Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Linda ) #121

I like cod,and catfish,trout, salmon, shrimp, tuna…
I think I like most fish…

(Will) #122

Thanks for the recommendations, I think I’m going to try cod, I really like the light flaky fish.

(Will) #123

I think I’ll try cod along with a ribeye. That’s sounding pretty good


I dislike almost all lean meat therefore most fish - tuna with its special flavor and even color is an exception but Alvaro always mention overfishing… I eat close to no tuna but the rare tiny amount is a nice variety.
I kind of like fattier fish like salmon or catfish though I had some nice times with trouts in a trout restaurant as well :smiley:

But if it’s seafood, I like octopus. Only ate it once but it was wonderful… It was in Greece. Meanwhile Alvaro ate bitter, dry, inedible swordfish… He said it was good as he is a big lean meat lover while I am the fatty meat liver and pork chuck is our common ground (but I try to eat the fattier and he the leaner parts. that’s just perfect for both of us).
I like shrimps too but probably due to the fun and texture, not the taste, it has little I think. But that little is nice.

My best experiences regarding eating fish happened in Japanese restaurants and the fish was raw (except the mackerel. I like mackerel but never ate any except those tiny pieces on my sushi). One needs very fresh fish for it but it was great. Fried salmon can’t even come close to raw salmon (it was a disappointment every time. quite nice but I strongly prefer it raw. I never ate salmon before my Japanese restaurant visits :D) and Alvaro said that really, really fresh salmon at the sea is even better…

I was at the butcher and bought pork liver and tongue!
Cooking pork liver takes skills. Mine is totally inedible. Oh I will save it, I just need to make some roast first… It’s a very lardy pâté at this point and not good at all. If it was chicken liver, it would be great. I just couldn’t stomach it so I ate eggs in purgatory as I was hungry after my scrambled eggs and leftover pork shoulder roast and my egg pudding took its sweet time. I didn’t think I will be hungry so early or that a tiny food would do the trick… Well, nope. I should know better already, 2500 kcal previous day or not (as I ate a bit more after I wrote, I wasn’t hungry but I felt something is missing… it didn’t help so in the end I ate 20g cheese with some condiment on it and it scratched the itch).

It’s possible I will have some break from the strictest style, I don’t want to give it up yet but I have mascarpone to eat soon too (I do my best to fed most of it to Alvaro somehow… but I miss things for the usual dishes using it… I will figure out something) and now I have this very handy and big favorite Masdaam cheese.
But as I eat whatever I want anyway, it doesn’t matter what I say or decide. I will have lots of strict days automatically anyway as I don’t need extras all the time. Still, January is special. But I still have dairy to eat, I just don’t want to eat it without a very very good reason.

I am drinking a luxurious, eggy-buttery coffee (1 egg, 5g butter) with vanilla. Nice. I am a tad hungry but have nothing to eat (as the stupid liver is inedible and I don’t want more eggs), later I will roast pork chuck, it’s defrosting now.
I need MORE pork roast in the freezer. If I get out the last piece, I must roast more immediately.
I would be all fine if I hadn’t go overboard with pork shoulder yesterday but I suppose my body needed it. Or not and I should just eat eggs if it’s late and I already ate enough meat… But what is enough? I can’t possibly now.
Oh well, I still think I can’t overeat meat on carnivore, I just have heavier days but things get balanced out. I just need to be sure I won’t run out of food. It’s surprisingly hard even if someone spends 10 times as much time a day thinking about food than should. Or more.

And Alvaro just said we still will have a rabbit. He doesn’t want meat now so it goes to the freezer. It will be a suberb stew, mostly for him but this dish is nice despite the leanness of the rabbit. I only avoid the breast. Of course pork and beef stew is better but rabbit is a nice variety and it’s more tender.

(Will) #125

I really enjoy reading your posts.

