I should get in the habit of wiping down the surfaces with the clorox wipes til this passes and may even stop going if there is a local flair up in my area.

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Dr Berg think that keto helps

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Some perspective:

More than 18,000 Americans have died from this season’s generic flu so far, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2018, the CDC estimated, there were 80,000 flu deaths. That’s against 19 coronavirus deaths so far, from about 470 cases.

Worldwide, there have been about 3,400 coronavirus deaths, out of about 100,000 identified cases. Flu, by comparison, grimly reaps about 291,000 to 646,000 annually.


I wish people would stop comparing the US outbreak to other countries: Oh, such and such has xxxx infections while we only have xx. Hence, we successfully prevented it. All the while, the other country has tested everyone and their brother and found a lot of infections, while we have no tests and have no idea who all may be running around out there passing it on.

I understand that we must avoid a panic, but that doesn’t mean we should hide the truth. Information, medical information, is crucial so we can decide about our own lives.

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The US outbreak is following the same pattern as other countries, so comparisons are apropos. No other country was prepared beforehand either. Everyone plays catch up. China denied there was even a disease for over a month, from beginning of December to mid January. Then lied about the actual number of infections and deaths for another month. The issue is that ordinary flu is far worse (so far) and hits every single year, infecting millions and killing thousands. If you’re older and/or have immune weaknesses and/or other heath issues, yes, you need to take precautions and not wait for government rescue.


As I said elsewhere in this forum, I am prepared, I am just tightening my yearly flu precautions, I am old and 50 years of asthma means compromised lungs. I would die both from flu and virus. The difference is, I can get flu shots, and some day we will have shots for Corona. Corona is disrupting the economy already, it’s not just ships and planes, it’s all interconnected.

I am merely saying that giving out accurate information is important to avoid panic and give people a sense of control. And accurate info is that we have absolutely no idea what the infection rate in the US is, because there are no tests being done as yet. So, peeps would do well to take precautions.

Facts matter.

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People are being tested if they have symptoms. My state is keeping us updated daily. I’m huge risk as well, pneumonia 2x & over 65. But I am not panicing.

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I am not at risk but I run a business and worry about down time, spreading from employee to employee. Once we are sick we can’t really go out to customers like daycare and plants to service or install so we are pretty much down for two weeks or more.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #15

@velvet I am 74 and have spent the past 4 months (since Nov) sick and sick again with flu and/or bacterial colds. I’ve been able to control symptoms with OTC remedies to avoid missing a lot of work, although I have missed some. Fortunately, I have also avoided pneumonia so far. The warmer weather of spring is just around the corner so the end of it is near. I’m pretty much almost back to 100% again.

Now COVID19. There are active cases already here in my community of North Vancouver. So it’s probably circulating in the general populace. I am exposed almost daily at work (Walmart), both to staff and customers who may be non-symptomatic carriers. I am further exposed traveling to/from work on public transit. I have just purchased an aerosol mask for use on the bus. At work I use alcohol to swab my hands multiple times per day and avoid touching my face. I keep my distance from others as best I can. I don’t intend to wear the mask at work - yet - but I may if things get worse before the weather gets warm.

If an otherwise healthy keto individual gets Coronavirus, would increasing dietary carbs be beneficial to them?
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This contagion is World Wide. If you doubt me, search “Escape from Wuhan” as millions of possibly infected people left the city before China admitted anything was going on.

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I haven’t checked this out but was on the phone and the rep said what is weird is there are no cases in the southern hemisphere where it is summer. Maybe that indicates we in the north are going to get a break until next year soon.

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Here in Australia we have 101 cases and 3 deaths, as of today.

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It’s worth remembering that of the numbers of cases cited, most have had a mild disease and are now better, with lifelong immunity!
If it wasn’t for the number of vulnerable people I come into contact with, like my Mum and patients at work, I would welcome a dose! Two weeks off! I have loads of food, and toilet rolls, and a box set of the whole series of The Sopranos that I haven’t had time to watch :joy:.
The attitude of work to illness is usually ‘dose yourself up and get yourself in’ !!
Seriously, I have a good immune system and enjoy my own company! Then I would know I was immune to the whole damn thing and could help anyone I needed too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mr S has a high level of anxiety about it, but given that he’s on immunosuppressants that’s understandable. His mum isn’t a well lady at the best of times and her sheltered housing have told the residents that they are stopping their regular get-togethers. She is already feeling isolated.

We’ve talked about it a lot, and we can all just do the best we can, with common sense hygiene and looking after ourselves the best we can - supporting our bodies with food, water, fresh air and good sleep.

I’m thinking que sera, sera - because whatever happens we need to deal with it. I’m trying to keep things in perspective. But with three significant health conditions in our household of two, it’s a bit of a worry.