Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022



Clean. What does it mean?

Clean means less waste. It may result in less waist. Clean means optimal. Clean means lowest possible toxins. Clean means feeling good and confident. Clean means clear thinking and decisive actions toward better health.

So we may have been ketocarnivore, dirty carnivore, zero carb adjacent, and felt the benefits.

This month we are going to have a crack at working out the few things we can improve in our way of eating. A bit of self-examination. Then we’re going to pick the low hanging pesticide-free fruit to feed to the farm animals to convert to healthy animal based fats and protein.

Cleaning need not be a scouring. It may mean, ‘easing the cheese’, or ‘testing the true stability’ of any current food crutches we may be leaning on as part of our personal plan.

For some coming clean may mean discovering or admitting a food addiction, and becoming clean may mean taking on that addiction with the support of the January ZC cleaning crew. Finding food substitutes, or running at it swinging a cold turkey, your teammates are here.

Join us for January, and share your cleaning stories. We all know that the important part is to start. Once one starts cleaning the clearer the things that need cleaning become.

Let’s start, if you please, with your thoughts on what ‘clean’ zero-carb carnivore is to you. Then what small step with cloth and spay bottle in hand you may take to clean up your way of eating.

There is no launch date. Join us on any day in January. If the first clean doesn’t work, review and restart at any point along the timeline.

Let’s get cleaning!

Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

New Year’s morning. Summer on the other side of the world. On the other side of midnight.

Breakfast at 12 noon was goldband snapper, a type of white fish, 3 pastured eggs scrambled in some butter and Himalayan pink salt. 2 coffees with a dollop of cream each and a splash of medium chain triglycerides. The MCT is medicinal for ketone generation versus joint pain.

Waist and neck measurements taken. Face photo taken. Body scan (yoga nidra) notes yet to be written down. Fasting blood glucose was 5.7mmol/L, fasting ketones 0.2mmol/L. Current medication is cannabis oil twice daily and anti-inflammatory tablets prn.


Happy New Year Carnivore Tribe!

Clean Carnivore. I started years ago on this forum when Cheryl posted a zero carb challenge. I gave up my last few bites of 90% chocolate I would eat every now and then. Thanks to that thread we got ourselves a small but great carnivore group on this forum going long term!

I need clean right now. A focus. I have alot of stuff happening around me in life and a clean focus is very important. I am thrilled we got a clean carnivore challenge and I am all in.

I want to nudge down the last lbs I want gone. I will focus on small changes with 2 meals in my day and see how I feel and how it goes down. I give myself a year to lose 20 lbs. I believe I can easily do just that :slight_smile:

Second clean action in the challenge for me is move more. I get very sluggy during winter. I hate outside activity in the cold. Cold shuts me down. I will scavenge thru my tv dvds and find a few walking tapes and do those, move is key for me. I have the energy, now I have to just get moving and fight against the winter hibernation mode I tend to fall into.

I like your Clean Carnivore start to the new year FB!

Food today is 2 NY Strip steaks. Have tuna or sardines as extra if wanted. Might have to throw in a burger maybe cause the 2 steaks only total about 1.25 lbs. and I might be needing a tad more food than that. I will just see how the day rolls :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful Clean Carnivore Crew challenge to everyone!

(Will) #4

Happy New Year
I can’t tell you how honestly I can echo what Fangs said. I need clean right now as well as Focus.
I’ve lost 24 pounds since starting Keto about 7 weeks ago. I’ve been very strict and kept my total carbs under 5g per day. When I started this I made the decision that I would not allow myself to endings on the so called keto desserts. For me it feels like a cop out. My goal is to rid myself of those cravings not hide them behind something else.
For the first time in many years I feel like it’s actually okay to do something for ME, something that I don’t want or need anybody’s acceptance or approval of. This Clean Carnivore Challenge couldn’t be happening at a better time.
Today I will be having 2 ribeyes cooked in a really hot cast iron skillet with beef tallow. These together are close to 2lbs so I’m pretty sure it will be enough for the day but I will always have something else available if needed. I’m going all in, no coffee, cheese, butter, or any dairy whatsoever.
That old saying Where’s The Beef? I have the answer, it’s in my freezer, my cast iron skillet or in my plate.
Thanks for all the info guys I’m really looking forward to spending my January with you


Great post R53!

January, and February and March and…us carnivores are in it to win it for the year :slight_smile:

I will trade you my 1.25lb of steak for your 2 lbs of ribeye LOL

Yea these steaks are cut smaller, darn meat counter is cutting steaks thinner I guess for more affordability from a package since prices went higher but it sucks rocks for those of us who want big azz honking steaks to buy.

Where’s the Beef? In your freezer and my freezer :wink: and KD’s freezer and Azi’s freezer and FB’s freezer and…weeee…

(Linda ) #6

And off roll …happy new years to all …new years eve for me came with lots of snow pretty cold here -2 so cold and white which seems to increase my hunger…

So todays food beef and egg pudding… (egg and water)

More picanha for later…
Hopefully we can home next tuesday…

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

I’m in. I’ve been pretty good Keto boy for the past two years. I have naturally been gravitating to ZC. 2020 begins my carnivore adventure.
Eggs and bacon for breakfast. In 10 hours, the bone-in prime rib coming out of sous vide.
Happy and Prosperous New Year y’all!!!

(Daisy) #8

You got the snow, I got the rain. It has not stopped raining since yesterday morning!

I loved everyone’s comments on clean carnivore and getting back to the basics. As I mentioned in December’s thread, my January brings the most strict version of carnivore with ruminants and water (and bone broth) only. I jump started because I truly hate to start something on January 1. So today is day 3 for me. It’s the same reason that, out of principal, I will never make tacos for my family on Tuesday :joy:. It’s a weird thing of mine. My rebellious nature, I suppose.
Last night, I did eat 2 burger patties and some bone broth jello. I worked hard yesterday and we stayed up for the new year, so around 7 I had more food. Never felt stuffed or uncomfortable. So I’m still not entirely sure if I should switch to 2 meals or continue in trying for 1. I just don’t want to overeat and I did yesterday morning. So maybe I will just start eating to comfort and if I need to eat the second time, no big deal. Not entirely sure what today’s meal/meals will be. I have been mostly eating straight from the freezer (I love you Gretel the air fryer). I do have some burger in the fridge that will be part of the meal, but it will compliment probably either a lamb steak or Denver steak. I will figure it out when I decide to eat. For now, I need to go out in the rain and feed the pig, chickens, cat and duck :joy:
Happy 2022 friends!

(Marianne) #9

I’m enthused about this. Although I didn’t give up my HWC this morning in my two coffees, I only used less than half of what I normally would, and found I can cut it even more. That’s got to be good for at least a couple hundred calories. Another goal is to stick to drinking plain water without the addition of my customary one diet pop a day (which I really relish). And, I need to cut down on my alcohol consumption. That will be a challenge because I don’t think I can cut it out completely, so at this point, it’s an attempt to cut down. That’s got to be good for another five hundred calories or so.

Like @Fangs, I’d also like to strive to move more. I will see if I can get back to Planet Fitness for the 30-minute workout only. That’s all I want to do - weight training that is manageable to me and about the only exercise I enjoy. Will have to fight my social anxiety to get there, however, as I don’t like to be out in public like that. And walking around the neighborhood. I’m fine if my husband comes with me, and he’s so good about it. He works out every day and has since he was in his 20s.

I’m clean carnivore, however, yes, I would also like to give up on my cheese consumption and won’t buy any more after what is in the fridge is gone. Lastly, I resolve not to put added fat like bacon grease on our meat, which I also really enjoy. Tall order in combination, however, I will strive for these things every day and not beat myself up if I’m not perfect. First comes the awareness, acknowledgement, desire and then action.

So glad for this group.


Reading back and writing about my goals (though I think I kind of did it in the previous thread. I could write more about it, sure) should happen later.

I tracked. Guesstimation is 1600 kcal, 70% fat, barely high protein, 4g carbs… And I will have these tiny carb intake numbers for a while, I am not used to that… :smiley: I am used to everything between 4 and 20… I will have higher, liver days but without dairy, most of my days will be quite low carb. Not like it matters, I just find numbers interesting :wink:

I ate almost a pound of pork shoulders (fried as the roast takes its sweet time this time. I prefer roasts but this works in a pinch) and scrambled eggs from 3 eggs and a bunch of whites (I had leftover whites). Oh and a coffee with an egg.
I think it’s my second simplest day ever if fasting days don’t count, after my “600g beef and a yolk” day years ago.

My food was nice but not particularly great, I start to get bored of plain scrambled eggs and as I wrote, I prefer roasts. And I wasn’t properly hungry and well yet, my body had problems even with my keto-ish days, it wanted even less carbs. Oh well, it finally got it so I will be fine in no time as always. I never want compulsions ever, not like I ever did but I really had enough.

I drank quite a few coffees today. I resisted until 1pm, it’s something but headache and sudden strictness… I try to harder tomorrow :wink:
I am not displeased with my eating at all. An automatic perfect day macro wise.
And it was an “OMAD with a few bites earlier” day, nice. And NOFUSS except the bites (the eggy coffee and a small amount of fried egg whites), I ate my proper meal at 5:35pm.

Mentally… It’s a bit odd to eat this plain especially that I wasn’t into my food so much. Hopefully the roast will be great, I don’t know how I will eat eggs though. But hunger always help with it and I will be hungrier later when I get farther from my very well-fed days.

We got 16C with sunshine all day! I mean, the sunshine was all day, 16C was the maximum temp but it was nice warm all day for a Hungarian winter…


That’s what I do. I eat my first meal after sunset, whenever I get hungry (if I get properly hungry earlier, I eat earlier), meat has this fabulous stop signal, not always but I usually feel when is enough… And if I feel a bit later that it wasn’t enough (or my tracking shows it, my body is super connected to its numbers for some reason, it rarely accepts <1600 kcal days. protein matters too but that won’t be a problem, I can’t eat too fatty using only proper meat and eggs. that requires added fat, dairy, processed meat and I don’t plan to eat more than a tiny amount of those in the next months), I eat something more.

It started! It will be so exciting to see what happens longer term!

(Karen) #12

I had a pretty bad night having to come downstairs and watch a biy 8f TV at 3am but after 20 minutes went back up and got off to sleep. The midnight fireworks were so loud as nit only were there displays going off across the fields round and about me, the pub across the road had their own display and they set them off from the roof pointing the rockets above my house everything echoes at the back as the bangs go off. I pity any ex forces guys who have ptsd as they would have gone to hell and back it really sounded like it was a war zone! Anyway fortunately I don’t have ptsd and know it is only on for about 15/20 minutes.

Brunch was smoked mackeral fillets… 2 plus a slither lol. Very nice for a change. I really want to add a lot more fish. I love fish but forget to get it out of the freezer but the mackeral was bought nye reduced in price. They are not very expensive prior to reduction but I can’t miss a bargain lol.

Dinner was a sirloin steak. Piccie is of the remaining one for tomorrow as I forgot to take pic when it was cooked lol.
Also had some cheese… I have some to finish off and then I think in order to cut the cheese down I will only buy in small quantities and only once a week or even once a fortnight. I might make a particular day the day I buy it and keep to one packet or one sort of cheese. This may be what I need to get me off the cheese. I am also going to try to keep off deli meats. I don’t eat them very often and usually don’t really enjoy them when I do eat them. Although I have bacon in the freezer it isn’t my go to anymore so I tend not to get it out to defrost.

Note to self … eat whats in the freezer and save your money for plants hahahaha

I was really surprised to see my bee bombs shooting! Must be all the rain and mild weather these past few days. I have added some more to the trough. Nothing i have planted has died on me so perhaps my fingers are getting greener even if my food is getting redder :laughing:

My daughter is taking me to Kew Gardens tomorrow. Its a Xmas pressie from her. Last time I went I was about 10ish and it was more like a large park with a few large conservatories with exotic plants and trees in, well it is has now expanded and grown into 300 acres and i doubt we will get round all of it i want to see the palm Gardens and do the treetop walk so anything else will be a bonus. Whatever, we will be doing a whole lot of walking yay. Hopefully I will also get some inspiration with the palms.



Today is my .65 NY Strip steak. First meal of the day. I cut the biggest hunk of fat off and melted it down in the fry pan and used that instead of butter. No butter…wow. I applaud me on that one LOL

Second meal was 3/4 lb. burger patty. No butter, no added fat. easy peasy. 90/10 meat. omg I felt like I ate a house. If I do get hungry again I will open a tin of sardines.

I also very seriously controlled my salt shakes :slight_smile: I decided a tad less of my heavy hand with my salt will never hurt me. Not giving it up by any means, but definitely watching how much I use. I am a super salter so a cut back is a good thing for me I think. So far so good.

Super clean day for me. I even feel it and love the fact I went super basic. I will keep my other small NY Strip steak for the morning.

Loved reading everyone’s post. I tell ya, this group has gumption and a big fun vitality to it!! Carnivore strong for sure!!


My roast finally got ready and as I wasn’t fully satiated, I tasted it. Now I am perfectly satiated and my day is still okay, I did some workout today anyway (and walk in the sunshine)…
I got out the little beef tongue from the freezer as I am not sure I can handle ONLY egg and pork tomorrow as I am not so interested in eggs currently. But we will see.

So, goals.

Carnivore-ish woe until June, vaguely that’s the plan and then it probably will be strong enough that I can’t stray far…?

For January:

  1. As strict as possible. I start with eggs and meat only and add back things only if I can’t do without. First spices, it should be okay for weeks. The mustard and processed meat. Then cheese, butter, sour cream, maybe quark (I overdid it lately so it’s an off-putting thought right now) and I have mascarpone that expires on the 16th. And that’s it. Definitely NO cream in January.
    Drink is water by default, tea and coffee if I simply can’t resist…

  2. Nothing special exercise wise except I want to have my tiny runs. I walk and lift anyway, I continue to do so. It’s winter so it’s fine to get out in nice weather and running is possible. Summer is my problem season as my exercise, even a little walk generates very much heat and I start dying at 25C even if I don’t move. Running is the worst, I need to remember I shouldn’t use layers even in winter unless it’s cold (Alvaro run an hour today in t-shirt and shorts but it was a warm winter day). So I must use my chance!
    On bad weather days I should do power walking or something. I definitely could/should be way more active but I am not particularly inactive for a modern human.

I don’t care how fatty my food will be beyond my strict rules. But it inevitably will be around 65-70% as almost always and it’s just perfect for me, I can do great macros and perfect satiation this way and it suits my tastes. But we will see what will happen when I focus on a somewhat leaner meat without my usual super fatty processed items and dairy.

My goals for 2022… I have a lot. I expect great changes if I stick to carnivore for a longer while. Even trying out for days a time changed A LOT! But not enough, hence my determination.
I want to lose fat (slow is perfect to me, I just want some change already and in the right direction. I am over 75kg now), gain muscles (it’s fine if it doesn’t happen at the same time when I lose fat), I want to be a better hedonist (who desires the right things. I dislike compromises and sacrifices)…
I want a nice, established woe already. Breaks here and there are fine but I was chaotic in the last several years and saw that I don’t do it right. Now I feel I am ready to chill and do it in a simple way that works. So I can focus on other things most of the time. Oh yep, I wanna get rid of my food addiction. I always will love making and eating food I guess, it’s fine, to some extent. I don’t need to spend much time on it.

Oh I want ENERGY! No idea if I have any option to get more than lowish/normal energy but I surely will try! Once I had more and it happened on carnivore so I am hopeful. I try to change all the things that may contribute to my lowish energy. Proper bedtime will be the hardest to do but I am truly determined now.

I would want to be more concise too but with my enthusiasm for January… I won’t. But I try to focus on bettering my life and only come once a day.

