Cold shower and prolong fast

(Usama) #1

Hi everybody!
Any body has experience of taking a cold shower when doing 48-72 hr fasting? I am using to take cold shower (9 degree) for 2.5 minute everyday and used to fast 48 hr once every week, 72 hr last week in the month but I never tried taking a cold shower when fasting become more than 24hr. I am 68.

(Bob M) #2

That’s an interesting question. What do you think the issues might be?

(Usama) #3

Thank you for answering. I don’t know what might happen because the body is under stress when fasting so long then come the stress of the cold shower. Any body who tried it?


Sadly I can’t help but I am interested in the answer and hopefully will try the thing later (my SO diligently takes cold showers but I couldn’t imagine trying it in winter)…
I don’t think it could cause any problem (for me), fasting is very normal, I don’t even consider it more stressful than just living, feeling excited and stuff. I never force fasts so if my body cooperates, it’s a fine thing to do.

(Bob M) #5

I used to take cold showers and I may have done that while fasting, but I can’t remember. But I used to exercise while fasting multiple days, and I don’t do that now. I’ve become more of a fasting “wimp” lately, and can barely make a longer fast.

Like @Shinita, I have given up on cold showers just due to the months of cold we have here. I’m sick of the cold. Just went jogging in near freezing weather.

I would say to try it and report back. We’re all interested in the results.

(Usama) #6

:blush: I am living in Sweden.

(Usama) #7

I use to fast 48 hr every week and once 72 hr every few month and have no problem with both. For cold shower see wim hof method. Befor I began it was a crazy idea to do it. Now i do it with ease.

(Robin) #8

If it isn’t a problem, then it isn’t a problem.


Yep, we read about that exactly. I still don’t know how on earth will I be able to brave a cold shower but it sounds borderline possible in summer, I couldn’t even decide on trying it in winter…

(Usama) #10

Ok thanks everybody! It seems that no one try it here. I may try it myself and see. I will write back when I do it.