Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Marianne) #61

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

(Marianne) #62

Same here - quite beautiful.

I’ve been doing well the past two days. Very minimal HWC in my coffee and no pop. I need to cut back on cheese and alcohol, but otherwise I am clean. Tonight is a boneless sirloin tip roast.


But I like my roasts :slight_smile: Normally. I will choose other dishes in the near future though.

Oh and I tracked ALL my leftover non-roast food (and even some roast, the smaller pieces)… 1370 kcal… I make egg pudding and it still won’t be enough… I so don’t want to relax my ways… Oh well, I am sure I will solve this somehow. And I have plans for the next days.

Some time passed and now I feel a nicer type of satiation. But I really should be careful not to continue this. It’s odd that I could do it easier without proper meat before (I liked processed meat and liver and had dairy and spices and condiments… okay, they all helped a lot. but I came such a long way and I like my roasts…).

@Fangs, once you wrote somewhere that half-defrosted meat in the fridge is good enough to put it back to the freezer, do I remember well?
I start to get tempted to cut off some beef from our precious future stew meat in the freezer… I don’t think a different animal helps very much right now but I accept every tiny help :wink:
We could buy another slab of course but it’s big, I don’t want to make it all and I do prefer it as stew.


yes. absolutely if you defrost in the fridge in the cold you can easily put that meat back in the freezer. use part and then refreeze part…but only once do I refreeze cause then the meat tends to be possibly like more freezer burned kinda…so I have done this alot of times and never had an issue ever with my meat. So yes, you can do it for sure.


Billie the Labrador and I took an evening stroll for the summer sunset. Mrs. Bear stayed home. She had a cat on her lap, so was unable to move. We ended up at not our usual beach. This beach is in the National Park nearby. I made the sunset view into a digital painting.

(Robin) #66

Stunning. Lucky you!


So agree :slight_smile: Lucky you with that location for your home FB!
I can’t wait for retirement coming at me and relocating to the coast. I am a beachy person, I am going to live at the beach for sure. Your walks must be so relaxing in that environment!

Digital pic from your photo. That is cool.

---------------easy peasy eating
my mini meatloaf was delish. usual NY Strip steak was good. Had a tin of sardines for dessert.

today is repeat. Keeping it massively simple. Got another Strip defrosted, got another mini meatloaf already cooked in fridge for reheat and do have shrimp as extra if needed.

Clean Carnivore Crew January is going very well for me. So far, so good!

(Edith) #68

I love the digital painting. How did you do that?

(UsedToBeT2D) #69

Looks like heaven on earth.


I had an appetite around noon (it’s nice to get it back. in moderation) so I had to grab the chance and the pork chuck roast along with it :smiley:
It was kinda nice, nothing spectacular but it’s not my favorite kind, the marbled one, that’s good. But it was nice. And I craved fat, I rarely do that as I eat sooo much of it normally but with eggs and pork chuck it’s too low. So I ate 7g butter, part of it went into my yolk-rich egg milk with vanilla (I am tempted to drink coffee and do everything to avoid it).

Good enough. I try different things and will figure out what suits me but I expect changes in the next months anyway. I barely started.

(Edith) #71

You will enjoy our little carnivore group. We are quite chatty.:grinning:

(Will) #72

I’m in agreement with fangs, I’ll be keeping it simple. Today will be same message I as yesterday. It was so good I figured why not.

(Linda ) #73

Yesterday the beef and butter after the egg pudding was all I ate til early this morning…

This morning I started with 1lb of ground beef and 4 table spoons of kerrigold butter…
My LMNT electrolytes salted chocolate came in and surprisingly to me it tasted pretty decent just black so ill add one of those Per day at 1 gram of carbs
I only will only eat again today if I get hungry. The ground beef tends to sit pretty heavy in the gut so no suprise it lasts so well.
I’m hoping I get to the point that Shanita describes as bored with my food and don’t really want it that much…
That’s how i was with keto and lost all my weight with my steaks i sometimes think I get overly too much joy out of them and probably way over eat…
Not saying I won’t eat them because they are a great option…but I think I’ll see if i can drop back to using them As a special occassional treat and try to move more over to kelly hogan’s style of eating where if I don’t want ground beef then I’m probably not truely really hungry…
I’ve been carnivore a year next month so this could be good to try for the month before going back to Dr Cywes.


No, that’s horrible when you almost need to force yourself to eat… As my body still wants the food, I just have a less than zero appetite so eating is a chore and sometimes quite hard…

But today I have no such problems :smiley:

I made egg pudding using the liquid/jelly under the Christmas roast… It became inedibly salty, of course (if I ever make roast there, I will fight harder not to salt the meat in the beginning or just lightly. my own piece was lightly salted but I brought the liquid to use up, it’s nice for me and not something to throw out) so I will eat it slowly, with meat (my newest roast isn’t salty enough, fortunately). It’s tasty so I guess I can water it down next time…

These things are useful to some extent (one can use boiled egg too, just to figure out hunger, not necessarily actually eat it) but they easily fail in my case. I can be very, very hungry while not wanting eggs, meat and possibly any food in existence. It’s rare that I don’t want absolutely anything while being very hungry but happened. Not fun. I usually eventually find something I can somehow swallow (usually pancakes. when I can’t eat pancakes? :smiley: now because they have dairy. at least my carnivore ones, my low-carb/keto ones never had any).
I can get bored of anything. I always can eat eggs in some form though and similar with meat but I need to be creative there in my worst times.

And anyway… Just because I am not hungry and I don’t have an appetite, I may badly need food. 3 very very different things and they tend to fail to synchronize in my life.


remember one side item to ‘being bored with meat’ or ‘not being hungry for meat’ or not wanting XYZ or not being sure in ANY way you want meat…it can easily be the carby monster tricking the brain.

