Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022



Oh we talk about off carnivore? I thought it’s about carnivore… I don’t eat carbs beyond eggs and meat now and still have hardships :smiley: Well definitely no cravings (except the tiny towards fat) but I never was that type… Just on carbs, that’s a different world for me.

When I eat carbs, things can go either way, actually. But the more time I spend on carnivore, the easier things get even when I eat 2 TimTams and that’s something super serious, my tiny raw vegs and onions never caused problems, that’s why I kept them. But I almost completely lost interest and it happened to cheese and processed items as well. They may be useful but I don’t feel the pull.

Of course, I don’t know what will happen longer term. I was so okay without some of my old carby favs in the first 5 years on low-carb and then they came back. Couldn’t stay, I had new habits and ideas about what I should do but still.

And it doesn’t matter if I can do on/off carnivore as I have problems very off. Carnivore-ish is great, even a bit more carbs here and there… But it’s hard to overdo it and then I have the whole mess. If I do OMAD, it’s way better. I feel fine but I have those mental things regarding food and anyway, I eat more and that’s a problem.

But I am sure that a few more or less carnivore months will help tremendously. As I wrote before, even my tiny on/off carnivore-ish times helped. And I even had sweeteners after some time on my on days when I was bored with everything not sweet pancakes… And I still changed a lot. Pure carnivore must change me even more and I won’t be so vulnerable anymore… As I managed to overdo carbs in December. I am normally fine but December is traditionally a very non-keto month for me. I do nothing like in the past but my body is less forgiving too. Certain circumstances are still dangerous. But I hardly will have such ones in the next 5 months :smiley: And then it will be late as I will be a new person. Right? :smiley: Maybe not but maybe yes!

I felt healthy on every woe of mine, well, physically… The compulsions are nasty.
And they are connected to night eating too but not on carnivore. Even if I am not properly hungry (but not fully satiated) and fancy a few bites late (still before bed, I don’t wake up until I got my 6-9 hours), I just eat some little meat and it’s fine. I don’t need to eat more and more like even on my normal keto (if that is a thing. I pretty much lost my ability to do only keto soon after I tried carnivore. if I add something, I usually go too far as I don’t have many low-carb off-carnivore items I like, I add high-carb stuff. it’s something interesting mental thing of mine though kinda logical especially knowing my inner rebel. I ate high-carb items on keto too to feel more free or something. and because I liked them. I was huge on IIFYM but I didn’t eat anything, I was more health-consicous)… On a not too bad woe it only happens at night for some reason. Carnivore is safe. And I have everything I need, basically. It just gets boring sometimes or I have problems eating proper sized meals and that’s annoying… The latter went away after some time but maybe I get it back on longer term carnivore? I hope not.

But anyway, I MUST figure out what happens on strict and longer term carnivore. Maybe something amazing! Carnivore actually gave me quick benefits, keto didn’t. So I have some motivation but it could use some more as I am so very undisciplined.

The phenomenon where people take a bit and eat carbs galore for weeks and months… This is super odd to me. My body isn’t nearly that forgiving. When I went low-carb maybe 11 years ago, it was a big change. I mean, I felt better and I already felt pretty healthy on HCHF while overeating like crazy (I don’t even understand, overeating feels bad. oh well). My body tasted the new style and said it WANTED it. It was super clear I never go back to high-carb ever. Just for visits, maybe, oh my god I had so carby days occasionally… I had my weaknesses.
And then I got a bit bored with my stall and efforts… And had a bit carbier times, still low-carb but carbier. And I got sugar poisoning. Each and every time. It seemed that if I collect too many carbs per week, I got it. The less carbs I ate, the more time it take and below 80g net carbs a day (my low-carb, I jumped into that from high-carb and it was great right away) I was safe. So I physically couldn’t go back. I am sure I would survive on high-carb, I would get used to it as about much as I was if there would be the only way but my body would complain first so I had to go through some starvation period first to avoid suffering? But let’s not think about such an apocalyptic situation where I can’t get my proper food.
So there was no way back. The more carbs I ate when I went off low-carb, the quicker I bounced back.
And for some reason I knew keto is the way even though I didn’t get benefits beyond fat adaptation so I went back to keto too just not as often as to low-carb. Low-carb was my very comfortable woe, I only got out occasionally on parties or whenever I had something (often many something) very tempting as a very seasonal, rare thing, that had an extra power on me. If something is there all the time of often, I usually get desensitized. But almost all the days of the year were low-carb. Keto wasn’t that successful as it was almost pointless hardship to me but still a doable fun challenge sometimes. I just couldn’t stick to vegetarian keto, I formed nice keto habits and made recipes but it was still hard, too carby (though I had no idea I need to go lower. I simply couldn’t anyway) and I just didn’t get benefits…
Years passed without much improvement though I don’t even remember those times very well… I struggled and stalled.
And then came carnivore that was a surreal change even for a trial as I was a huge veggie lover and almost never ate meat, I ate once and didn’t want it for months. How on earth I changed I don’t know but I didn’t force things, I was enticed and I just tried and hooked… I felt the benefits right away but it wasn’t easy with my circumstances… So I still switched between this new strictest things and my good old low-carb woe all the time. Except when I was off for longer due to fruit seasons. But I changed rapidly. And now, 2(? I think 2) years later… I felt ready for this strict style. I don’t miss anything yet and I don’t suppose I will soon. I didn’t skip anything I was particularly attached to (short term. I wouldn’t want to skip fruits in 2022. NO WAY. not even in 2030 I suppose but I lost the majority of my interest and desire and all the need. I actually got unwell when I didn’t eat my tiny daily fruit on keto! probably mental but I can’t stand being unwell if I can help it. well it was nowhere when I started carnivore, the need completely disappeared. or else I would have quit right away as I did when I first tried keto, too close to my high-carb times)… So unless I get super bored or too satiated my food or something, I will be fine at least in January, I suppose. In the last year I already usually added some carbs (total as some items were 0 net) out of desperation when I needed something else, not because I wanted them. It isn’t THAT perfect yet, I still could desire some carbs but it’s usually a shadow of the one in the past. I very rarely added carbs when I had a bunch of tempting meat, I was happy with it and my eggs… But maybe I would have missed something later, who knows? I run out or get bored of meat way too quickly in the beginning. I only recently learned how I should do this and how much food and how many options I need to be safe. Because I often thought, oh I have this and that, it should be enough. And then I didn’t want half of it and the rest wasn’t enough and hungry desperate me is even less disciplined than the normal one. But I did learn, it took years but I did :smiley: And changed a lot. So this is my year.

