Constipation & Very Low BLood Glucose Day 4 of Extended Fast

(Tropical Fast) #1

I’m on Day 4 of (hopefully) 7 Day fast. I’ve noticed I have not pooped since the first day…I’m not uncomfortable it’s just strange since it seems most people are running to the bathroom a lot while fasting! I am doing water, salt and minimal broth only plus sugar free electrolyte supplement sometimes in my water.

I Only drink broth when my blood glucose gets scary low and I feel like I’m going to pass out (which has happened a few times). It’s dipped down to 45 at times during this fast, but my ketones fo up as it goes down so I think I’m ok. Drinking broth makes the light headedness better. Mostly blood sugar is hovering in the 50s and 60s.

Has anyone else experienced constipation this far into a fast? As long as I’m not uncomfortable, is it ok?

(bulkbiker) #2

I doubt you have constipation … just a case of less in less out?

(Tropical Fast) #3

That could be!!

(Karim Wassef) #4

If you’re dizzy, you’re lacking salts. Drinking bone broth adds a lot of protein.

If you’re going for autophagy, that’s counterproductive.

As far as low glucose - the number is individual. My lowest was 33 and I was fine…but I focused on my salt intake and hydration.

Focus on how you feel and stay salted and hydrated.

(Tropical Fast) #5

Thanks! I’ll try more salt…Dr. Boz says that as long as your numbers are in this zone you should be ok as far as autophagy goes.

Mine have been mostly below 10 despite drinking small amounts of broth, so hopefully I’m still getting autophagy benefits. There seems to be little science on measuring autophagy. That is what I’m going for, but at a certain point it’s more important to continue the fast – which is where the broth comes in. If I didn’t drink it, I would have passed out for sure at a couple of moments. It also seems to help me sleep at night. I’ve slept like a baby!!

(Karim Wassef) #6

Broth is protein and salt

You needed the salt

(Carl Keller) #7

This reminded me of Angus Barbieri. He fasted for 382 days and apparently had a movement every 37 to 48 days.

If it’s real constipation, I get really crampy a few inches below my belly button.

(bulkbiker) #8

I ate only beef OMAD in January and didn’t go for 10 days… hardy any waste eating like that.

(Tropical Fast) #9

Thanks everyone! That’s very good to hear.

I’m having a really hard time with lethargy. I think I’m going to shorten my fast to 5 days instead of 7 which means I only have 22 hours to go!!! Hopefully next time it will be easier. It seems the more I practice the easier it gets. Maybe 7 days was too ambitious!

(Paul H) #10

5 days is very impressive…your paying attention and gaining knowledge for next time… Good Job!

(Tropical Fast) #11

Thanks for the kind words, Paul!! Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel (lethargy, lower back pain and general discomfort), but I surprisingly woke up feeling pretty GREAT today…so I think I’ll keep on and see if I can make it 7 after all!! :slight_smile:

(Mike Ratcliffe) #12

If you’re dizzy, you’re lacking salts. Drinking bone broth adds a lot of protein.
If you’re going for autophagy, that’s counterproductive.

Dr Fung says it is no big deal:

In fact, he says you could go up to 500 kcal although I think that is pushing it.