Coronovirus Prediction


Looks like a Sesame Street convention. Nice graphic. Tricky perspective. Justin’s plague (down the back there) is as big as the Spanish Flu. In about 5, maybe 10 years, this pandemic will be consigned and memories will start being wiped. Then people will be talking money, like it’s important, and biology will be smothered… Nah. Stop there. I don’t know what will happen. This may be a great turning point for humankind and the dawn of a new, better era of understanding.

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What is the point about closing things at 3pm ? Your more like to get Corona Virus after 3 pm than before ?


Well, the virus is in our county now. 1 confirmed case, 3 pending. Won’t say where the 1st person worked, but lemme tell ya…the potential for exposure is breathtaking.

@FishChris… closing early allows for retails and others to conduct thorough cleanings, stock shelves. It takes a tremendous amount of time to clean every single grocery cart, hand basket, countertop, pinpad, phone, door handle, refrigeration units (handles and glass that are touched, along with offices, bathrooms, stockrooms, and breakrooms. I do this multiple times, in addition to my other duties. We do not close early, so I have to go into work early and finish what I couldn’t the night before.
As much work as it is for retailers, I think eating establishments must have it even tougher.

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I ended up laughing today, in the worst way. I watched the daily press briefing and ended up crying my head off when it was clear we’d be closed down – even another week, let alone a month, maybe more – now sure my country is economically doomed, which is a domino of a million other problems. Then I realized that being MAGA, this would be the first time that I watched a Trump speech and cried afterward… so now I finally know how the Left feels hahaha. That struck me as absurd (probably hysteria at that point) and then I couldn’t quit laughing. If this keeps up I’m going to have to just tune-out totally for my own mental health.

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Awww – I know what you mean, it is all overwhelming isn’t it? My husband is working still --which is really good for my own personal sanity —Because the entire time that he is home, he is watching the news about it --and all weekend, from the time he woke up until the time he went to sleep!! Grrrrrr — I was like geee, really?

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I posted this In the other thread, so far there’s been 3 positive bodies at the funeral home nearest me: I’ve been quarantined for quite some time now awaiting test results, my dad was a a rehabilitation facility for physical Therapy. He passed away suddenly in his sleep, with no real reason why, as well as a few other people, I was told it may have been a covid spread but I’ll never know because there isn’t enough tests to test him. I thought he was safe where he was, but his age and respiratory problems made it hard for him. I haven’t worked for three weeks to avoid any spreading if I did have it. Been just staying out at home. It’s rough for everyone, you can’t even have a funeral right now, I can’t even afford bills or a funeral right now. It’s hard times.

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Oh I’m so sorry for your loss, @monsterjuice.
Stay safe.

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Ty @KetoSnaps!


@monsterjuice…Oh gosh, Ashley! I am SO sorry!!! Having walked that walked, I still can’t imagine not being able to have a funeral. My heart goes out to you. Will be praying for you and your family. Hugs to you, friend.

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My heart felt condolences! I’m so very sorry.

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Ty Wendy!

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Have you gotten your test results back yet? Hoping and praying for a negative.

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How very hard for you. I’m hoping that tests prove negative, and that you have some peace.


@monsterjuice … How ya doing there, Ashley? Just thinking about you, praying you’re getting through this. Remember the three T’s. Tears, Talk and Time. That’s what a dear friend taught me about grieving. Don’t know if you’re much of a reader, but, there was a book another dear friend gave me - I Wash’t Ready to Say Goodbye"…I think it saved me from losing my marbles when my parents died. There’s a lot of comfort to be found in knowing that many of the phases we go through are perfectly normal. Still, it takes time - but wow. What a difference it made. Hang on, love.

Up here in the land of snow, I’ve put myself on a “time out”. 3 confirmed cases in our county now, and that is bound to climb with the testing process slowly improving. The idiocy continued at work yesterday - with parents showing up with 3+ kids in tow- letting them roam the store, then arguing with a cashier over why coupons didn’t apply, etc. I’m sorry to say that this nonsense won’t stop until someone they love dies from the virus - or they themselves are ill. These people are simply clueless.
I was hopeful that our head shed might provide guidance regarding the number of persons per family we allow in the store at a time. I return to work in a couple of days. If nothing comes down from mgmt, I think I may just start unilaterally stopping folks at the door and politely tell them, only one person per family allowed in to shop. (I get that some people have wee ones that can’t be left in the car alone. Not referring to those folks.) I’m frightened for the elderly who come to shop for necessities, and have to dodge the rambunctious little germ factories roaming the store while their mothers chat in the middle of the aisles. The concern I feel for the elderly folks has really hit hard. My BP is up, cortisol is running rampant. Really felt like stress eating, but resisted. Yet, I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last week or so- from over eating and not doing IF.
The couple of days I’m scheduled off, I will use to rest up, clean house, meal prep, and relax some. By the time I clocked out yesterday, I had worked over 10 hours - and though that is not a long day for me, I found myself to be exhausted from stressing out over the idiots and their blatant disregard for others. Lysol is short supply around here. Otherwise, I’d spray down every kid as they walked in the door.

In our house, we do temperature checks 2-3 times daily. Wash all clothing immediately after we get home from our “essential jobs”, take our zinc supplements- along with the normal stuff, stay hydrated, and check what items need to be purchased. If I can purchase online, I do. When packages and mail arrive, I Lysol them before they come in the house. If I can’t purchase online, then, we make a list and deal with it while I am at work, and not go anywhere that we absolutely don’t have to go. I wipe down all the door handles, sinks, hand rails…everything each day if no one else has.

All of this has taught me how much I appreciate being at home, safe and sound with my family. While there are no guarantees that we will all stay healthy and not contract the virus-- having this time to just curl up with a kid or two, and the puppies and kitty - will relieve alot of stress.

Well. Didn’t mean to write a book there, but, here we are. Hoping and praying for the best for everyone. Stay safe, and wash hands in between your Keto approved meals!

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I haven’t yet Janie!

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Thank you Karen!

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I’m doing okay! I’m still processing everything!


Well, I head back into work this afternoon. 7 hour shift- so pretty easy. Hoping to be positive and encouraging to everyone.

I was enjoying my time off, until yesterday when our elderly doggie was backed over when one of the adult kids was pulling out of the garage. The dog has trouble hearing, but always has moved when the garage door raises up. And the engine on that particular car shakes the entire house…so the vibration alone has always been plenty of impetus for her to move. She wasn’t run over with tires, but the low undercarriage on that car squeezed and rolled her. My daughter was screaming and crying hysterically. At that point, one doesn’t always know what to do. Hubby was out of town. I called him, the vet, my nearby son, and made a plan. The vet just said euthanize. Not an option I wanted to pursue like that. ANyways, we got her moved inside, all soft and comfy. Slipped her some rapid release Tylenol, got her to drink water. I ran to the store and grabbed some bandages and lidocaine to help w pain, and fixed her up. The kids were taking turns sitting with her, feeding her and cuddling. My youngest slept on the floor all night with her. I got up to her whining around 5am, and slid another Tylenol in. She seems pretty okay for now. Wagged her tail a bit, but still can’t seem to stand. Just hoping hubby gets home soon, and will figure out what to do next. We just want to love on her, and cuddle for now.

So. Trying my best to stay glued together. Hoping all of you are doing better, and coping with each day and all it brings. Trying to remember and live out the words of Victor Frankl:
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

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Sending love and hope, @SecondBreakfast. How awful for all of you. xxx

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Awww, I am so sorry about your dear dog. Big hugs @SecondBreakfast.