And I miscalculated, today was 1900 kcal. Still good. Until fat adaptation I couldn’t eat this little and it wasn’t a common occurance even afterwards (except for short, special periods like right after fat adaptation, not like the result stayed with me for long, IDK what was that).
But it’s a well-fed day on carnivore. I have high-cal carni days too but I always had my occasional high-cal days, they are normal and probably needed.
1600 is my “as low as I should get” intake. My body has these strangely fixed numbers. Like 120g protein, I rarely can manage to go below and that usually takes a lot of fat or a lot of calories before. I eat 100g protein even on my super rare 1000 kcal days. Even low-fat has a bigger chance than adequate protein. Low is impossible if I eat on that day.

I really should stop, I mean, thinking about these things and writing these monster comments, not just now but ever.

(Daisy) #82

Very simple, meaty day. Breakfast was a lamb steak and filet mignon. Dinner was 3 burger patties. My sleep was still bad last night, I took a nap after work today.
image image image


I have to say when I started ZC years ago a ribeye and eggs or filet mignon and eggs were my first meal of the day. I never felt denied or bored wtih that ever :slight_smile: Sounds like you are eating clean and good!!

CrossFit…cool…glad you are taking it easy but at least you are getting back in your groove slowly!

OMG WORK! I forgot that was coming at you also :slight_smile: Light duty tho right? That should be ok I would think but you’re gonna miss your time to yourself maybe? :slight_smile: Hope it all goes ok for you!

loved your post. I am one who can’t step out of carnivore either. I have no options, I have 0 carb control, never did :slight_smile: This plan suits me so well that I don’t even care about going back into carbs ever. Don’t need them, I eat too darn good on this plan! Right there with you!

what got ya on the sleep KD? Normal life stress stuff maybe? I hate when crazy sleep slaps me a few times in a row, I get mean if I don’t get some good sleep LOL Hey naps are great things, take more if ya need them but not too many :slight_smile: you might not sleep good at night if your naps are too darn good! Wonderful food pics!

-------------------I need ribeye. Haven’t had one in a bit now. Waiting on darn sales!! When that sale hits I am buying up for sure.

today is another NY Strip steak and I think going to make 2-3 skinless boneless chicken breasts. Will make some of my homemade alfredo sauce to dip. (well, maybe, if I feel like making it LOL, for ease I might just melt a tiny bit of cheddar on that chicken and call it a day :slight_smile: I have a lb. of bacon I might inhale in the day, not sure :wink:

Keeping it clean, easy, simple and adding in some lighter days. 5 days in and all good! Finding a very easy, simple, comfortable eating pattern with no crazy issues.


The weather is all blue skies and hot. The breezes are cool. It’s about 30’C. So, I’ll take Billie to the beach for a swim. Sunny every day for the next week with temperatures about the same.

Yesterday was a surprising OMAD with breakfast at 4pm. It can happen when days get busy. 6 eggs (smaller size), bacon, 120g mackerel.

The surf wasn’t so good. But an occasional wave would appear. There were about a dozen people on the beach in total. The mad rush of Christmas holidays is over. Summer break for school continues.

