Continuous glucose monitoring!


Not sure if this has been brought up but I have some definitely no diabetic keto/paleo/IM friends who now have com devices. Recreational blood sugar monitoring seems pretty weird but I assume there is some utility…. But I know someone here would know!

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I’ve only done it a couple of times, but I found the daily CGM plot very interesting indeed.

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I bought a year’s supply from Sweden (where the Free Style Libre is over the counter), then another month+ in the US (not over the counter, very expensive).

I was really hoping Apple or Samsung would perfect their blood glucose monitoring for their watches, but not yet. I learned so much:

  • Popcorn does not affect my blood sugar at all
  • Protein ditto
  • Salsa ditto
  • Real pizza = high blood sugar for a really long time
  • The exercise I was doing caused higher blood sugar (it’s possible other exercise might lower blood sugar)
  • I have a higher blood sugar in the morning and lower in the evening. I basically got the same weekly/monthly blood sugar profile spaced about 16 months apart. The same, very little difference.
  • Eating keto for me means zero blood sugar rise after eating
  • Lowest blood sugar is always at night
  • Too many other things I’ve likely forgotten about now

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Like this for instance:

Note that exercise causes higher blood sugar for the entire day, relative to the days without exercise:

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I would want to know about drinking Zevia (Stevia Cola both caffeinated and not) and also using the Stevia sugar, monk fruit stuff. But I am more interested in graphs 24/7 not 2 hrs at a time after you press record before you eat.

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Can you share how and where you purchased CGM from Sweden?

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Frank, my wife’s sister and her family live in Sweden. I asked her to buy them for me (as you can go into a store and get them, no prescription or anything needed), and she sent them to me.

So, it’s a family contact. Not something I could suggest for others to do.

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24/7 for 14 days is the way a CGM works. You don’t ‘press record’ before you eat.

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This may (or may not) interest you. I did a self-test of glucose response to a rather strong concoction of pure 100% organic stevia extract on an otherwise empty stomach…

In my (n=1) case at least, the glucose response was nil. This suggested to me that my insulin response (inferred) was also likely nil.

Frankly, I would’ve expected more variability given glucose measurement device error/precision.

FWIW, this result gave me some comfort that if I added pure stevia extract to an otherwise carb-free dessert (e.g., coconut oil + 100% unsweetened cacao), I wouldn’t be unwittingly messing with my insulin/glucose levels.

You might try similar self-experimentation to see how your own unique body reacts to stevia and various other ingredients of interest. :vulcan_salute: