Corned Beef Fricassee

(Peter) #1

Fry Corned Beef in butter, stir in clotted cream. combine with bacon, pate, eggs etc etc
Note: clotted cream is very very thick cream, almost like butter. It’s under the bacon


Clotted cream is my favourite, but I try to keep it for special occasions instead opting for soured cream or creme fraiche in its stead. I’ll immediately snap it up at the local shop when it hits half price and dollop it over some raspberries as a treat- so rich and smooth.

The meal looks very tasty; I hope it was. :+1:

(Peter) #3

Coop I’ve always enjoyed cooking and eating but even more so on Keto diet! And this was wonderful.
I’m starting to enjoy the meat more and the veg less but don’t feel totally Carni yet. Love the crunch of celery too much… and salty nuts


This is why I don’t do carnivore as well.