We uncovered an ancient pork shoulder roast in the permafrost of the chest freezer. I cooked it today. Then refried it with 3 eggs. It tasted a bit weird. When I looked at the wrapping the use by date was March 2020. It’ll be OK, won’t it?

(Will) #85

Good morning carnivore friends, here we are beginning day 5. This morning when I woke up I was surprised that my first thought wasn’t coffee. I’m guessing that by body is getting used to that cold glass of water first thing instead of the caffeine. I slept better last night than I have in a while, I usually wake up several times during the night but I didn’t do that last night. Today my menu will include a ribeye and some ham that I had leftover from Christmas that I put in my freezer. I also have shrimp available if I need something else. I am really glad that I joined you folks with carnivore January.

(Karen) #86

Yes I will be on a phased return. 25, 50, 75 then 100% over 13 weeks as far as I am aware and thats the percentage of my part-time hours.

(Karen) #87

That water looks so inviting, beautiful turquoise.


nice digital ocean pic!

and I WANT to trade places with Billie…take me for a swim at the beachp please :star_struck:

YES your pork roast is fine…but old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meat that old is more of a ‘weirdo freezer taste’ just cause it has been in there so long but it truly will not hurt you in any way, other than wonky out on taste to you. As long as ya like it, eat it up and don’t waste it and if you cooked it very plain too, if you don’t like it, I know Billie would love it chunked up LOL

Glad you are on the challenge R!

Ahhh, the morning habit will start to slowly fade. I drink a 20 oz bottle of water upon waking and that is a staple in my life literally. I know the body loves it, I can feel its’ magic when I drink that first bottle of the day :slight_smile:

Ham…be careful on ham. If you did it without sugar glaze or injected sweetener etc. then cool…but alot of hams are sugar loaded in some form, if you bought that kind. Just sayin’ a precaution cause if you eat it and it tastes sweet in any way to you, don’t eat it. This is just a smart thing to do on carnivore is eat very clean meats. I am not a ham fan away so my hubby always buys those brown sugar glazed ham and I think they are sweet injected also…so while ham isn’t a thrill for me anyway, the kind my hubby buys are just downright frightening LOL

Shrimp or any seafood you love is such a great combo with meat. I do alot of surf and turf for sure :wink: Eat well!!

ohhh that is not a bad walk back into work…slow and easy. Cool, I am glad it is going well heading back to work with an easier transition!

(Will) #89

Oh I gotcha about the ham. I cooked that one myself with nothing but salt and a little chicken stock that I also made myself. And you’re right about that water first thing in the morning I am really enjoying that. I highly recommend doing that

(Linda ) #90

Yesterday’s beef and butter was omad which is new to me on carnivore its normally been at least two with some three thrown in there for the last 11 months …I used to do alot of omad on keto but found my hunger on carnivore …

But im I’m only going to eat when hungry…grabbed some more ground beef yesterday to keep going. So again will start with a lb of ground beef and Kerri gold butter.


ohhhh you will find a bunch more ‘greats’ on carnivore that one wants to highly recommend to others HAHA

don’t do it tho…LOL…people think our lifestyle is way to weird and gonna kill us HAHA

yes we don’t need to eat a ton all the time. Do what the body asks and more time on plan, yes many of us do cut down from that higher intake, but at the same time, most of us longer term people found that the ‘2 lb. area of meat’ usually is the best place for us, but it can change for each of us as we roll along…so good you are doing you as you need!

(Daisy) #92

In the last 21 years, I have gotten probably 40 decent nights sleep and I’m going to say 3 occasions of seeping more than 6 hours without waking up. All of those 40’ish nights have been since keto/carnivore but I can’t get it consistent. I’ll get 4 hours straight for a night here or a night there, maybe even 2 or 3 nights in a row, then it’s gone.

Last night was the worst I’ve had in a very long time. I maybe slept 90 minutes.


OK. you might be me.

I don’t require big sleep. I am the type that functions on 4-5 per night.

Being a farmer type I get up wtih the sun, heck sometimes before the sunrise and the roosters crow LOL but also I push going to bed at night cause I am kinda a night owl…but I also ‘felt a ton of times’ I SHOULD be getting more sleep but thru the years I find I don’t require it actually.

If I sleep 6 and heaven forbid 7 hrs I am like WOW. Doesn’t happen much.

Last night I was so tired I hit the bed at 9 watching tv with hubby and asleep by 10 and out like a light. Up at 3 am and up ever since. I sat here and thought, should I go back to bed? Why? I was UP but I knew also that I might slow down earlier in the day from being a bit tired. But being more retired and older than you that I can fit my day to suit me ya know…harder when younger and moving full speed with your life to handle for sure.

