Coronovirus Prediction

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Talked to a colleague in the Netherlands this morning and he said his country quit testing for the virus. The medical treatment is the same as for flu - treat the symptoms and let the vurus run its course. Everyone who can work from home is doing so there, just like here.

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Just gonna leave these here:
Ketogenic diet helps tame flu virus research.

Stay informed with
at John Hopkins Uni. & Medicine resource center for world wide reporting of cases/deaths.

Be sure to check out the new 2ketodudes podcast episode 200 with Richard and Dave discussing this topic.


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Funny I came here to post that doc lol

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Wow that’s incredibly dangerous!!! All that will do is keep the official numbers down…

Doesn’t look like that’s accurate information:

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Hydroxychloroquine, Plaquenil and generic, ships worldwide:

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Good news:

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I had my Mom buy several cases of Tonic Water and consume one liter throughout each day. At 83 mg of Quinine per liter it’s well below the preventive dose for Malaria, but we’re hoping for a Homeopathic preventive effect.

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That was walked back by the head of the FDA…

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@EZB Not so. If you’ve got a citation otherwise please link it. The drugs have already been approved by the FDA for 50+ years for malaria prevention and treatment, side affects and outcomes are well established. The FDA says they can be prescribed on a ‘compassionate’ basis now. The head of the FDA was at Trump’s press conference and Trump had him speak to this issue. The FDA is not going to stop this. They may want to look at the trial results first before signing on. Bottom line, the president is in charge of the FDA, same as every other federal agency. He seems convinced by the evidence provided.

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I live in WV, where we were the last state in the US to have a confirmed case, and as of last time I checked, we only have 2 confirmed cases in the whole state. School has been canceled since last Friday. As of yesterday almost every restaurant is closed, all non essential businesses are closed, my entire company and every company that is able is mandated to work from home. Grocery stores are empty and have adjusted hours. Fights are breaking out in the streets. Church services are being canceled. It’s very bizarre. I’m not scared remotely about the virus, but the instability of our economy is a little unsettling. My house is well stocked to last a couple months and I have the peace of God to get me through. Prayers and thoughts go out for all the world right now.

I do agree with @Janie that there is way more to this than is being let on. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I have zero doubt that there are some hidden agendas in play.

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This is what I was referring to

Those remarks were at odds with those of his FDA commissioner, Stephen Hahn, who shortly later repeatedly emphasized the importance of safety and said he does not want to “provide false hope.”

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Well hidden or not, some have taken advantage

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Thanks. I’ll just reiterate that Stephen Hahn’s boss is Donald Trump. The FDA has dragged its feet before, see my OP(Covid-19 is Not the End…) link here. It is very likely that FDA turf protection and foot dragging are the reasons chloroqine and hydroxychloroquine are not already approved for use on all coronaviruses.

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You know, there are plenty of sites and forums dedicated to conspiracy theories - can we please not make this forum one of them?
I believe this forum is successful because it tries to maintain and share an evidence base, not uninformed speculation and scare-mongering beyond the personal experience of members of the forum. It would be great if we can keep it that way.

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This specific thread is pretty well marked for what it is. We are here to discuss and be there for each other. I was replying specifically to a reply to me. Also, since posting it I have actually verified the accuracy of the mass ceo exodus. There are lots of other threads that aren’t specifically about keto. Feel free to scroll on by :smile:.

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Probably a good point Paulene, since forum members span the full spectrum of political and philosophical viewpoints.

I had to leave facebook, after repeatedly begging my friends and family to please go back to pictures of cats and desserts that will kill you, because they could not help themselves from just ranting for or against various politics. It went from being a place to catch up with friends and family, into a mudslinging flamewar hatefest and of course, lots of people I love have opposing views, so it was a mess. Now I visit about once a month as family send me stuff in there. It killed my participation.

I understand you weren’t saying you didn’t want to discuss C19 instead of keto, but simply that you didn’t want it to end up looking like the rest of the internet. I live on Twitter and it’s a dystopian, dysfunctional hell for zealots. This forum is a nice sane alternative. :slight_smile:


I appreciate this forum because it is friendly, helpful and science based. I hope it stays that way.

Here is a graph showing how the virus affected the rest of the world:

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All respect to you Daisy, but this thread is Coronavirus Prediction, which infers an informed base not mere uninformed speculation or conspiracies. But go ahead and create an appropriately named dedicated thread for conspiracies theories if you feel there is need and interest in it.