Cloudy apple cider vinegar


I gave up diet cola and now drink mineral water with maybe 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per long drink on the rocks. Its good! But I have noticed there are differences in the various brands, and some taste better than others. The kind I usually drink wasnt available and so I now bought something new- it is “cloudy” apple cider vinegar. Sorry I dont know how to say it in english- in german it is “natur trüb”. It tastes great, but that always worries me because usually “tasty” means it contains carbs. I tried to check online but as you allknow- they give various answers too. Some say it contains zero carbs, others say 0.8g per 100ml ( but no glucides?). So some other kind of carbs?
Can somebody tell me if I am sabotaging my keto if I drink this? I have to admit it tastes great!

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Provide the name/brand of the product.

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Organic ACV is cloudy.

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This is a german product and on the back it says 0.8% carbs in 100ml. No sugars. And I realised that there is no way I can drink 100 ml of it. I use a few drops basically in a glass of mineral water. So thats like microscopic. I just wanted to know if that is enough to ruin a fast? Probably not?


The unfiltered stuff (the one you want) is cloudy. Gotta shake it up! Don’t worry about negligible amount of carbs from 1/2tsp of something. Not even one gram per 100ml, and you’re using like 3ml! Don’t make yourself crazy about something that doesn’t matter.

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If the label says 0.8 g/100 mL, then putting a teaspoon or two into your mineral water is no problem. Don’t worry about it. If you like the taste of this brand better, than keep buying it.

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That cloudy look is the unfiltered “mother” of the vinegar. It is good stuff, if you have a bottle of red or white wine sitting around, you collect the mother at the bottom on the unfiltered AVC, you can make wine vinegar with it by letting it age for a while. I’m sure the google can result in some good videos or recipes for doing that.

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Apple cider will also turn to vinegar practically on its own. I don’t know if it has to ferment into hard cider first, or not.

Pasteurised apple juice sold commercially probably won’t ferment at all, though it just might, if you put some mother into it.