Coronovirus Prediction

(Ken) #291

What a heartbreaker. I am so sorry to hear that. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your old friend. Have hope, dogs can be very resilient, just feed her lot’s of Meat and Fat.

(Ashley) #292

Omg I’m so sorry about your poor doggy! That had to be a terrible experience for your kid all
Around! :heart:


So sorry to hear. Stay strong!

('Jackie P') #294

@monsterjuice I am so sorry for your loss :cry:

@SecondBreakfast, that is a really sad tradgedy. :disappointed_relieved:

(Ashley) #295

Thank you @CrackerJax

(Karen) #296

This is what I was talking about earlier. A certain percent of the population should be able to go back to work, and be able to prove that they are immune to further Covid infection. Of course I’m not really sure if these antibodies provide the immunity that most flus do but it’s likely.

(PJ) #297

I saw a virologist say that generally it would be probably a year or more (or until some far-variant came through) for reinfection.

Italy did a study with 60 people who had not had CV19, and 40 of them had antibodies. So the spread is massively more than they realized. Most people don’t even know or barely, apparently.

I’ve been spending my time sewing masks for family and to give out to hard luck cases I may encounter with desperate hacks lol


Well, I was at work when they took Abby in. All the kids and hubby went along. Abby laid her head in my daughter’s lap, and was wagging her tail each time my husband would talk. When they got there, it sounds like they bent the rules a bit. They gave her the shot to help her fall asleep, then let hubby and the kids hold her and cuddle her to sleep in the car. (I felt so much better knowing that when my older daughter told me last night. After about 15 min or so, once she was completely out), they came and took her inside to finish. I was crying on and off all day at work.

There is an eerie quietness here today. No loud water lapping out of the guestroom toilet. She much preferred toilet water to her bowl. Goofy dog. Sorry, guys. Don’t mean to be such a downer, reminiscing. I was uplifted to know that Abby fell asleep while she was being held close by her family, and that was her last memory. I should stop there.

Thank you all for your sweet kindness and understanding.

I have today off, so we are going to online church via YouTube, mask up, and take a drive for some essentials to repair a leak in our upstairs bathroom piping. And, get some food. My family is eating here ALOT more since restaurant hours are shortened and limited to certain places. Egg prices are skyrocketing around here. A $2.99 18 pack is now $5.99 at one store. Glad I got those 16 chickens!!!

(Bunny) #299

Another mind bending realization is that in one day positive cases jump exponentially from the accumulation of 300 (over weeks or a month) to 300 more = 600 (rounded figure) in just one day but is that because more testing is being done? Or is it because this thing is more contagious then we can fathom and has more routes of transmission? That’s in each state in the USA and other countries around the world!

I think this virus was circulating long before the first death in China?

Almost as if the carbohydrate coating on this particular corona virus slows it to hide long enough like a time released bomb from a previous A-symptomatic corona virus that later joins it’s co-virus to make a super-virus?

If this exponential jumping continues at an unstoppable rate every person on earth will be infected with it? Compromised immune system your good as dead?

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #300

Oh @SecondBreakfast I’m so, so sorry. Sending a lot of love across the pond to you and the whole family. :two_hearts:

(Karen) #301

Sorry to hear of your recent loss. Pets are a lot of really really good days and one really really bad day. I know your family will miss her.

You are lucky to have your chickens. Eggs are hard to come bye

(Polly) #302

So sorry @SecondBreakfast. Big hugs to you all.

(Jane) #303

Oh, that is so heartbreaking. I’m sorry for your loss.

('Jackie P') #304

I wish you and your family well @SecondBreakfast😥


Awww, thanks you guys! It’ll get better, I know. Just wasn’t ready for this on top of everything else.

(Ashley) #306

Just take it one day at a time! :heart:

(Susan) #307

Big Hugs @SecondBreakfast, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet dog Abby — it is lovely how she was with the family that she loved and who all loved her so dearly as she passed.

(Ellen ) #308

From New York, we thank you. As a 65y/o I intend to volunteer for front line care. I’m a nurse intent on retirement soon. Our crises always ensures dedicated, experienced nurses to put ours lives on the lines…it’s what we do. Even without the federal government backing us. What happens in New York will!!! Will happen in the rest of the Country. We are Americans…we will be there, I will be there along with my daughter to help.

(Ellen ) #309

My regret is I bowed to conformity. My post was truth. You will see. And by the way I truly hope I’m wrong. But…

(Ken) #310

I tend to disagree with you, as far as New York being a predictive example. It appears to me that New York is somewhat fighting the use of Chloroquine as a treatment. This will result in more hospitalizations and higher mortality.

California is perhaps a better example, led by that doctor at Cedar Sinai, who has been using Chloroquine with great success. I speculate his treatment is being use quite a bit in CA, with corresponding results in reduced.mortality.

It also appears the modeling has been waaay off, with the Worst Case scenarios that were presented not coming anywhere near true, overestimated by in some cases a factor of 40X.