Coconut oil on the go

(Paul H) #1

I need to keep working and learning on more fat and less protein… I would like to try some Coconut oil in individual packets that I can grab and eat on the go. I have seen them on Amazon and Thomas L had it on a video. Does anyone else use these? Any suggestions about quality or variety? Where do you get these? I read an earlier thread about making out portions and how it tends to stay solid but, I don’t want to take a chance of it going liquid or leaking out. It’s really about the convenience of a pure fat in a individual sized servings. I m T2D so fat is my friend. Any input would be appreciated.

(Carl Keller) #2

Instead of having a between meals crutch, I would try to focus on eating more at meal time so that you can eat more real food over the course of your day. I am fan of coconut oil, but in moderation. Most of my fat comes from fatty protein and butter and I think your body will be happier to eat a slightly larger steak or an extra pork chop in lieu of a packet of CO.

(Paul H) #3

Oh yea I am all about larger steak and extra pork chops. I guess too much soo is my thought. Sometimes I eat a meal that is more snaky meals , not snaking and no planning involved… Like some salami and cauliflower… Yes almost all meals are meats and some veggies… I often eat too much protein,because I love meat but, it does in turn give me more of a insulin response…so hence some focus on getting fats specifically… Heck I am thinking carnivore is more my style… but, I need to give Keto some time and more effort this first time around to understand the process and learn from the process when I am 100% fat adapted. I prolly need to get a mojo but, at the moment I have made a lot of changes that are causing me to watch my budget more than usual. Back to being patient…is mojo really important at this point? Not really if I just keep doing the right thing and be patient the results will come. When I am well into my Keto and think I know what I am doing is right…then it will help with some specific clarity. So back to the quick easy fats…they would be for work meals or breaks, hiking, canoeing… all times when it’s time to eat but, easy. I drink my coffee black with no additives like oils( I did try it). I don’t wanna ruin that one think I like in it’s simple form. I would do a packet as well though…lol on the side. Unfortunately my IR cause me to have a greater response to proteins than most.

(Diane) #4

One of the ladies here in the forums who travels frequently (and as far away as Asia) buys little foil candy wrappers (on Amazon, I believe) and wraps up her own butter pats to take with her. She’s never mentioned an issue with them melting, but it was over the winter.

I’ve also seen some small containers that people use for salad dressing (which hold maybe 2 to 3 TBS) which seal tightly. If you used the slightly refined coconut oil that stays liquid at room temperature (I’ve seen the Carrington Farms brand (which I’ve used) at Walmart for a good price, you could use them for your coconut oil. I think these would work well and are reusable. You could put them in a ziplock bag for extra insurance.

Also Trader Joe’s has sold individual packets of unrefined coconut oil for a reasonable price, if there’s one located near you.

Here’s an example of the type of silicone, leakproof container I’m taking about, I’ve seen lots of versions. I’ve even seen some at the $1 store here in the US, though those may not be the best quality.



You can also buy the TJ’s coconut oil packets on Amazon, but they’re gonna be a lot more reasonably priced if you can buy them directly from a TJ’s.

(Paul H) #5

OK I will look into getting packaging I can trust and reuse. I was thinking that as I was washing dishes… I need to find my own packaging system. The prepackaging is expensive. Lol cool I just saw your TJ’s edit pop up above as I typed this. Good stuff thanks!

(Diane) #6

Some people don’t like the refined, liquid coconut oil. But I’ve used it as a cheap (though not equivalent) replacement for MCT oil since I started Keto. The little salad dressing bottles work great. The ones I bought were dishwasher safe (though I would keep them to the top rack) and worked very well.

(Jody) #7

It’s easier and tastier to add fat to your current meals, make sure you either cover the food in fat or cook it in fat or even better, do both. I have doubled the amount of oil I add to my salad dressing, etc especially on feast days.