Concerned call from PCP's nurse

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As was mentioned in the OP:

Neither of you need to worry about your increased fasting glucose. Once you have been fat adapted for many months your muscles and other tissues, that do not require glucose but which can use ketones or fatty acids for energy, will preferentially take those over glucose in order to leave the glucose for the tissues that must have it like the red blood cells and certain cells of your brain. This effect, is commonly referred to as ‘glucose sparing’ or ‘physiological insulin resistance’. Do not be fooled by that scary sounding latter term. It is differentiated from ‘pathological insulin resistance’ and is a good thing. Basically, with fat adaptation, your muscle cells become insulin-resistant so that they resist pulling in glucose thus leaving glucose at a higher levels circulating in your blood and leading to higher fasting glucose. This good effect however is easily undone with only a few days of poor eating choices.

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Thank you for that information @Ilana_Rose. I will keep an eye on things, but my A1C rose from 5.4 to 5.8 putting me in the pre-diabetic range again. I was sorely disappointed when this happed just 3 months after the 5.4 happened. This is why I suspect I need to do more fasting. I’m also still obese. :frowning:

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As far as i understand glucose sparing is not supposed to cause increases in A1c numbers, so I agree. How long have you been keto?

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HbA1c is not the most accurate measure. Have you used two different testing facilities? If you’ve used the same testing facility, have they used or changed their tests?

Are you doing something that could affect the test:

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This should be a spammed television commercial. Half way through, the nurse shoud tear up her “you need statins” script.

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Exercise will help lower your insulin resistance.

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For one year now… and started simple low carb 7 months prior to keto eating. So all in all I’ve been improving since May of 2017.

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Inspirational dialogue. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Phone call from the MD’s lab:
Lab: Hi, this is Dr____'s lab, We have the results from your blood tests.
Me: Okay, is there a problem? They usually only call if there is an issue.
Lab: Well, your A1C is normal but you are a diabetic! Can you come in tomorrow so we can retest?
Me: Ah…


Remember, if you’re not sick, they don’t make any money…:wink:

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Awesome sauce! Tell them for a fee, you’ll come in and give them an education on T2D reversal. :smiling_imp:

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This is amazing, congrats!


This cardiologist I was talking to had a problem with the carnivore diet. Her husband was on it and she was always having to stop by Wendy’s and grab him some burgers on her way home.

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I’m glad this thread got bumped. It’s a brilliant read the whole way through :grinning::grinning: