Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022



darn right…what is 30 mins of your day for your improvement? :wink: Cool RR!

throw Billie some pork but STILL take me swimming with ya on that beach!!!

yea my party times were weed and ‘a tad more’ but one day I said nope.
So for me I won’t add back anything addictive in that I know like FB is probably buying is not having THC and more thru processing etc. I personally won’t go there anymore. I figure I can naturally correct life, but if weed grew right in my backyard (like it dosn’t without me doing it–HA) then I won’t do it.

I am SO over anything that ain’t natural in my life ya know. THIS IS me in that I am over crutches. I would rather make the rest of my life about life and handling my life as I need…but I absolutely get others requiring some change to make it ALL SO good…key being do you at all times as you want :slight_smile:

I also can add, I need to substract from life more in order to find balance, not add in supps of any kind as a reliance I feel personally I don’t need. I think my mind can handle my life now thru balance of zc and making damn decisions in life I am cool with, if not cool I got sleepless nights and more, but I can’t add back anything to go against me thru manipulation…THIS IS just me LOL I am a never take pill or anything else type person HA yea I am one of those overkill people on that, lol

again guys, this is ME and not about any one else doing their thing they require!


I typically need 8 hour sleep so I typically sleep 8 hours, it’s non-negotiable, I can’t do what people do, living with less sleep than ideal. I just fall asleep anywhere then.
But lately I sleep more and it’s disturbing. Okay, I fell asleep in front of my computer (but I wanted to watch a video on my comfy bean bag… after midnight… I should know better…), maybe that’s why and I had no alarm 2 days ago…

It’s only sunset time (not like it’s apparent, it was gloom and doom all day, with rain. so I postponed my shopping, I wanted to see the butcher for some liver and maybe tongue. tomorrow then, weather forecast says sunshine after rain for that time, we will see. so I will cross a wet, muddy forest… it’s not much fun at some point but okay elsewhere. I like that forest) but I already ate. I wasn’t hungry, per se but I felt I would need to eat soon anyway so why not with Alvaro after 3pm? I ate all my leftover pork chuck roast (200g in raw weight so tiny), grabbed some pork shoulder roast from the freezer, had an egg pudding (perfect! I used half super salty roast jelly and half water and it worked well) and sponge cakes. 1700 kcal, it was just enough to feel satiated some time later. If I had some proper food, I surely would have eaten a tad more…
Yeah. That’s why I try to do OMAD. I just can’t afford 2 proper sized meals. And OMAD seems to be close… A bit elusive but I am almost there…

So, in the first 5 days, no lowish-cal day happened yet. But I mostly had those in the beginning, not in the later trials. I just can’t know what will happen longer term. So it’s still an exciting mystery! I would be pretty okay with 1600-1800 with the occasional high-carb day… There is a big chance for that.

I’m watching the Kelly Hogan video with the tips… Not like I need tips to avoid carb craving, stopping eating plants always worked well. But I am curious and maybe learn something :slight_smile:
Sweet taste? Never figured out if it’s a problem for me… It makes perfect sense to me to eat normal food and sweeteners aren’t that. They may be useful but if I don’t want sweets to begin with and am happy with my normal food, it’s pointless. By the way, today my normal food was great, still no huge joy from it but it was nice and easy to eat, definitely not a chore! It was nice to eat together with Alvaro on this gloomy day and now I feel content. So hopefully my hardships are on hold for a while…
And I know that I could stick to my old keto only because I ate sweets every day. Be it on a woe with 10g or 40g net carbs, erythritol helped me to stay there on days when the other options didn’t work so well. It was a phase, I seems to be perfectly fine without it now.
Sweeteners never made me want carbs but it’s possible they made me want more sweets… Hard to say, I usually ate them in the end of my meal when I already had a lot of fatty protein so I could stop after 1-2, maybe 4 sweet pancakes… When I get hungry, I never want sweet stuff but as the last course, I had decades long habits. And they just broke on carnivore, right away. I had desperate times when my normal food was boring but I was still hungry and I had to eat sweet eggy dishes… Then I used processed meat instead… And now I don’t need either. Yay. I want to eat sweets when I desire them not when everything else is off-putting, it feels so wrong. But I basically never desire sweets anymore. I may be curious, there are compulsions sometimes but real desire? It disappeared. It tastes like freedom.

Enough fat and protein, sure. I couldn’t eat too little of those if I wanted and I know as I tried (I tried not too little just less but I failed nonetheless. the only woe where I managed to eat adequate protein for days in row was vegan low-carb. once I did 5 days out of curiosity and I didn’t eat gluten at that time. with gluten I would do high protein on a vegan diet as well).

I do so much reminiscence in this month but it’s not surprising. I feel I started another era and most of my effort (regarding my woe) since leaving high-carb worked to reach this point.

The next point isn’t for me. I like seeing and smelling certain carbs (or peanuts, one of my fav smell!!! orange is another and I smelled that yesterday, mmm…), that’s cool and very carnivore as I don’t eat it! Win! :smiley: And I still like baking.
Of course… She says it’s worst in the first weeks. I am super experienced, a very different person than what I was a decade ago. Not like seeing the carbs I just cut out my diet was bad for me ever. I LOVED seeing all the bread and sugar I don’t need anyway and Alvaro said it was similar to him, he actually went to a shop without buying anything to enjoy he doesn’t need all that stuff. At night and at worktime when things were slow, it would be weird to waste free time on it or to go when there are many people there. So people are different I suppose. Or it’s easy to cut out sugar and gluten (it was easy for both of us for years. with the occasional exception but we were fine with that) but hard to do it with all plants… Yep, I can imagine that.
I didn’t even tried carnivore while I loved vegetables, it would have been impossible.
And I did things gradually so it was easy. Or I never was too addicted (only to sweets and peanuts. only until I had too much carbs like all the time on my old keto. coffee is my only unconditional addiction but I am okay without it. I just almost never run out of coffee and I can’t just keep myself from it. I drank one today too. it seemed a nice idea and it’s a gloomy day and I am almost content with my drastically reduced coffee consumption. one step at a time. I do strict carni together with little coffee, no coffee would be too much. It doesn’t mean I don’t try to do just that in the near future…).

Chill? That was the first thing I learned from the carnivores on this forum :smiley: More like see from them. I like chill, I am a lazy hedonist, of course it’s compatible with me. But people talk about things while not chilling, a lot. But the carni threads were awesome so I hanged around there without being a carnivore or being kicked out! It was good. I want that chill.
I want to stop the struggles regarding my woe. Things don’t click automatically right away, it’s inevitable I need some extra effort but I hope I am close now…

Redefine dessert. Yep, we do that a lot :smiley: Sour cream is a perfect dessert… That I avoid now as it’s dairy and… I just don’t feel the need for a dessert! Yesterday I wanted something else and I ate the cheese but today I used my usual desserts, egg milk or eggy coffee. Egg milk now as I had the coffee earlier and I try to have only one per day now (or zero. zero is my actual plan). It had vanilla as I like that and it doesn’t cause me problems.
I still don’t call any meat dessert :smiley: A dessert must be non-savory. It’s often sweetish due to actose but not always.

How can anyone mix sugar and salt cravings? Amazing.

Okay I stop this now. I should do some power walking in my room or something, it’s a rainy day and I didn’t even have my walk, I miss my little activity…

I never had weed (a boss of mine brought something once but I have felt nothing so that doesn’t count), I couldn’t even get any, no idea how others do it :smiley: And it’s fine.

I have a cute hemp plant by the way, I like the characteristic look of the leaves. It just grows in my garden every year, it’s small and pretty. And I couldn’t care less if it has a noticeable THC content or not :smiley: Though I am mildly curious as I am that type. I never would willingly touch dangerous things but mostly harmless ones carefully…? But I don’t need that.
And I definitely don’t need the munchies, I eat enough without any help on my most satiating woe, thank you very much :smiley:

(Edith) #103

I started putting in my earbuds and listening to podcasts that I’ve already listened to before on the lowest possible sound setting. The low droning voices puts me right back to sleep. If I don’t do that, my mind starts thinking about all the things I need to do in the morning and then I lay there stressing.
The podcast works every time.

(Edith) #104

I tried oysters for the first time during the holidays. Man, oh man! There has got to be some trick to shucking them that I just can’t figure out. “They” make it look so easy in the Youtube videos. It took us an hour to shuck 20 of them, and we ended up damaging a lot of the shells, so I sauted them instead of baking them on the half-shell. For our hour of work and muscle soreness, we had a little handful of oysters to eat. :rofl:

On the plus side, they were quite tasty! They are something I could definitely add to my diet. Oysters have about 5g of carbs per 100 g. I could actually taste the sweetness in them. Do any of you know what the carb in oysters is composed of? I’m just curious.

(Karen) #105

Not a lot of sleep last hip/lower back was getting progressively worse. It has stemmed from boxing day sitting on my daughters settee. It is a beautiful settee and I guess very comfy, they love it, but I struggled to stay comfy and kept moving towards the edge of the seat sitting upright, at home I sit in an upright chair. Find it hard in my lounge because of the softer seating.

Anyway I think yesterdays rower and DB snatch didnt help. I was up from midnight to 1am then returned to bed and tried to get comfy.

So this morning I cancelled my CF class and did 100 stair runs instead which eased it off a tad bit. Not been quite as bad today.

Brunch was sauted chicken n melted cheese and then about 4pm I had the last pork chop.(I ate one when I got up at midnight) ate 4 slices of ham which wasn’t great and a small amount of cheese.that should do me for today.

(Daisy) #106

This. Stress. Cortisol. That is my guess. I’ve never confirmed it and I don’t have how to fix it, but my life is literally one giant ball of stress and has been for over 20 years. I think that’s my weight issue too, why I can never lose weight.

(Daisy) #107

This is me. Plus cannabis is not legal in my state except for medical and I don’t go to doctors :joy:. I’ve considered trying cbd oil, but when I consider it, :rotating_light: go off in my head and that tells me maybe I shouldn’t go there.


It must be some kind of sugar as animals don’t have starch and it’s sweet… But that’s all I know. Sometimes I wonder about eggs… They must have some sugar but what kind? And when I will be able to feel the sweetness? It’s 1%, not THAT low :smiley: Though I never feel that amount in tasty things… And maybe it’s good. I typically hate when my savory meals are sweet, there are very few exceptions, meat and sweetness doesn’t mix in my world. It’s bad enough (though doesn’t matter now) that some of egg based desserts are too salty to me. So I manage to taste the sodium in egg but not the sugar.
I don’t even feel the sugar in liver (except beef, that’s sweet but good) and it must have more… Maybe the bitterness mask it :smiley: The beef liver wasn’t bitter… I must test it again, I ate that stuff only once and liked it while Alvaro disliked it, perfect, all is mine :D.

I had my falling to sleep problems in the past (though I usually simply waited until I naturally couldn’t keep awake, not the best method I know), I used music then. I have some music on my phone just to help me asleep. I use it when there is a storm as my windows and the roof right above me is scratched by one of our big trees and that disturbs me.
Reading often helped but if I want to read, I can stay awake surprisingly long even while lying. So it must be something I kinda like but what I don’t find super exciting. Or I do but it’s too scientific and my hopefully already sleepy brain can’t follow… I very quickly fall asleep reading about supernovas (for the 500th time and I don’t exaggerate. I’ve read the most interesting parts of Asimov’s “The exploding suns” hundreds of times - it was in my bed for several months at a time, I have a big bed with lots of pillows, plushies and books - and then I went and googled more info. One day I will know all the types but it won’t happen in the near future. maybe because I don’t take notes, writing down things always was very important when I studied things).

My lunch was effective, big and satiating enough so I think that’s it for today. Yay. Guesstimation is 1666 kcal with wonderful macros (4g carbs is my new norm :D), I miscalculated a bit again before.
A bit over a pound of meat, 5 eggs and 2 yolks does the trick, it seems - on a too sedentary day :(. But I used more pork shoulder than chuck, it would be a bit too low-cal without all that fat! I don’t think I can afford to go leaner, I would be hungry and would miss fat too, probably. But we will see.

(Robin) #109

Same and same.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Linda ) #110

It started snowing again today and with it came more hunger so i started with ground beef then followed it up with lamb for 2nd meal


I wasn’t hungry, per se but fancied a vague something. I talked myself out of a coffee easily and made some very plain tea (the only kind I drink with lemon and sweetener but not always. it’s warm even when plain :)).
But I wanted to eat too. I established that one should take the egg only route in this case as meat just brings too many calories…
And then proceeded to eat the leftover boring sponge cake and 210g pork shoulder. Because I am a horrible person. GladOS would gleefully point that out while trying (and succeeding) sound merely factual.

Guesstimation is 2366 kcal then. Tomorrow I go for 1300 (I planned a nice day. maybe not enough meaty but with some liver). I will almost surely fail but I still can have my bold goals in life. And the average would be nice so it’s borderline realistic.

As usual, I have no regrets. It seems I have zero pork shoulder roast aversion right now. My recuperated appetite is a bit too frisky now but oh well, it’s better than the opposite.

It will be interesting what I will do. I just can’t hold all these restrictions and my woe is somewhat fixed. So I don’t try not to eat when not hungry and don’t even need food, that’s too hard for me, always was.
I think eating early was the problem. I don’t need to eat just because I can eat and I need to eat in 1-2 hours anyway (probably). I know why I did it, tomorrow I will do better.

Now it’s hard to drink tea… But the meat felt so nice :smiley: Oh things will get sorted out, food choices matter super much to me.

Maybe I still need a tad leaner meat and a lot of it, higher protein or not. But maybe just things got piled up and I got this result.
(It was still only 164g protein, not even near to my record - that’s a bit over 220g I think - but well, the meat was fatty and I have my limits. My fat intake is higher, of course.)

Maybe I should try to eat as few eggs as I comfortably can when I make my next big roast… It always seemed meat is even more satiating than eggs but I never ever could go low with the latter for more than 1-2 days. But now meat is significantly more tempting. The egg pudding was very nice though, I make a new one tomorrow, using 4 eggs. I still have lots of salty liquid/jelly from the Christmas roast and I can’t do anything else with it and it’s fine, I like egg pudding now, egg milk too (but maybe I should stop drinking calories for a while) and I hardly can bring myself to eat eggs in any other form. It probably will change soon, it always does.

(Edith) #112

Almost a week into January already. I’ve been a good girl with no non-carnivorous nibbles.

I’m still not supplementing extra salt. My blood pressure is on the low side (95/55 give or take) and sometimes I get a little light-headed, but that goes away when I eat and get sodium from my food. Currently, that is the only problem with leaving out the extra supplementation.

Yesterday’s meals were:
Breakfast - steak and eggs
Lunch - two hamburgers
Dinner - boneless, skinless chicken thighs and shrimp

(Daisy) #113

Never got a chance to post yesterday’s meals. One was a huge skirt steak. Two was burger patties. I wanted so desperately to get to bed early last night and sadly that didn’t happen, but I did get a little sleep. I would say it was a “normal” (mediocre) nights sleep. Was out of bed twice and awake a few other times. But I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm which I haven’t been able to do for a few weeks (that’s been a super normal thing for me on carnivore is waking before my alarm about 80% of the time).
image image


Here ya go… Oysters have glycogen in their muscles, and this is what causes them to contain carbs. This is because when the oysters die, the sugar that is stored as glycogen in their muscles is not expelled.

While the sugars are typically expelled in other animals upon death, this is not the case with oysters.

As a result, this sugar remains in the muscles, which causes there to still be carbs present. Taking into consideration how small oysters are in comparison to other types of protein, this is why only a small amount of carbs remains.

The same process happens with other types of shellfish.

DARN ---- but my life is literally one giant ball of stress and has been for over 20 years. I think that’s my weight issue too, why I can never lose weight.---------------so sorry KD life got ya in this bind truly. I know stress but luckily I am the type that can shed it some, sounds like it got ya by the cahoonies, well, ya ain’t got cahoonies but it got ya :wink: And yes, if stress is wrecking the body to that level and it is a real deal thing with messing up the body for sure. I, hmm, umm, maybe? read up every damn thing ya can on stress relief literally? and then find some way to put into action actual ways to change a few very small stressful things in your life to make them a tad easier, less on ya? Life can slap us hard alot of times, I feel ya on that one cause it got me too a few times, :unamused: but I actively found ways to lessen the stress load on me. And it stinks to do that, it means more darn work on us and that takes time and actually trying to relieve stress, can friggin’ cause stress to one…ugh…sending best vibes to you as you try to move it all forward in some type of easier fashion to take some of that stress load off you!!

your food is sounding good A! Sorry on that snow, bet you are SO ready to head back to FL and your new pool!

sorry on the back issue. I get sciatic nerve type issues if I sit on something and it off kilters me and OW, it is nasty and it takes time to heal. Hope you feel better fast tho!

--------------------food stuff for Jan. Going extremely well! Today is BIG NY strip steak. I got a full sized, big azz NY Strip to eat, not those thinner cut ones and I am anxiously awaiting eating it later :slight_smile:
Second food, burger or chicken. Got both defrosted, will choose one and go at it.

Sleep for me. Bed at 11:41, fully awake and out of bed in a flash at 4:44. Got my 5 dead to the world hrs. Bombs could go off and I don’t wake but when my eyes open in the morning, I AM UP. I am not one who can go back to sleep. Farmer in me. Up around 5 am every morning and down to the barns we would go so I am ‘wired’ that way. Been farm biz retired for a good amt of years now and I still can’t get it out of me but I always was a very fast AM mover. I hate doing anything later in the day, I am the type to get’er done early early am and into early afternoon and my days are done.

Feeling great.
Well being of zc and life in general going very good.
Food is making me happy on plan.
No ‘drama’ around the house right now.
Dealing with elderly right now is ‘not too bad’ but hubby’s mom had to do another 911 call and off to ER. She is just now slowly kinda cascading with diabetic effects and more and on oxygen and is just having issues it seems all the time…ugh…and my mom is doing great. soon to be 94 and going strong actually still.

So far, so good and fingers crossed, knock on wood everything holds darn decent here.

Hold Clean Carnivore Jan. strong guys! We sure all got this!

(Will) #115

Your skirt steak looks amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those. I can see that coming to my menu very soon

(Will) #116

Good morning, hard to believe we are almost a week into January already. So far I’ve managed to stay 100% on plan, not a single carb, this group really does help, the couple of times that I felt a slight struggle I have gone back and read posts from you guys and I find myself able to move past the struggle. I’ve been very tempted to step on my scale but I made a bow that I wouldn’t do that before Feb 1. I can say that my clothes are getting very loose and my belt is now on the last notch.
Today I will be having ribeye and boneless chicken thighs.
I’m thinking about getting myself some sort of fish and have a surf and turf for a couple of days. I love Salmon but I’d like to try something different. Any suggestions?


I am not a fish fan. I can’t recommend but others will!

I can only recommend seafood, like shrimp with steak, or pair with crab, any crab, king crab legs, maryland blue crab or any you can get your paws on, can ya tell I love crab :wink: and scallops, clams, oysters, or ANY other ocean swimming critter.

Fish options will come from others who enjoy it. Hey…a fresh tuna steak? I don’t enjoy it but my hubby loves it. hubby eats all the fish he catches mostly like catfish and more but I don’t partake, just not a fishy gal LOL

ok, can ya tell I love chatting ANY food carnivore HA

(Robin) #118

Ach! Great pictures. Yum

(Robin) #119

Belts are wise souls… we should listen to them. I remember when I first started keto and it wasn’t long before I got my trusty dusty old belt out from the back of the closet AND PUT IT ON. Just the first notch, but it was on, baby. No stopping me now.

Old trusty is back in the closet now since it’s too big. But I’m not! Yay!

(Edith) #120

I like tilapia and cod because they are light and flakey. The only problem I have with fish is that it tends to be low fat. I fry it up in plenty of oil and then make sure I have it along with another fattier meat.