Cooked a keto meal, and no one noticed

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #1

I moved in with my sister, her kids, and my dad last week. It’s been very stressful, both physically and emotionally. If I hadn’t been ketotic, I might well have buckled under the strain. I’ve been feeling guilty about letting my sister do the cooking since I moved in, but tonight I finally had the time and energy to cook for the household.

I roasted a pork loin and served it sliced, with pan drippings. I steamed Brussels sprouts and sauteed them in a mix of bacon drippings, coconut oil, and olive oil and served them tossed in the pan drippings, some crumbled bacon, and some sauteed onion. Took a store-bought salad mix and added tomato bits and small bits of cheese, dressed it with bleu cheese dressing (store-bought, but you can’t have everything).

Not only did I get the timing right, but everything was ready as my sister got home from work, and everyone loved the meal. Nobody even noticed they were eating keto! My niece even loved the sprouts!

I’m feeling great right now, because I got my keto fix and fed everyone else while doing so. I feel less of a weirdo and more part of the family. And on top of it all, it is so encouraging to have a glimpse of how this new keto adventure can harmonize with all the challenges of living with my nearest and dearest.

(Linda Culbreth) #2

Great job! My things get much better for you soon. Hang in there and cook as often as you can.

(Khara) #3

Sounds like this was a lot of fun for you! I can relate. Exploring new recipes and becoming a proficient Keto cook may be an additional benefit of this way of life. Great job!

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #4

It just occurred to me that I’ve got a big problem now: they’re going to expect just as tasty a meal tomorrow! Now I’ve got to read all those recipes in the Food forum.

Dang you, keto! :sweat_smile:

(Khara) #5

Give this Cauliflower Casserole a try. Makes a great side dish that easily rivals any potato dish you might’ve enjoyed in the past. It was a huge hit here and I was instructed to go get more cauliflower to make another.

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #6

Thanks, will do!

(Khara) #7

Oh, I forgot to mention… I increased the cheddar cheese. There was not nearly enough. And I should’ve increased the bacon a bit. :yum:

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #8

After combining three households, we have plenty of cheddar in the fridge. I plan to run wild. But we only have two or three packages of bacon. Guess I’d better buy more. :bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Kate) #9

That is the way I started with my family. I was keto for about 3 months and I started dropping the things like potatoes etc that they were used to eating and started to do just meat and vege and no one noticed. My partner after 6 months and some weight loss from just dropping carbs at dinner time then asked what he should eat during the day. My mum followed not long after that. They all now Keto except my 3 year old who eats fruit and some non keto foods, even then she eats keto probably 75% of the time. :bacon::avocado: are her favourite. Breakfast, lunch or dinner she will eat it. She loves to steal the fattiest bits of bacon and meat and will reject it of it is a lean cut!

Everytime people stay at out house for a few days they get carb withdrawal especially my dad. He goes into ketosis and starts having keto flu symptoms. He is low carb but still eats carbs sometimes. I have to make sure he has some more salt etc and he buys some non keto foods. Other non keto visitors get the craps that we don’t have bread or a toaster in the house etc but I figure it they want it they can get it themselves as we aren’t buying the poison/carbage for them.