Concerned call from PCP's nurse


Here were the main ones we discussed… You can find them in the show notes from the cholesterol episode. I also re listened to “show me the science”:
LDL 105 avg in acute CAD patients:

Drug that caused HDL to increase and LDL to decrease had no effect on CAD:
Statins increase the risk of diabetes:

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Thanks so much. I’m not up to that show yet. I think it is the next next one.

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That’s fantastic, love it!

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Just listened to this on the Podcast.

I wish I was that quick-thinking. As it is, I have a PCP who’s specialty was lipidology, so he has a “I know, I’m not going to tell, but I know” attitude towards my “high” cholesterol, and has never recommended anything for it, other than a CPAP to reduce insulin resistance.

The best dealing-with-doctors story is when the assistant doing the intake asked “do you do any street drugs?” and I said “no,” asked if I smoked, “no,” asked if I drank alcohol at all, “no,” and then asked “Do you eat a balanced diet?”

GOD NO! I eat ketogenic.”

I felt shocked at the implication. In retrospect, it is funny to me, but at the time I was genuinely taken aback.

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Best comment on the forum today

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Sure! A pound of bacon on one shoulder, a pound of steak on the other----that’s balanced, isn’t it?

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Ah, the CW wrapped up in a lovely word like “balanced”. The CW balanced diet is not at all balanced as there is no arsenic or chairs in it. To be properly balanced, we should eat a bit of everything, right, including arsenic and chairs? :thinking::joy:


Brilliant!!! well done;))))))

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Bravo! You handled the situation really well. Thanks for sharing links to the studies you gave to your doc.

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I love this so much.

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Way to spread the love. And he actually listened to you. Fantastic. And yea, you for doing keto and making yourself healthier.

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Thank you so much for posting this! I have been on a 5 year journey to reverse my diabetes. Every step I took lead me right to where I’m at today…Keto! The problem is my GP is “scaling down” his patients and labeled me “diabetes under control” and dropped me as his patient. But the truth was, it wasn’t under control. Yes, maybe for a while it would be but there would always be another inflammatory issue arise in my body and my numbers would begin to rise again! His assistant told me “that he is scaling back his days and choosing to take patients with higher risks issues and I was not one” but my last blood tests proved that all my numbers were rising much higher again. It wasn’t until I started keto that my BF’s became steady but I have not had an A1c sense I’ve started keto (scheduled blood test in a couple of weeks) On a side note, I am one of those thin dietetics (5’6” @ 127 lbs) and deemed by my doctor “genetics”. I’ve only been keto for 2 months and already seeing amazing results with my BG readings (always around 70) but have been disappointed so many times with all other diets like no carb, no gluten, no processed, organic diets that I’m being cautiously optimistic with keto. Now because my GP (that I’ve been seeing for 20 years) has dropped me I am forced to find a new doctor and START ALL OVER! Ugh! So here I go, the thought of having to explain my 5 year journey with the hopes my new doctor will support me especially in Keto is a bit overwhelming and truthfully exhausting. (At least my last doctor saw I was able to be pro-active with my health) but this new doctor won’t know my history and I fear they will question everything I do and I’m just not that confidant & skilled with words to not be intimidated by their degree! I’m hoping I can get all my thoughts in order as I set out to find a new doctor and that’s why I am so grateful for this post! Sorry if I’m rambling but truth is, im feeling a bit anxious about starting all over again and hoping this new doctor will listen. Ps sometimes I wonder if my doctor dropped me because I would always refuse the medications he constantly trying to put me on but instead I would opt for an alternative treatment (like food) because I’ve always believed food was medicine!

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Fourth comment down on this thread has all kinds of resources for finding keto/lchf/paleo medical practitioners.

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Thank you so much @collaroygal!

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Are you in an area where you have many choices available to you? Any limits of insurance, e.g. in the Kaiser system? Do you have to have a PCP? or will a gyno/other specialist do tests for you? You should be able to transfer your electronic record, especially if you stay within one health system. You are in state where you can get blood tests done by a Direct to Consumer Lab. You appear to be at the point where you could direct much of your dietand health maintenance on your own. If you need help with a Keto Diet for diabetes control, there are even more nutritionists than the ones I listed at the link above who work by Skype, but Franzika is in Huntington Beach. The HealClinic can advise on Diet if you are not on medication. There are better ways to get nutrition/diabetes advice than from a busy PCP office. In theory I have a PCP in the Duke health system, and her office enters tests results to an electronic record. But a specialist orders them or I order the extra tests I want from DirectLabs. One of these years I’ll visit her. :slight_smile:

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Hi Janet, at this moment I have health insurance and I’m with group health care system…I will be seeing a doctor that my husband sees in this network. I’ve gone in with him on occasion and have experienced her responses to my suggestions on natural alternatives (kind of condescending) so it makes me a bit hesitant to have a conversation with her on keto but plan to give it shot and see what she has to say…I just want to be as prepared as possible. To top it off, we are about to retire in Colorado in 3 months and will need to find a doctor agian! I won’t be on an hmo or ppo but rather a “share” program. It’s really just for emergencies or new health issues that arise. Needless to say, my diebetes test or supplies won’t be covered but I do have the funds to cover that so I’m not too worried about that more about finding a good keto Dr who will be willing to do my regular blood tests periodically. My doctor took me off medication about 2 years ago but the goal is to stay off them and the last test results were rising which didn’t surprise me…hormones and bg’s were hitting 140. when my numbers stay at 120 or below my A1c always comes back good. This, last A1c was on the border of pre-diabetic/ diabetic and would cause my doctor to advise me to start medication again…I put off seeing him, started keto and saw my numbers drop and stay consistent at 78! I’m more worried about my cholesterol as my has advised statins in the past for high Cholesterol and I’m bracing myself for this new dr to do the same.

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You might want to contact Dr. Jeff Gerber’s office to at least get a referral to someone in your area of Colorado. He is located in Highland Ranch area, south Denver, He is behind the Low Carb Breckenridge conferences in Colorado, 2019’s will be near the airport. There are paleo drs. in the Boulder area as well. If you are moving to rural CO, you might not have any drs. nearby, much less one who understands lchf/keto/paleo eating and the health benefits it can produce.

As for high cholesterol, if your trigs/hdl are a good number, tell the dr. no thanks, I’m good. Remember high chol can occur when first starting keto, but over time it works its way back down.

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I think this post has “talked me off the ledge”. I just got my first blood work back and it’s not great according to my physician.
Fasting glucose: 122😖
LDL: 173😨
Trig: 68😍
HDL: 63😍
*** risk factor = 1.07!!! :heart_eyes:

I’ve been keto since May 2018, and listening to 2 keto dudes the whole time! (Love the guys, and Carrie too) I think a bit of fasting is in my future to get that glucose down!



I think jason Fung said it takes much fasting to draw all that access sugar out of the liver. Exercise should speed the process too I believe

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I agree… I’m in the same boat sort of, with glucose readings. I got out of a diabetic state that had lasted 12 years… down to 5.4 A1C… now it’s creeping back up, no dietary changes… I believe it’s because I haven’t done any extended fasts in a while… the 16/8 fasting doesn’t seem to be strong enough to keep my blood glucose numbers down unfortunately. It’s in the genes for me, predisposition to diabetes, so I need to be extra resolute.