Convince me to not have popcorn

(The crazy German guy) #1


I love Keto… but one of the situations where i can‘t do it is at the movies.
I got to have my popcorn… or do i?

Convince me of a keto snack alternative that is awesome at the movies!

(traci simpson) #2

A great topic, because I feel the same way as you. I love movie popcorn and sometimes I won’t go to the movies because I will have a tendency to get popcorn. What I would try to do when I go to the movies, is bringing snacks like macadamia nuts, or beef jerky, or even something from the house that you made. Sunday I went to the movies and I brought in some chicken wings that I had baked in the oven.

(Elizabeth ) #3
  1. Pork rinds
  2. Cooked bacon
  3. my fave-fork and container of smoked salmon (I gotta smell your popcorn, y’all are gonna smell my fish lol) no I’m really discreet
  4. Eat a big meal before you go- no need for snacks

(Natasha) #4

I always get a large chicken and bacon Subway salad with chipotle dressing when I go to the movies… it’s so yummy and by the time I’ve finished eating it I’m so stuffed I’m not craving popcorn anymore!

(Ken) #5

Get a bag of pork rinds and a bowl of bacon fat. Before you go to the movies eat half the bag, dipping each rind into the fat before eating it. You won’t be hungry for at least 12-24 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #6

I think pork rinds are overrated. I can’t eat them, no matter what I put on them, and I’ve tried. Bacon bits are my go to now. You can even ‘brown bag’ them into the movie theatre in your pocket. They’re chewy enough that even a small bag or two will get you through a movie. Here’s my current choice.

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(Susan) #8

Go to the movies on your Fasting days, and wear tight clothes so you are reminded that you still have a lot of weight to lose, so you better stay on track =).

I have a picture of me from pre-Keto on the fridge -this is very effective in keeping me from eating =).

(Rebecca ) #9

Have you tried the Epic “Himalayan Pink Salt” ones? They are WAY better than any I have tried.


Have some popcorn Crazy German Guy. You would look abnormal not eating popcorn or eating a keto meal in a cinema.

(Bunny) #11

Maybe a hoc dawg without the bun?

Get the upgraded sausage dawg?

(Ken) #12

For a real treat, mix bacon fat into melted cheese for Pork Rind Nachos.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #13

Why don’t you convince yourself?
We are not here to lose weight for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Roast and season some pepitas, nuts or sunflower seeds (or make a mix). Just as good as popcorn.

…and on the plus side, you won’t be picking out popcorn husks from your teeth for days afterwards.


I agree with ava_ad0re if you want it eat it, you are the only one who can talk yourself out of it. I generally eat macadamia nuts or some kind of nuts on movie night, I like the idea of a movie grill though with a steak.

I can’t remember who it was one of the keto YouTube doctors says he can eat one of the single serving bags. The problem is the movie sizes are all super sized

Good luck

(Robert C) #16

Hmmm…a steak just before the movie to satiate (a big one fried in butter to overcome the popcorn smell’s draw)


(at the same price) a pile of popcorn (with very unhealthy fats on top - marked up 800% - likely to trigger an artificially sweetened drink purchase - also very unhealthy and expensive - the guilt - feeling miserable for a few hours later).

I’m not sure how tough this choice is.


A mix of macadamia nuts and pecans does it for me. Crunchy, sort of buttery flavor…I’m good with it.

Due to a severe allergy to corn, no matter how good popcorn might smell, it just ain’t happening here.

(The crazy German guy) #18

I lost 38kg so far :wink:

(The crazy German guy) #19

You’re right. But objective choices are not what made me fat in the first place.
There are a few things that I absolutely love. Pasta Bolognese and Popcorn are #1 and #2 :wink:

Well, but Saturday is going to be the first day I go to the movies without having popcorn. Pork rinds, some nuts and cheese puffs will do it for me, I hope. Combined with a great steak before.

(John) #21

This would be my recommendation.

I don’t go to movies very often these days, but even before I was trying to lose weight, I generally didn’t buy the overpriced food and drinks they sold there. Movie-house popcorn is nowhere near as good as home-popped, with real butter (I promise you, the oil they drizzle over it is not butter, at least not in the US).

It’s just a couple of hours of sitting - not-eating is the easy approach.

If you want something to nibble on that is kind of the same effect (greasy, buttery, salty fingers) - take a pat of butter and melt it in a cup. Add in your favorite raw nuts (pecans are good for this), sprinkle on some salt. Mix it up, or put in a plastic bag and shake it up to mix. You are not looking for a heavy coating of butter, just enough to help the salt adhere.

Clearly you would not want to sit there and eat some huge bag full of salted, buttered pecans, so just an ounce or two. To satisfy your nibbling urge.

Another option - if you have lost 38 kg so far - just eat the popcorn. As long as it is a once-in-a-while thing and doesn’t trigger some massive backslide into carb eating, you should be fine.