Convince me to not have popcorn

(John) #21

This would be my recommendation.

I don’t go to movies very often these days, but even before I was trying to lose weight, I generally didn’t buy the overpriced food and drinks they sold there. Movie-house popcorn is nowhere near as good as home-popped, with real butter (I promise you, the oil they drizzle over it is not butter, at least not in the US).

It’s just a couple of hours of sitting - not-eating is the easy approach.

If you want something to nibble on that is kind of the same effect (greasy, buttery, salty fingers) - take a pat of butter and melt it in a cup. Add in your favorite raw nuts (pecans are good for this), sprinkle on some salt. Mix it up, or put in a plastic bag and shake it up to mix. You are not looking for a heavy coating of butter, just enough to help the salt adhere.

Clearly you would not want to sit there and eat some huge bag full of salted, buttered pecans, so just an ounce or two. To satisfy your nibbling urge.

Another option - if you have lost 38 kg so far - just eat the popcorn. As long as it is a once-in-a-while thing and doesn’t trigger some massive backslide into carb eating, you should be fine.

(traci simpson) #22

I can’t eat them plain anymore. As a “dessert” I will mix cinnamon, butter and swerve together and pour over the pork rinds. Or I’ll put them in a food processor and use them for a batter for my chicken.

(The crazy German guy) #23

Quite interesting thought about that association.

Yes, eating carbs is a once in a while thing. However, I have been to the movies only last weekend and have eaten through a big cup of popcorn. Before that, the last time was a couple months ago.

It is just so convenient too. Popcorn almost lasts the whole movie. I have a feeling that 150g of nuts, cheese pops and pork rind will only get me 20 mins into the movie :slight_smile:
you guys are probably right. There’s a strong association between sitting in a movie theatre and eating… strange.

(Robert C) #24

Oh not so strange at all. Movie companies are specifically trying to engineer that association.

For example, showing popcorn popping and soda pouring over ice is on the screen before many movies in the USA. Or dancing chocolate bars etc.
Another example is telling you “No outside food” - obviously they want you to buy their food but, the implication is that eating during a movie makes sense.
They, of course, ensure you smell and see lots of food before you can sit down.

Theaters that do not sell a lot of food have trouble staying in business - let alone being highly profitable - so expect their focus on buying $25 worth of snacks and drinks along with two $9 tickets to get stronger.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #25

That’s great :stuck_out_tongue:


I love pork rinds! I have projector in my bedroom with surround sound and subwoofer… 85" screen in HD. So I don’t go to the theater often.


So I’m the only one who is done with the bucket of popcorn before the previews are over? :joy:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #28

Nope. I used to buy two just to get past the previews and into the main feature. Plus the largest Sprite they had. Long ago and far away, though. I haven’t been to a theatre in so many years I don’t remember the last film I watched. And that was my last popcorn as well. I got over it.

(Kirk Wolak) #29

First… I used to love that carbage… I feel you.
But I now FAST at the movies… I never miss a scene due to the bladder buster I used to buy (or getting a refill)…

But Failing that: Smokehouse Almonds or Macadamia nuts would be my go to. (Alas, #Carnivore, so no nuts for me).

A bag of Cold bacon is what my daughter takes! (Don’t knock cold bacon. We make 3lbs at a time, usually 9lbs a week. We eat most of it right out of the fridge!)

What “makes” a movie snack. If I am hungry, I get meat, or meat. Maybe sausage!

(Kirk Wolak) #30

I just used Pork Rinds (Panko style) to make a crumble!
I was working on a crust for a pie for thanksgiving.

This year, my Thanksgiving is 100% Keto. Including the dessert. First Turkey Day since making my goal weight, and I am going to enjoy it.

I am fasting this week, in preparation. I will be fasting on Friday-Sunday after thanksgiving, and I plan to walk 20-30 miles over the weekend to make sure I’ve recovered my blood sugar and burned any excess off!

(The crazy German guy) #31

Awesome !

(Nata) #32

The latest episode of the podcast Choiceology (“creatures of habit”) talks, among other things, about the association between popcorn and movies, and what happens when you give stale popcorn to eat to people used to eat at the movies… very interesting !

(PSackmann) #33

Agree with this, breaking that association is healthy for your body and your wallet. Kind of like breaking the habit of snacks for a road-trip, or at sporting events. There are many situations where food is considered essential, yet it really isn’t. Breaking those habits can be liberating.

(Rebecca ) #34

We do this, too!! It is SOOO good!!!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #35

This topic reminds me of a time, 1970 or '71, when a Toronto theatre presented a Clint Eastwood special of his 4 most popular westerns. I think the so-called Sergio Leoni ‘Dollars Trilogy’: A Fistful of Dollars; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; plus, Hang 'em High. More than 8 hours non-stop for $1.25 or so! This was a full-screen theatre, too.

I think at the time they weren’t too strict about what you brought into the theatre. I popped enough corn at home to fill a large brown paper shopping bag. I brought that and a six pack of beer hidden in varous pockets into the theatre to keep me full and lubricated. I sat in a back corner, kept quiet, minded my own business and never got hassled about it.

(Kirk Wolak) #36

I’ve acquired the taste for pork rinds…

But my new favorite is Air Fryer Beef Fat. OMG with plenty of salt. Delicious.

But here is a Pork Rind Recipe you might like, if you tolerate dairy.
Pork Rind Cheese Fries!

Layer of pork rinds, sprinkle with bacon bits, cover with hand shredded cheese NICELY, and more bacon bits… A lot more bacon bits.

Throw it in a toaster over to melt the cheese. The melted cheese SOFTENS the pork rinds.

Eat it hot. THE LEFTOVERS will taste STALE. The oil from the cheese will soften the pork rinds enough… This is NEAR perfection…

Pork Rind Loaded Nachos. Using the big pork rinds, build EACH ONE with the beef, cheese, and a jalepeno slice on it. Toaster Oven/Salamander it… You are good to go!

(traci simpson) #37

Listening to it now.

(traci simpson) #38

So I went to the movies last night with my sister, and I brought bacon and a couple of macadamia‘s since I’m trying to stay carnivore but I didn’t know if the bacon would be enough so I just threw in like a handful of macadamia’s and I was totally satisfied. Great advice

(Bruce Pick) #39

Yes, movie hot dogs, if they have them. I get them with the bun, and just squeeze the hot dog out of the bun and keep eating the end off.

(traci simpson) #40

cheaper to buy them at wawa or 7-11. Two for a $3.00 instead of $6 the movies charges.