Confused about Cauliflower


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All of the webpages say that cauliflower is low carb and I followed a recipe tonight for cauliflower mash and was chuffed with it. However when I put it into mfp it was 11g net carbs for the portion that I had (from cauliflower alone - never mind the cheese etc). I used half a small head of cauliflower and the recipe said this was 6 portions. On no diet ever would this have been six portions, I had it all. I am hoping it was weighed wrong in the supermarket but I am so confused about it. If the carbs i’ve read online are correct and the weight was too then surely its not low carb! This was half a head of a small cauliflower. I am going to check weight next time as surely this cannot be 450g worth. Am I missing something? For size comparison thats 4 chopped mushrooms and a chicken keel next to it.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

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I just did a google search for carbs in cauliflower and I’m seeing much lower than that. USDA says 13 grams in a small head (total) so that doesn’t include fiber.

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Cauliflower has 3g of carbs per 100g so your 450g head has 13.5g of carbs in total.
Assuming it was 450g pre cooking of course… its not a carb free food but not too high.
The cheese should be virtually carb free though so you can relax about that.


I don’t worry about carbs from keto friendly veggies at all, you’re going to have different numbers depending on where you check but as a whole they’re really not bad. According to the almighty Google machine

“Small” can be different obviously per head but in this example even if you were to eat the whole thing and not half you’d only be looking at 8g net carbs. Pretty good!

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Hey all thanks for the replies. I wonder whether the weight on the thing was correct. It was preweighed at the supermarket and i didn’t weight it at home. Will chill about this one tonight and then double check weight on my own scales in future as aside from anything else in no way was it 6 portions, which makes me think it couldn’t have been 450g!

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Plus if you discarded any of the stalk say then it wouldn’t have been 450g…
weigh it before you cook it then you can eyeball roughly what it looks likes mashed.

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Studies have shown a higher glucose response, especially if you are seriously insulin resistant, when food is pulverized. I don’t have the studies handy.

Not something to avoid completely, but to moderate if this is a concern.


Is today cauliflower day? I made my favourite mac and cheese with cauliflower today and oh so yummy. I had maybe 2 cups. At any rate- my total carbs for today are around 13 grams. My calories however are above what they should be. I guess I am not going to sweat it as long as my carbs are low enough. It always worries me though. I get on the scale and can’t imagine it is even possible to lose weight with such rich meals. But I just lost another kilo and now it is 4 - in 2 months. Its like a miracle. As I sit here sipping my chocolate almond milk milkshake in food heaven…

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Oooooh that’s the best bit! I use the whole thing - leaves and stalk in stir-fry or cauliflower cheese sauce or I shred it for kraut or to have with leeks as ‘green’…

There’s that TV chef who bangs on about food waste yet openly chucks away the cauliflower leaves and stalk… #notsayingwho


We always ate the stalk but I discovered only very recently I love the leaves…
And a few weeks later I was into carnivore :smiley: Nevermind, cauliflower is super expensive until next year and we buy frozen ones anyway…

Cauliflowers are vegetables, they are carby, yep. When I learned about fried cauli “rice”, I fell in love and immediately banned it as I couldn’t eat the allowed amount without feeling miserable that I can’t eat a few times more. I was still used to eating big amounts of vegetables at that point and I adored cauliflowers.
People are different, the authors of some carbier keto recipes might be okay with tiny portions. Even I am (well, usually) if it’s about fruit or wine or chocolate but if I want to get satiated or just want a vegetable-rich “proper” side dish, I mean business.
With time, we can change, though, I experienced that.


Makes perfect sense more of it is hitting you faster… more surface area.


The list of people who gained weight by eating cauliflower is very, very short.


Even so, vegetables definitely kept me from losing fat after some point. Not because their calorie content or some bad magic. But they made my diet way too carby therefore me too hungry so I needed to eat significantly more. And that is a bad idea for me.

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Love your screen name Anna!

I eat cauliflower on keto several times a week, since it’s lower carbs than broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I just measure it out using measuring cups. 1 cup of cauliflower is 5.2 grams pf carbs.