(Michael) #126

Curious about your skirt steak (from the diaphragm, where I have eaten a lot as well recently). Do you have an uncooked steak you can show me. Trying to determine the difference between inner skirt, outer skirt and hanger steaks by appearance since both qualify as “diaphragm “

(Michael) #127

I am not clean this month, but most of my meals are. Here is yesterday breakfast. Chicken liver, beef diaphragm and beef heart with a slab of pork belly.

Had pork belly, eggs, cheese and a camel sirloin for dinner, no pic though

(Robin) #128

Me too… when I see @Shinita, I always slow down and pay attention. Her writing is extremely “flow of consciousness” and quite a journey. She’s one of my regulars that I pop into the Best Quote of the Day thread.


Oh you too… (Though you aren’t a surprise, you spoil me since some time :smiley: Thank you.) And I always wonder if you are fed up with my walls of texts about myself and are just politely ignoring me. But then some people express they don’t dislike my comments and I get confused.

My day was… Kinda light? Hard to tell without tracking… I ate 8 eggs (I drank 3), bacon (the test winner. nope, I don’t like bacon very much. it was fun and crunchy with some taste and the right amount of smoke flavor but nope, not my thing) and a little pork today. I opened the bacon package because I had no other meat to make into something edible quickly and with little effort (and not pan fried, I am bored with that, I always strongly preferred roasts). I even ate eggs in purgatory (with as little purgatory as possible) as I had no better option and I am perfectly fine with a tiiiiny tomato stuck to my eggs. I like to go strict in January but only to the extent where it’s comfortable. And I started to bring in other things so I really take some break. Maybe not tomorrow as I will have my roast so no need for extras, probably.

Guesstimation is 1550 kcal, a pretty normal fattier day to me but it was little meat and many eggs and my current preference clashed with it. I don’t want to see eggs at this point and I have a lot of leftover egg pudding… They don’t spoil way too quickly I hope but maybe I regenerate until tomorrow, it’s not scrambled or boiled eggs, at least, I really don’t want those in the near future, hunger or not. Or eggy drinks.
I will be more prepared in the future but it still wasn’t a bad day.

Tomorrow is workout and pork chuck roast day, yay! It’s the best time to try a nearly meat only day. I have my big fav meat dish galore and I really don’t want eggs and I have no other options (I leave the bacon to Alvaro to try, he seems to be recovered from his short term vegetarianism as he expressed his interest and told me he can join me if I make some other meat dish too :smiley: great, it’s a bit more work to plan a vegetarian week for him and cook the dishes as well. I barely even remember what vegetarians eat :smiley: I don’t want to cook vegetables, we don’t even have them with tiny exceptions so they are mostly out. and many of my vegetarian keto recipes aren’t good enough for him. he isn’t choosy but he still have problems with some of my creations. especially when I replace things with eggs and I do that a lot. it makes originally grainy things zillion times better IMO but he doesn’t share my opinion. he likes his eggs in smaller amounts, not as the base of a dish).

(Daisy) #130

I don’t, that was from my full cow. But from my experience they seem to be about the same!

(Daisy) #131

Today’s food: I had gotten a round steak from my new cow out of the freezer a couple days ago. Opened it today and was so disappointed. Over half of it was bone! I ate it raw, really working for my food!! The bones will go in the bone broth bag, but it’s still very annoying to have a steak look like that. Then I had 4 burger patties.
image image image

(Edith) #132

Today has been a screwy day. I usually exercise in my basement in the morning before work. When I went downstairs this morning, one of my dogs had diarrhea-ed in his crate. So, I had to get that mess all cleaned up. By then, I was behind schedule, but determined to squeeze in my exercise, so breakfast was some bacon and a piece of raw liver on my way to work. Lunch was a double quarter pounder with just the meat and some ketchup from McDonalds. Not one of my better eating days. I think dinner will be a nice New York strip steak.

I’m glad everyone has started the month off well. I’m holding strong with no Diet Coke and no caffeine.

(Edith) #133

Was that from a cow you raised yourself?

(Will) #134

Way to go, my soda of choice for a very long time was Coke Zero, I haven’t had even a taste of that and it seems easier every day, I’ve always known it was bad for me much like the terrible food I was eating most days. I really can feel my body ridding itself of all those things more every day. What better reason could I ever need to keep going.


Apropos soda, I have carbonated water again, it’s so great :smiley: (And we call it soda, different spelling but sounds similar ;))
I need variety even if it’s my drink… Why I can’t be happy with plain water all the time? I could drink it hot and cold, isn’t that enough variety? Nope, apparently.

(Daisy) #136

No, we have a local farmer we work with. He worked with my husband until he just retired this year. We have enough land to have one or two cows max, but we’d have to add fencing to the whole property, so opted to support his coworker instead. But I’m getting really frustrated with the butcher that particular farmer goes through and am about to go another route. He gives us such a good price on it though it’s hard to go elsewhere.

(Karen) #137

Sorry just too many posts to read today.
Last night sleep was better than Tuesday nights even though I was awake from 4 - 5am … back was fine so wednesdays stair runs did the trick and reset it. Did 100 stair runs this morning before going to CrossFit. Meant my back was warmed up ready for the wod.

Bought a load of plants today. Aldi had herbs in terracotta pots for 2.49 so I ended up buying quite a few. Lidl had ferns and houseplants so bought 3 house plants for 4.99 each and a few ferns for 2.99 each. Bargain if ever I saw them and they all look really healthy too.

2 beef burgers and 6 small beef meatballs for brunch

Dinner was a bit of cheese and some chicken wings.

(Linda ) #138

This morning I started with lamb belly and picanha 2nd meal was more pichana and lamb hock…
Soi still seem to be mixing fatty meal with leaner.

(Edith) #139

Buying grass fed beef from a farmer by me is VERY expensive. If I could find grass fed with a few bad cuts but cheap, I’m not sure I would mind. :grinning:


***Coffee***, eat, swim, podcasts, sleep. Summer holidays.

You can see I wrote coffee first. That is a slightly sad and long struggle, a personal “100 Years War”. Examining coffee addiction closer by reflecting on this topic and podcast:

Interesting to note that vinegary and mouldy (e.g. blue cheese) foods can feed a Candida yeast gut overgrowth that can drive Candida yeast controlled cravings. I do like blue cheese. But since easing the cheese I have not thought of it. I wonder if that yeast gained consciousness whether they would regard themselves as Candidians? Blue cheese could be a gateway to more Candida yeast feeding with sugars and starches. That was my own leap in logic. It wasn’t mentioned in the podcast.

Some great stuff in the talk about volume eating* disorders, dare I say ‘eating clean’, where over-eating high nutrition food, this may include animal-based foods, will hinder weight loss, if that is your goal. That is followed up with wonderful tips. One key realisation was the amount of time that is gifted back to a person when they start not to fill their day worrying about food. The gift of time is priceless.

Now I’m wondering how mindgut messed up beer drinkers are? (I think I just coined the term ‘mindgut messed up’ for talking about disordered gut biome and its influence in eating.)

Low carb carnivore eating must have some gut biome effects, and maybe consequences? I do a gut biota examination test next week as part of working with a nutritionist on crafting a pain relief diet. Dr. Harcombe does mention the physical effects of gut biome die-off, particularly in relation to yeast die-off, with a sudden change of diet, and how many people don’t get through the 5 days of adjustment and feeling sick. I imagine some thread lurkers may have started Clean Carnivore January and experienced that for a few days, and may have not got to January 5.

One of my food condiments I enjoyed previously were fermented vegetables, like Kim chi or sauerkraut. Fermented is slightly different to pickled vegetables, which are stored/pickled in vinegar. I wonder if the difference was important? I instinctively did not eat pickled foods. But things like pickled eggs are intriguing.

Dr. Sean o’Mara talked on a Peak Human podcast on how in traditional Korean eating in a regional area he visited, that they aimed for an animal-based meat WOE, but the older women with the knowledge who prepared big bowls of beef, would insist the diners eat a side condiment small dish of Kim chi as an accompaniment. I wonder why? It wasn’t explained. It was just presented as a cultural eating anecdote.