Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Robin) #141

Jealous. Freezing. Walking dog in snow. Carrying frozen dog home. January in Kansas. (But always coffee.)


Brrrr. I am freezing sitting here near my fireplace LOL

Can’t wait to move more South. No way I am staying here once I get all my ducks in a row and I have the real freedom to move! Me and hubby are selling this farm and outta here to a warm weather winter climate. I AM SO over cold :slight_smile: I don’t function well. Bring on the heat please!

Eating is going very well. Feel good. 5.5 hrs dead sleep. bed at 11:30 and up and raring to go at 5. Nothing is different other than I feel good, so I keep saying so far so good.

Woke up wanting different. Hmm. Have on the road errands happening so will stop at a grocery and check out meat counter. No telling what I might come home with to eat. I do have a 4 pack of bone in pork chops defrosting for later meal. I feel this is more of a ‘not hungry’ feeling of wanting something different due to the fact I just am not wanting big beef or big anything right now…I don’t think this is ‘I require variety’ cause usually I just don’t require variety anymore on this lifestyle.

So will see where the meat falls today!

Great posts on the board and enjoying reading everyone’s journey!!!

(Will) #143

Good morning all. Today we are a full week into January. Last night I slept very well again, only woke up once. This is very very unusual for me. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or maybe has something to do with what I’m eating. My joint pain continues to improve, which is something that I had given up on a long time ago. I’ve been taking walks every day much longer than I’ve been able to do in quite a while.
Today I will be having NY Strip with bone in pork chops both cooked in beef tallow. If I need anything more I have ground beef ready to go. I am really enjoying following your journeys as well as sharing mine.

(Karen) #144

Morning everyone the sun is shining again albeit very cold. Yesterday was dull with sleepy rain and even colder than today… what a difference the sunshine makes even on a cold day.

Done my 100 stair runs this morning, back feeling pretty good, odd twinge here and there, usually when I sit down. Dropped Yamind at the city Hospital for his physiotherapy appt and now waiting for my hair appt. Areived far too early because of dropping Raymond off first. My hairdresser moved to other side of town and I tried a different o e but just not very good with my complicated hair issues lol so I have returned to my original hairdresser … it will be worth the journey.

Will get brunch when I get back home. Afternoon plan is to plant up the ferns and herbs if the sun is still out. X


Almost a week is done, I will look at my notes and figure out my sodium consumption after I have eaten. Probably tomorrow as I NEVER can know if I am finished until I am asleep. I must do something with it. I gave it a shot to get okay automatically but nope, my late munchies (without hunger or any valid or big urge) continued.

You surely know the idea that if you are hungry, some plain boring food is tempting like boiled eggs, tuna, each to their own and if you aren’t, they aren’t. It totally fails for me as I can be super hungry and weak and dizzy while not wanting any food in existence at all (very rare and very miserable state as I don’t eat then just wait for my appetite to raise to the awesome zero where I can eat. it happens quite quickly in that state but I suffer until that time) - and I can eat food I borderline dislike without any hunger or need for food… Even when somewhat satiated.
I wasn’t hungry or anything and ate up a cold scrambled egg and half of my pâté (the formerly inedible one. somehow it lost its state though it always gets more tempting after some time in the fridge. but probably my state changes were more important).

So… From now on, I will put some tiny effort into not eating at night (it’s usually 11pm nowadays, earlier than before), it shouldn’t be hard… And I won’t eat when the first urge appears, 3pm is just way too early for me to eat, it can’t provide perfect satiation until bedtime, so perfect that I simply can’t eat without force. Only a later OMAD meal can do that for sure (or an earlier, super big OMAD meal but it’s unlikely on my current satiating carnivore style). Maybe some kind of TMAD could do the trick but it’s not sure and it would be super stressful to think about how to divide my food into two, not like I have control over those things. I may decide on an easy eggy light lunch - and then I eat 1700 kcal as I can’t stop and get hungry later. So I skip lunchtime and happens what happens but it should be fine.

My previous carnivore attempts never had this late eating even when it was my problem right before that so I hoped it will just solve by itself. Oh well.

Weather is very sunny and frosty, I walked a bit, I need more clothes next time when I venture out!
OK, it’s normal winter weather, I shouldn’t be that dramatic just because I was a tad cold (I will need gloves and a hat too! for the first kilometer as I will generate more than enough heat later) and we had record warm days lately at 15-16C…

My backache isn’t present since 2 days, yay! But my arm/shoulder muscles are tired so I postponed my workout.
Nice, nice sunshine, it cheers me up!

And why am I (not really but kinda) hungry? Seriously. Oh yep, I ate late, it usually triggers an early hunger. My body has its weird logic. I cook soon (carby stuff for Alvaro, I didn’t cook that soup since ages, it will be nice to do it again, it was one of my big favs. well the cake won’t be very carby as I make it but somewhat because of fruits. it’s super hard to make a cake for him without raisins. and he eats it with other fruits.) and that hopefully gives me enough food joy to be okay without eating for a long time to come. But I have egg puddings and very little regard to my own decisions sometimes (hunger is powerful. I am hungry, I eat). Part of the problem is that I eat in a somewhat restrictive way. It’s surprisingly fine but still. I do microefforts or something. So doing something extra is too much. That may be the reason I still drink coffee though very little. I must bring it down somehow. WHY do I drink coffee? I can’t comprehend. I don’t feel a true, irresistible craving. It just sounds a harmless, nice idea… And I can’t ignore that all the time. But I do microefforts there too. (Microeffort. My new word. I never knew it’s a very important thing in my life but it is.)

Egg pudding and pork chuck roast, what could possibly go wrong even if will have a bigger eating window…? I won’t drink many calories today.


I too have yoyo’ed over the years - and since last June, this zero carb approach has been the easiest and best shrinkage experience of my life (61 y/o). Husband and I have both lost (with no hunger) 30 pounds. It is like flipping a switch and it has given me a whole different attitude toward food and appetite - like a different person (refreshing after all these years). So - barely 6 months, not much exercise, zero hunger, and I am the size I was when I was quite a bit lighter, so my composition is changing too. I invite you to do the zero carb thing and enjoy this freeing way of eating (and of changing body comp - which is to say loss of fat). Much success to you!!


You are changing physically. Your body is being nourished well and when this happens, we heal the entire body AND then our appetites and our eating lifestyle changes. It can make us think, hmmmm, so you might ‘kinda be hungry’ maybe thru old habits. You know, eat so many times per day, at this time you might used to get hungry and your mind says, hmmm, you might wanna eat but these are old habits ya know. Our nourished bodies are tellling you, nah, you don’t require food ‘really’ but our brains say, hmm, shouldn’t I maybe be eating something now?

So as we go longer and longer on carnivore we fall into absolutely NEW people. We find a whole new real YOU on this eating lifestyle that is one of the best perks to it! We get to be us and not follow some darn ‘planned eating schedule or having to hit crazy tracking macros’ or anything else. Eat when truly hungry, don’t eat when you are not truly hungry :slight_smile: What real life should be :slight_smile: Our eating habits change. Our appetites flip around. Our healed bodies can go longer without food easily. Once your body is nourished and heal, you actually become the REAL YOU on this eating plan :slight_smile: it is a good thing.

So just hold the fort, discover your new body sending you signals and act accordingly. If truly hungry, always eat :slight_smile: if wishy washy on not being really hungry, don’t eat just yet, give it a bit and then all of the sudden your body sends more real signals with real hunger, as in, yea I am actually hungry now so I WILL eat :wink:

We all walk this change. Just do as you think the body truly requires and what your signals are telling you and you got this lifestyle whipped!

(Edith) #148

Giving up Diet Coke has been tough. I have been trying for years, but I kept falling off the wagon. I think all the other times I gave it up, I knew deep down it wasn’t permanent.

While not a serious addiction like drugs or alcohol, I definitely have a psychological dependence on it. And I use similar excuses like an alcoholic: Today was a really good day, I feel like celebrating with a Diet Coke. Today was really stressful, I think I’ll sooth myself with a Diet Coke. I’ll just have a small one. It won’t hurt. The small one turns into mediums and before I know it, I’m back to having a large Diet Coke every day. (McDonalds has the best tasting Diet Coke imo.)

This time I made a vow to give it up forever as a sign of solidarity to someone who is having problems with a real addiction.

Like I mentioned above, I knew all previous attempts weren’t permanent. This time around I know that it is, so I have found it more challenging. Going out shopping is a big trigger, because that is when I would go pick one up. Going on long drives or heading into work in the morning, all triggers. I used it like morning coffee. I’ve even mourned it a little bit. I can’t imagine having a real chemical dependence. I didn’t even have caffeine withdrawals, so I wasn’t even physically addicted to the caffeine.

It’s been five weeks. I still think about it. I actually had a very powerful urge to buy one just a few days ago. I’ll get there eventually. :muscle:

(Heather) #149

This is definitely a lively group! It’s so great to read everyone’s journeys from new members to veterans. Thank you all for taking the time to post!

My treadmill New Year’s resolution is working out well. I’ve stayed dedicated to walking the days opposite of my weights.

Taste is still funky, post COVID, but I think it’s gradually returning to normal. Bit by bit, I seem to be able to taste things a little more. I’m still consuming quite a bit of sodium, for taste purposes, to my weight is up, but I’m “okay” with that for now.

It’s rather frigid here in Wisconsin. We woke up to -2. I’m with you @Fangs, warm weather is where it’s at! I have quite a few years to retirement, but we will at least spend the winter somewhere warm. I don’t think it will be a permanent home, as our kiddos are in the midwest (right now anyway).

Carnivore on everyone!

(Robin) #150

Here’s just one of my hypothesis about addictions. You mentioned that having stress or celebrating not having stress can bring on the urges/cravings.

I believe that once our body/mind connects a substance to stress relief, it will immediately look for that relief before, during and after the stressful event. With smoking, it required a real break… step outside, breath deep hold it, slowly release. Well, that sounds like meditation! Much of what we “do” with and around our substances is what actually makes it desirable.

I mentioned earlier that during my recent move, I suddenly found myself having the thought that I needed a cigarette. It totally shocked me! But I realized I had too much to accomplish and not enough time. So my body/mind looked through the old files and came up with “smoke break”! YES! I mean, NO!

Most addictions take us away from something. Away from dealing with crap, or celebrating getting past that crap.

I have dealt with the occasional temptation since giving up alcohol and cigarettes. I stop in my tracks and sit with the feeling. Let myself feel the discomfort that is making me want to escape or celebrate.

Someone told me that whether or not you have that drink, in five minutes the craving will have passed. It was true, and it was a game changer for me. I use it with carbs now.

(Edith) #151

Thanks, @robintemplin. I found that very helpful, and I passed it on to the person with whom I am sharing this experience.


I know. You are me on that issue. My issue was carbs :slight_smile: I went very low carb and I knew I would backslide. I knew I was not commited, hence I lost 70 lbs and prompty gained back 60 of it…all because of just pretending to ourselves. We know darn it :frowning: We know the minute it leaves our mouths and say no more, we know instantly when that ‘right excuse’ hits we will cave. We already know and I HAD to face this fact and darn if it ain’t one of the hardest to face. Our personal reality :slight_smile: But when one does say it and mean it, you adopt the No Matter What attitude of I WILL NOT drink or eat that. You are true to yourself, it is a great darn feeling for sure!

That is why when I say I ‘chat with myself’, ohhh yea, in my personal journey I had SO many very very hard chats with myself and it irked me to talk to me like that ya know, but in the end, my mental balance is alot better for having walked that path tho.

you’re a spring chicken compared to me :clown_face:
but yea, warm weather lovers NEED it don’t we :slight_smile: I already told my one and only kid, follow me after college when we do move, or I will see ya whenever LOL But if she ever needed us we would dash to her in an instant but for me, no way if she picks a cold weather state that I am gonna follow her :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

---------------so long morning. left at 8 and just got home and did a gazillion things in that time, I am one who can move at warp speed and get’er done’ fast…tired…but wasn’t gonna stop but decided to stop and scored a wonderful 1.8 lb. massive ribeye steak on markdown and OMGosh guys, I am gonna fry this up in a bit and inhale every inch of it!!

My meat day is set…wee…very calming for me knowing I got a massive hunk of meat coming at me AND I do have those pork chops in the fridge for what if.

People say money in the bank is security to them, I say meat in my belly and fridge is my lifeline :wink:

(Karen) #153

Eventually got hone and had brunch about 2.30pm 8 had the 2 remaining beef burgers and I cooked up the remaining 6 beef meatballs. May havetjose later as I wasn’t ready for them earlier.

About 4.30pm I had some cold cooked roast chicken, a leg, thigh and wing. Then a bit of cheese to follow. Feeling full.


But I almost never am truly hungry. I eat way before that! It’s great when I can wait until proper hunger but it never was easy for me. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Nowadays I am not hungry ever, I just start to function not so well so I know I won’t get back my brain until I eat… So I eat. Maybe I will go back to my nicely working OMAD, I just need to be fine until an early, big, satiating dinner… Those things easily last almost a day. Maybe tomorrow I don’t care about my brain, I push it for one more hour!

I lost that lunchtime hunger ages ago, more like it’s on and off but when it’s on, it’s possible my body really needs its food. And I was kinda hungry way before lunchtime today. But I can handle that, real hunger is what I can’t. So I am okay with my signs.

I had a nice piece of pork chuck roast (either not fully roasted or just too big, it’s better to cut apart and roast a bit more… but still nice this way, it’s not raw at all) and a little egg pudding. And an eggy coffee :smiley: I decided I never drink coffee before I have drank a big mug (0.5-0.6L) tea first (one filter, very very plain and boring tea, not one of my very flavored ones but it’s a warm and different liquid). It should help a bit. But I only drink water and carbonated water until about 2pm anyway, I keep that! :slight_smile: Tea will be easy to get rid of as I am not very attached to it, it’s just a temporal replacement in my big, long war against coffee… Egg milk is another item but it may trigger putting coffee into it while tea don’t have that power.

So, a week passed. I had my tiny hardships and I relaxed my ways a very tiny bit here and there (but didn’t break my very firm rules like no cream in January. and no raw vegs with my meat but that’s soooo easy, I lost that habit/desire somewhere in the second half of 2021)… But I never desired anything not eggs or meat (and coffee, yep, that’s a forever exception. I didn’t desired it, per se, something kicked in? whatever, same result). I wanted something different a handful of times so I ate cheese (my fav but I still don’t desire it, I just find the idea eating some nice, it’s rare we can buy it for a good price and it’s not important enough to buy for more… so it’s an occasional treat now and that has some extra pull. I am pretty good at waiting nowadays. I never was like that but it happened somewhere in the last years. but giving up a chance for months, that’s tougher :D)

So it’s pretty easy for me this far. After the first days I feared I need to add back more, it seemed roasts became boring for a while. Nope, I like my roasts. I ate better ones, this chuck isn’t marbled nicely and it has too chewy parts (Tofu was happy with those) but it’s okay. Not awesome but easy to eat and tastes okay.

I am not sure as it’s not easy to tell with my roasts but it’s possible that I need more salt on my meat now that I don’t eat processed stuff with their big salt content… I had to salt my pork all the time now but maybe the salt just went into the liquid, it was a big piece too, the inside is never salty enough… But I didn’t touch the liquid yet as it’s still warm and very much flowy. When it’s little and fatty and a bit salty, I eat it together with my less salty, less fatty pieces and things get balanced out :slight_smile:

But here is my pork chuck roast (not a good photo, oh well, there will be a way nicer one :D), the top right is the biggest piece (forget a pound, it’s more than half a kilogramm :D) so I eat that today (and possibly more) as it’s my roast day! Fresh roast and little desire towards eggs, perfect.

And after I cut some up, ate some, roasted more but gave up and used my pan, that made things just right and beautiful…

It can’t hurt to try as it surely works sometimes - and not other times. I say it in general, not for booze as I almost never specifically desire alcohol. Sometimes I remember I didn’t drink since months or see the bottle in the kitchen or something. But I never need it. I usually decide I will drink and promptly forget though :smiley: But I use this little waiting game with other things. Food, coffee… Sometimes it works. Even my tiny hunger can go away. A proper, strong one never does (well after 1-2 days it would but that’s some extreme thing I don’t do). Until kind of recently I didn’t understand what fasters talk about, if I get hungry, fasting is over or I will suffer more and more. But now I know it’s not always the case. In the past I only had strong hunger (or the weak one always progressed into a serious one, quite quickly), now I never have that. Fat adaptation helped but carbs still can mess it (and zillion other things) up. Hence my carnivore attempts :smiley:

And some cravings get stronger if you submit to them, that’s the worst… Sweets have that skill (baked goods too). Not always and surely not towards everyone but I am sure it’s quite common.
It’s a vital skill to resist. Says the one who never resists temptation :smiley: Well yeah, temptation is on a too strong level… But I still can wait a little and if it makes the temptation go away, I still kinda resisted it. Though it doesn’t feel so in my mind at all. And even waiting is new to me… But the chance of strength of temptation seriously went down since I tried carnivore. It’s great.

Waiting is one thing, sometimes I do what Fangs do and tell myself why it’s a bad idea. If I actually see something isn’t good for my all-important HEALTH, I don’t get strength to fight temptation, the temptation simply disappears. It’s not that clear-cut but pretty good. Whenever I fancy some processed treat in a supermarket, all I need to read the ingredients list to lose interest - I have this since several years. If I WANT to buy something, I don’t read the list… But it’s rare. Sometimes I think and figure out what better I can make (and it’s so easy to make something better… except if I want something I can’t make at all. I had this problem with wafers. crunchy biscuits come in way too big packets so I didn’t buy those. but I could buy tiny wafers, once in every 1-2 months.I start to forget how they taste but I probably wouldn’t like them anymore and would feel it very wrong. I stopped it at some point, I don’t even know when. not very long ago).

I was such a sweets addict… It wasn’t mere temptation, it was already compulsion territory. No chance to resist even if I could try. And it doesn’t matter if it brings joy or suffering, it must be done. Horrible things, compulsions. Even if they are rare and not involving a destructive lifestyle just eating some less than ideal sweets (or too much food) here and there. IDK how my pride could handle them.
But I changed and carnivore surely had a huge factor in it.

I brought the photos and now I think I can tell about my finished day.
I totally stuffed myself, the chosen piece and 3 eggs and a yolk (egg pudding and eggy coffees… I am not into coffee now I think, hopefully I can avoid it tomorrow. didn’t drink until… 3:30pm or something? not good enough) was just right for this day I think. Oh I ate a little pâté, yep, the time in the fridge did very good to it.
1430 kcal, 63% fat, well I mostly ate pork chuck and that’s leanish :smiley: It was nice fatty by the way… Too bad I have no idea how fatty so I just use the data and maybe it has anything to do with reality. Whatever. I surely ate less than yesterday, I still forgot to track the cheese… But I was a bit above 2200 kcal, probably. Or not, one can never know.

I am super satiated and full right now. I ate without hunger but my lunch was too small and I felt I don’t feel okay yet so I ate and now it’s good.

And I so don’t want to eat my dairy in the near future, I plan a stricter weak (unless I get bored of my roasts BUT I have a pretty tongue as well. okay, it’s not that pretty, it’s normal but a pig’s tongue is extremely TASTY, very normal meat but still different from my roasts… a single small tongue for us both, the butcher only had one this time) and then the mascarpone must be eaten, I try to feed it to Alvaro but surely will taste it a bit… But we will see. I don’t taste anything just because it’s there, being nice anymore (I think. my optimism gets the better of me sometimes).
I am so good, I didn’t even touch the sour cream that was around in the last days due to Alvaro eating it. The last year(s) did good, now I can easily ignore it. I still love it (or I remember loving it? nope, it’s a creamy sour wonderfulness) but I can wait and eat only a bit here and there… Much wouldn’t feel good anyway.

So I have what I had in November (in 2019)… It’s surprisingly easy. Eating always has its difficulties but carnivore now has less than my normal eating. Cool. And now I eat stricter than back then.

Alvaro bought a tiny lil young rabbit this time… It barely took up any space in the freezer. My meat reserves rapidly diminish but we will go shopping next weekend! I have more than enough meat until then.

(Daisy) #155

Day 9 Lion diet: meal one was lamb chuck chops and a chunk of beef liver. And bone broth jello. Meal two was burger patties. Seep last night, I jotted it down in my phone notebook this morning while it was fresh, so it will sound a little mechanical: supplements 90 minutes before bed: 400 magnesium glycinate, 10 mg melatonin with lemon balm. Right before bed: 400 mg magnesium glycinate. In bed at 9:40, ear plugs, on my back. Prayer and deep breath while laying there, fell asleep quickly. Slept beautifully until urgent bowel distress at 11:44. Stayed sick to my stomach until 11:57, took anti diarrhea medicine. Went back to bed on my back, prayer and deep (cautious) breath. Fell back asleep not quite as quickly, as I was cautious about my stomach. Woke at 3 am to pee and had slight leg cramps, so put on magnesium balm. Tried to go back to sleep on my side and tossed and turned for a few minutes before moving to my back and sleeping restfully until my husband’s alarm went off at 6 (no school for kids today, so didn’t have to get up quite as early). The melatonin with lemon balm is new so I have to assume that is what caused the stomach distress. My body is very accustomed to 800 mg magnesium glycinate. I will try to repeat the system tonight and see if it causes the same issues, but sleep was great otherwise.
image image image

(Edith) #156

We Today I had eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lunch was steak, and dinner was rotisserie chicken and some pork spare ribs. I did have a little bit of Primal Kitchen’s Buffalo wing sauce on the chicken. Boy was that tasty.

My belly is quite satisfied, but my fingers are a little puffy, probably from the sauce and seasoning on the ribs. Tomorrow was supposed to be my weigh in. I may wait until Sunday. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll most likely be helping out my parents this weekend, so I will have some leftover meat to bring along, sans sauce.

@Ketodaisy, I hope you figure out what helps you get better sleep. Besides using the podcast if I awake during the night, I take Natural Calm (magnesium citrate) before bed. That definitely helps me fall asleep faster.


Sunset last night was a shepherd’s delight.

I had a buried alive nightmare last night at 3am. Could still hear the rumbling avalanche when I woke. The night was still and full of stars. The sound was the surf about 3km away.

NoFUN. Then 3 eggs and 2 rashers of bacon cooked in last night’s beef steak tallow. 2 coffees in the morning. Both with a dash of cream. Supplements morning and night for planned 3 month pain treatment. 2MAD. Pan fried squid and sheep’s milk halloumi, then Scotch fillet steak baked with bacon and butter for dinner. Fresh sparkling rainwater.

Out in the sunshine watering trees and the berry garden. Then again for a walk and summer’s day beach swim with Mrs. Bear and Billie the Labrador. The suntan is good no sunburn on ketocarnivore.

(Will) #158

Happy Saturday. Short post this morning as I am about to head out for a long work day. I’ll be eating ribeye and chicken thighs today.


5.5 hrs great sleep
eating well, that big ribeye yesterday was SO delish.

today is bone in pork chops first meal.

hubby, my mom and kid want ribs and brisket from fav bbq place. OK you don’t have to twist my arm to eat up a rack of ribs :slight_smile:

today seems to be a pork day for me.

Feeling very good. Eating clean. Have NOT done any exercise dvds to move more :frowning: :clown_face: I know I am going to have to double force myself to do it. I will work on me about doing just that :wink:

Today should be a fine eating day for me!


Weekends are tricky. I ate at noon. Almost exactly half as what I had except my very eggy coffee (I automatically poured coffee into my egg milk, I should break this habit, I didn’t even actually want coffee… though I probably would have added later, maybe not. my last coffee was disappointing).

If I stick to the plan (i.e. merely eat the piece of pork I chose for today and everything else I have… of course I always can make new egg dishes), it will be exactly one pound of pork, some pâté, 6 eggs and a yolk (1 egg and the yolk in my coffee). Alvaro finished his eggs in purgatory and I popped in one for myself, it got barely tomatoed but it was running yolk, mmm. I only ever enjoyed poached eggs in soup or tomatoes, it would be nice to find something else… I don’t like sunny side ups and soft-boiled eggs are tiresome… So I don’t eat as many runny egg yolks as I would like (I don’t miss the thing, I just realize when I have it that it’s so cool, I should eat it more often). Maybe I should put extras in my almost ready scrambled eggs…

Considering all the dairy and bacon waiting to get eaten up soon, I think I make a relaxed day tomorrow (a few days in the next days I guess…). Cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, maybe even a tad mascarpone… And the smallest pork roast piece. The mascarpone will last a while, the others won’t (or maybe they will, I just remember I have ground cheese too, that is Masdaam as well, my fav). The 10% fat cream will be Alvaro’s, I talked about it with him so after a few days I won’t feel any pressure to eat dairy. Not like I MIND, I like dairy but I don’t feel I really need it so I want to be stricter. It’s too easy. As long as I have my eggy coffee as dessert, at least but I surely don’t need that all the time…

Workout day. I am weak as a kitten. The sun is shining and it’s freezing outside. Nice weather, I should go for a walk! Maybe even a tiny run, it’s not too hot for it, after all :smiley:

Tofu (one of our cats) is thicc with a wonderful dense calico fur but wants to eat all the time. She is disappointed she got food only like 6 times a day and not always a lot. Caroline simply catches a vole or mouse if she wants more food.

Oh and I forgot. I definitely have something with salt. I never felt a (totally salted, lightly but still) meat THIS super horribly unsalty since my salt taste changed some time after I tried carnivore.
I suspect it’s the almost complete lack of processed food, even eating little of them, they brought a significant amount of sodium I guess.