(Daisy) #15

So yes, I went back to eating to comfort and not trying for omad. I did a lamb steak (ok, so not entirely Lion diet standards as it does have spices, but I have like 6 in the freezer and I will eat them!) and burger patty for meal one and a small t-bone, beef liver chunk, and bone broth jello for meal two.
image image image image image


Smart to eat for comfort. And your lamb is fine :slight_smile: I know you want super strict beef and water type Lion Diet but you are like me, I also eat what I pay for HA I know I don’t have the bucks to waste anything when it comes to what I have in my freezer.

I am a 2 meal person. I can’t even pretend I can attempt OMAD ever. I mean I have that rare day I do omad cause that is the way the day fell, but my 2 meals per day is just the best way to fit into my life just a good eating routine. Hey my 2 meals per day beats my 6 meals of low carb with snacks so I figure my 2…they are the best of the best for this ol’ gal.

-----------------SO today is super simple again. Eat that other small NY Strip Steak. I defrosted chicken breast package for family so I will just eat 2 chicken breasts for second meal. I will focus on this being a ‘leaner meat’ eating day for me. I am going to very very lightly incorporate an eat a leaner meat eating day and just see how I do on it. I do have some burgers available if I require more food but right now I am in a very comfortable eating place, don’t have a food focus since the holidays are over thank goodness and I feel like I can easily throw in some leaner option meals right now.

Carnivore on strong all!


I eat OMAD for comfort. 2 meals worked for me for long (I ate too much but that’s 2 meals for me not on carnivore) but nowadays it’s a huge mess, very inconvenient. I realized I should get properly hungry (or something similar like real need for food without actual hunger feeling, I often have that) and then all is well (as long as my food choices are okay too but it’s not horrible anyway). I eat my biggish meal and won’t have annoying and inconvenient late eating. If I eat too early, I easily trigger several smaller meals, only on or near carnivore though. So it seems OMAD is the way for me but it may change in some days as my meals tend to get too small after days on carnivore OMAD. I expect an OMAD/TMAD mix but we will see. I am fine with TMAD as long as it works, it didn’t lately.

Noon, no coffee yet just warm water :slight_smile: I have roast for 3 days…
The egg lady has rabbits but remembering the last time I didn’t want any. And Alvaro is complaining that he eats too much meat already… Sigh. I need to write a list of vegetarian dishes I am willing to cook for him as he is rather eat meat and suffer than decide. I cook something I don’t eat and I need to figure out what too? Unfair! But I dislike when he suffers and I don’t consider it a huge work to come up with ideas. Even if it’s a bit odd an surreal sometimes. I feel I forgot what normal people eat. It’s good he’s not choosy so I can just cook the same every week or something - not like I can do that, I am way more spontaneous even with not my own food.
Oh I need some cooking joy and my food is so nothing to cook, let’s consider this a plus.

So I need more carnivore(-ish) meatless options. I still prefer making not carby things and some worked for him. The baked cheesy egg whites is boring to me (even making it) but I will do it tomorrow. Maybe I will make quiche again, too bad it’s off limit for me now but at least it will last longer! :smiley: I only ate quiche a few times, recently, made by me. Just eggs, some dairy (cream was nicer than sour cream), salt (I don’t remember spice but maybe that too) - and things inside (vegs for Alvaro, sausage for me). It’s easier and means less dairy if I just make scrambled eggs or pancakes so I stopped. But maybe I will do it again soon.

I like the perfect amount of cooking challenge and effort. Not too little, not too much.


AND THIS IS HOW we do it----AND this is WHO WE ARE! ZC plan!


we miss you and want you in on this new year thread for sure.
You are a carnivore rock!

(Will) #20

Day 1 went very well, the ribeyes cooked in tallow were fantastic. That was the first day that I haven’t has my big cup of coffee in many years, waking up this morning the first thing I thought of was coffee but that will not be happening. Today I will be having NY Strip cooked the same way. I have some marrow bones on the stove that I will let simmer for several hours, it’s already smelling really good, I didn’t put anything in it but water and a little pink salt. Gonna be a good day