Also I most times ‘try to fall’ asleep at a reasonable time and the mind goes on the hamster wheel. I fret get this done, get this financial crap handled, get this car thing handled, do I gotta go shopping for the house, older days I threw all work issues in my brain too…I swear KD it could be our personalities that drive our sleep!!

Not saying this is you but throwing out my weirdo sleep patterns cause I never fit into normal sleep patterns my whole life but when I ‘read about what I should have’ I feel like I am missing out on ??? heck I don’t know, HA, but in the end IF I FOLLOW my best sleep pattern that SUITS me then I do ok, do alot better but I also realize when I feel tired I don’t push, I take that nap :slight_smile: which is super rare for me but when ya need to slow down ya need to slow down, body and brain for me.

OK just chatting out stuff…see if you find a pattern for you and what might be screwed up.

Like every now and then I do the UP ALL night and if I get 2 hrs like you I know I am super tired and less than in my day, but I find my sleep pattern comes back.

right now my brain is elderly parents and retirement homes and dealing with homes I have to handle and scared for loved ones being so damn old and their med issues so I know when I have issues, I can darn near attribute it to something.

I also found as I balanced my life and how I could control it and handle the days issues I did better. Like I compartmentized my life in a way that I could handle this now and not think til later, get this done and not worry til later and more.

OK I sound like a whacko here :clown_face: but my life was so busy, so complicated in a way and so over the top cause I made issues sometimes just that ----where I had these last years find myself in the LET IT GO person. Very hard to let it go! Believe me but in the end the more I follow this pattern of I can’t be it all to anyone, or any issue or anything in this life but take care of me and family within reason, I found I am doing a heck of alot better and I know ZC made my mind clear for changing my mindset on alot of life. ZC Clarity baby! but it takes time.

again this is me, but sometimes we feel we need to hit criteria like needing at least 6-9 hrs sleep at night and we are only 4 hr sleepers, 5 or 6 is wonderful. lol, then maybe we need to focus on us only ya know.

again just chat on crazy me and sleep…when I do sleep I sleep like the dead tho HA

(Daisy) #94

When I first went keto. I really was ok with 5-6 hours a night. But otherwise no, I thrive on 8 hours and never get it. Even if I got 5-6 hours uninterrupted I’d be ok with that. But it’s usually hour and a half to 2 hour increments. It’s slowly killing me. Last night was 90 minutes straight, then literally laying in bed the rest of the night tossing, turning, and getting up several times. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

(Robin) #95

Ancient pork roast…mmmm. I bet it’s fine. I guess you’ll soon know.


OK if you are normally a 8 hrs is best type

what DO YOU personally think is an issue?

I KNOW you got some thoughts on it all!!

What is it that is the biggest come to mind issue that is hitting ya hard?

Chat it out…chatting out the crazy of what ifs on things like this can drag you right to the root of the problem sometimes!! Something has you in a grip, what comes to mind that you are dealing with?


yea after eating we all know soon enough, too funny!

(Heather) #98

This is me. I need my 8 hours. When I was on quarantine in December, I had no trouble getting 8 hours, waking at 6am. However, now that I’m back to work, my body shoots awake at 4am. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a correlation😉? I love my job and it’s not really stressful (at least I don’t think it is…

Still waiting for my normal tastebuds to return following my bout with COVID. I think it’s going to be a while, from what I’ve heard. I’m still “cheating” with salami and cheese daily and having the broth infused boneless skinless chicken breast, just so that I can taste something. I’ll get back to being strict at some point.

You ladies inspired me! I’ve decided on my non weight days, I would do 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. There’s no reason I can’t and it makes me feel better. I started yesterday. Thank you!


In the last few weeks I have had the opposite problem. I have been getting between 10 to 12 hours solid sleep per night. It’s a habit that needs breaking in the next week. Usually woken with an effective full bladder alarm clock. I’ve been on holidays and active out in the sunshine each day. But the main thing is pain control. That includes joint ache control. As that improved, so my sleep deepened. Despite two coffees per day. I am saying there are ways.

The main medication is cannabis in a controlled does as a cannabinoid solution titrated into MCT oil. For some people cannabis makes them sleepy, that’s me. For others (@Shinita) it gives them appetite. For me, it does help ease joint pain. I was able to get on a medical trial. There are risky side effects in relation to mental health for some people. The trial is for 3 months. I need to sleep less when I return to work. I would fail a drug test, if I worked on a mine site. But I am getting stronger each day with medication and clean low carb carnivore.

@Fangs , Billie can have the pork. I have fillet steaks in the fridge with my name on them tomorrow.

(Robin) #100

My husband uses cannabis before bed. For many years, I have had to work hard for a healthy sleep pattern. Husband wants me to try cannabis… since it made me sleepy “back in the day”. Tempting.

But, I am an addict through and through… I do not need to go looking for a new substance to get hooked on. (I know most people don’t get “hooked” and take it too far. It’s just me.)