Coke substitute for roasts


I have several crock pot roast recipes that use either Coke or Dr. Pepper along with other spices and seasonings. What are some substitutes that would provide a similar taste without the sugar?


What? Really? I have never cooked with Coke before.

Perhaps try red wine? I cook many, many roasts in wine.

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you can just use water too, or stock, or any liquid. It serves a mechanical not an aromatic purpose and that is to stop the meat catching until it can render out some of it’s fat.

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Have you been missing out on Mississippi Roast?

You won’t miss the sugar, I promise!


Thanks, I always though the purpose was flavoring. Makes sense though.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try this weekend. Looks like we are going to be snowed in for a few days and that sounds like the perfect cold weather meal.

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Can you tolerate stevia? There’s Zevia sodas that replicate both cola and Dr. Pepper. Maybe one of those would work?


I haven’t experimented enough to know for sure. I am ok digestive wise, just unsure about affects on insulin. Planning on testing like they discussed in one of the episodes with the meter once I find mine.