Coronovirus Prediction


A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks. Within thirty minutes of ingestion, the couple experienced immediate effects requiring admittance to a nearby Banner Health hospital.


Oh there’s lies alright! I don’t think anybody is downplaying, but if you’re not trying to get people into hysterics then you’re accused of that. Trump is trying to be positive and for that, certain media outlets are claiming he’s downplaying stuff. I’ve literally watch EVERY one of his press conferences and the stuff they’re claiming he’s saying… he’s NOT! Being optimistic means you’re ignoring this thing. Politics are politics but this isn’t the time! If you’re paying attention the media sources that are saying everything from the White House is being downplayed have also stopped / limited airing the WH press conferences at the exact same time! They’re gate-keeping. What kind of “un” biased media source cuts out speeches from our highest levels of gov’t? It’s pathetic.

I love how the new one is attacking them planing how and when they’re going to re-open the country, like we have the ability to keep the doors locked forever or like the economy can stay in standby indefinitely. Sorry, that’s not how math works. That stuff MUST be planned for. Imagine the US economy crashing for real, and not because we’re intentionally holding it back! Scary thought!

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As far as economic slowdown, that’s already baked-in; no way to avoid it. Goldman Sachs predicts U.S. GDP will decline by 24% in the second quarter of this year (and this is before any general lockdown occurs). For reference, in the ‘Great Recession’ of 2007 - 2009, the decline was 4.3%. From the peak in 1929 to the low point in the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s, a period of ~4 years, the decline was 30%.

The minimum disruption to the economy would have been to act as South Korea did - they are the one country that really responded effectively, early enough, and they stand alone there, for now. The U.S. is still in the phase of drastically rising virus cases and rates of infection - to an extent it’s unknown how long and deep will be the effect on us, economically.

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Yeah, on the fishtank stupid bit, this is likely why:

here is the actual link

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A further note on Italy’s stats:

The link to the article is

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The world as we knew it is gone. It will take a long time to recover from this and in three years, we will be living in something that is not the same.

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There will be a lot of pent up demand. If we can get some money in peoples hands quick and get them back to work I think the recovery will be like nothing ever seen before. If we linger is a state of funk for months all optimism could be lost.

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Let’s hope that’s not an attempt and the streets are lined with body bags trying to do it?


People are idiots, saw a thing com across Fox News about 2 seniors that tried to self medicate with that stuff. One of them died and the other almost did. That’s terrible but why do people think you can do that? It’s pretty widely know there are many things that are (technically) the same while some of it is not for human consumption. We all know and many supplement with Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium. That doesn’t mean I can dissolve some of my winter ice melt and drink it without dying!

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Indeed - and if we take raw sodium or calcium or mangesium by themselves, i.e. not in chemical combination with anything else, then we get a surprise. :smile:

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I still wonder who looked mushrooms growing in cow poop and said “I am going to eat some of those”.

I think there is a bar in Baltimore that has a sign saying something like “it was a brave man that thought I am going to open up that oyster and eat what is inside”

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I would think nearly everyone got exposed through the common HVAC air duct systems ala Legionnaires disease. But I am just speculating since I don’t know how their systems are designed.

In my industry when we shelter in place we have to turn off the HVAC systems. I wonder if they did?

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Here is your answer

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Best link I’ve seen so far

Has the daily number of tests which is an important number.

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So it basically comes down to this…

If everybody could lock down for 5 weeks and services run from outside people who don’t have COVID19, infection would only pass within families and to healthcare workers. After 5 weeks, it would be gone.

But that isn’t possible. We can’t lock down 100% and have essential services provided from outside. So there will always be some level of spread. Depending on how many people perform the essential services, the spread will be tiny or large. Either way, as soon as the population is let out, everything would resurge.

Thus, there is only one option. We have to lock down as much as we can to bottleneck the spread to just a few people—like it was when it got here in January to early February. Then we open things up in a very limited way and test like crazy. If a person has symptoms, test and find all contacts, which should be minimal because we didn’t open things up fully, and test all those contacts. Test their contacts if they test positive. If infections start rising, lock down again for 4-5 weeks and try again.

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I suggest you read the article I linked to in my previous post. Rather than labeling information you may not agree with a “Conspiracy Theory”, and I’m not saying those don’t exist, we’ve been force fed one about Russia for years now. The article is good at explaining unnecessary bureaucratic overreach, specifically about vaccines, but equally applicable to other pharmaceuticals and treatments.

Within the context of the article, to me it was obvious why Fausti (a long time Bureaucrat) reacted to the news of Hydroxycholroquine the way had did.

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They were probably unsuccessful hunters who were starving and tired after chasing Wild Cattle. Not much nutrition, but I’m sure it made them forget their hunger for awhile.

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The pathogen blood testing to clear people

I was reading about this this morning. It would be good to know so people could get back to work. Additionally you could quit isolating if you’ve had it already.


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