Constant sinus drainage

(Danny McCraine) #1

I’m 6 weeks into my keto diet. I have had non-stop sinus drainage since I started. It getting VERY annoying! The drainage is clear and watery, as if I had non-stop hay fever going on. I don’t have any other allergy symptoms, though.

My daily carbs are close to 20 grams/day, give or take a little.

How do I make this stop?!

Thanks for your help!

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #2

A lot of things happen when you start keto, all at once. One of them is that accumulated crap comes out. While it may be annoying and a nuisance, spontaneous sinus drainage is better than getting infected. Been there, done that and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my young life. Six months of weekly visits to a doctor to have my sinuses ‘pressure washed’. I’ll take the runny nose over the alternative any time. Rest assured that something you can live better without is going away. Keep the end of your nose lubed to prevent drying. Chapstick is good.

Also, cut the carbs to sub-20 grams per day - not ‘close to give or take’. The lower the better. Ketosis is a healthful state and you want to encourage, support and remain in it consistently, especially when just starting.

(Danny McCraine) #3

Thanks for the encouragement!

(Rebecca ) #4

I agree with the previous poster…a lot of unseen healing goes on once a Ketogenic Lifestyle is adopted.

(Joey) #5

@dannymacc As @amwassil essentially notes above: Better Out Than In.

Until things settle down though, you might consider a simple flush with warm saline water to help things along. Something like this over-the-counter product is easy, cheap and it certainly can’t hurt…

(Kim Cesare) #6

Are you using stevia to sweeten with? Stevia causes hay fever symptoms with some people. Just a thought.


My first thought was, what did you start eating/drinking that was new? Sounds like your body might be trying to tell you about an allergy or histamine reaction to food…unless it’s coincidental with seasonal allergies?

(Kristen Ann) #8

I second that thought. When I went off keto and started eating carbage, I had sinus drainage for 3 weeks nonstop.

(Bunny) #9

I think it could be related to the anti-biotics in the sources of protein you are eating because you are eating more of it and killing off your pre-existing microbiome which make you more susceptible to other but similar bacteria outside and inside your body eliminating the similar species crosstalk so during the re-population phase of the good bacteria that was protecting you, your immune system reacts and causes your mucosal membranes to evacuate the bacteria in your surrounding environment that you were once immune to or something to that effect.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #10

Neti Pot is best. Just mix regular salt with warm clean water. From India. I noticed that the doctor on the box is Indian (ingredients are salt and baking soda). This is traditional hygiene in India for prevention of sinus problems. You probably have some irritant in your sinuses and your body is trying to flush it out. You can aid the process with a neti pot. I just use regular table salt without iodine. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Joey) #11

Okay, if you say so. I’m not brand-oriented but am encouraging the idea of a saline flush to help things along. :nose:

(Full Metal KETO AF) #12

My Neti Pot.

Simple process and helpful for people with pollen allergies or if you work in a dusty dirty environment. You can buy a pot for a few dollars, defiantly get a ceramic one not plastic. :cowboy_hat_face:


I have a sinus problem this week that has been getting worse by the day. First I thought it was allergy to the smoke blanketing Sydney and the dust, fine particle pollution etc.

After getting a massive fever and then feeling like I was freezing went off to the doc who informed me I have a virus, go home to bed. It’s 31 degrees here!

Hope yours goes away. Mine isn’t keto, its bugs. And I am using a plastic bottle from the chemist.

I find it easier than a neti pot to get the water up my nose cause you squeeze and it squirts. It comes with a hypoallergenic rinse powder that you mix in. I am in Australia not sure if this one I have is internationally distributed. My neti pot is very beautiful and I put flowers in it now.

Hope you feel better.