When hungry, eat meat/seafood fish or fowl. Done.

One holds to this one walks the steps for all in carnivore and long term health changes to the body and mind.

We find ALOT of ways to justify eat this or that, or going off plan for whatever reasons, remember that meat/seafood/fish and fowl ARE the plan we eat if one wants this plan, so ya want it, eat it, you are wondering WHY you don’t want it, could be your brain setting one up for wanting carbs only so…

plus remember longer on this plan, ones nutrition that our body requires drops or changes and all this is OK…means better health actually, yet we need to listen to just this. IT IS OK NOT to eat for a bit…we ain’t gonna perish in any way :slight_smile: Our appetites guide us but when we are omad, or 2 meals or 3 or whatever, and that flips on us we start to ‘wonder why’ and there really IS NO wondering on it, your body is directing a person so listen big when changes happen to us. We are usually very ok til we get in our own way :slight_smile: I got in my own way a few times, it ain’t pretty HA

just some stuff I had to figure out :slight_smile:
just a chat on what it takes for REAL long term on this plan!!

(Mary Donovan) #76

Good Morning!

First day with eating clean and only meat. I am motivated and excited to not be doing this alone. Even though I have been eating keto for years, I certainly can’t say it was clean at all!

I do have to say that my ribeye this morning was delicious!!


It has nothing to do with carbs in my case, I am pretty sure about it. I can get bored on a too restrictive diet. I rarely had these problem on my carnivore-ish with more variety. Maybe in the beginning when I had little meat (maybe I didn’t even want more) AND happened to get bored of eggs, that was problematic. But I changed and it’s easier now. It’s still strict in my world so I expect such tiny challenges here and there. It will be interesting to see what happens and what can I do about them so it’s fun in average.
Now I only have eggs and pork but I will get creative :smiley: And timing helps too. In January, strict carnivore trumps OMAD, now I eat whenever I have appetite, I have huge experience with ignoring my lack of hunger (ignoring its presence is way harder for me).
I don’t have seafood or fowl as an option (I will get a little turkey at some point for soup but that’s it) so I will continue to eat pork. And beef, sometimes. Rabbit is lean and boring so I don’t eat that either.

Oh it is fine this far, yesterday was a tad tiresome but it happens :slight_smile:

And later I relax my ways, I already did. I never had anything against spices but I still won’t overdo them. Roasts are usually pretty okay. But not all the time.

Today I drank 4 yolks already, they help :wink: Okay, I used a little coffee in my second cup but I can’t expect miracles… It’s fine.

It would be so wonderful to use that option :frowning: I desire that in my harder times… And anyway, EF now and then sounds pretty okay and autophagy and who knows what :smiley:
But alas, my body stops properly functioning very soon, the stubborn little glutton. Maybe later it will behave better…?
It’s not among my primary goals but I am stubborn and will wish for EF for a long while in the future. Just once in a blue moon, is that so much to ask? :smiley:
But now I only want to be able to do my stricter carnivore without real problems. Today went well this far, it probably will be 3MAD but I need that when my meals get smaller.

I think way too much about these, I will try not to. Or I will just not while writing.
But one goal in January or rather in 2022 is being less food topic addicted. It’s important but I needn’t, shouldn’t think about it all day.

(Karen) #78

Woke up migraine free this morning Yay!

Went to CrossFit and did what I could… no pressure except what I put on myself but I am doing my best to Not put the pressure on. Was nice catching up with some peeps I haven’t seen in a while and also chat to another Stroke survivor.

Home for brunch about 11.45 and had sauted chicken n melted cheese. Finished off the last of the cheapo grated which was a bit salty. Bought some more grated cheese … back to my usual one … and although was very tempted to get some more blocks of cheddar cheese, I resisted and just bought a small soft goats cheese. Was pleased with my resistance as I don’t eat the grated cheese as much, just usually melted with chicken.

Dinner was 2 pork chops and I have a further 2 left cooked in the pan so they will go back in fridge for tomorrow. Also had roughly half of the goats cheese … probably about 50/60g and also some ham trimmings that had rind on. I got it reduced to 70p so it was a bargain and I put 3 portions in freezer. I do like to have some cold meats to hand in freezer in case I feel a bit hungry as they are good substitute for my cheese. Also have a couple of hard boiled eggs in fridge door as they have been a handy ‘go to’ aswel. Bought some more eggs today so I can hard boil some more in a day or so

Picked up a few reduced cold meats for freezer and also a pork fillet. Pork is very cheap and the long fillet was only £3. I haven’t eaten pork fillet for years and it may be a bit too lean for me but it will make a change.

Early night for me tonight … got to get back into the habit of early night as I am back at work mid this month
:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: where did the time go?

Temperature dropping to -4 to tonight! We have just had 15° at the weekend! Hey ho good job we are used to British weather hahaha


I tracked. With my late eating, both yesterday and today are around 1800 kcal with 4-5g carbs. My protein is 140-150g, it’s good I don’t want to go below pork chuck leanness… Though I will have my experiments for sure.

3MAD between 11:55-18:35.
Coffe, tea, little spice - and as I missed something different and we just realized I never tasted the Masdaam cheese we bought and I love it, 26g of that. It was nice and no regrets but… It felt a bit off. I really don’t need cheese.

518g pork chuck, 116g beef tongue, 4 eggs and 3 yolks for today. And the cheese. I had no problems with my food today. Even the super salty egg pudding was eaten with the not salty enough meat items (poor thing couldn’t shine that way, tomorrow(?) I will do it better!).

I did my workout and walked in the sunshine. Still warmish weather, it will go down in a few days.

It would be nice to find some very natural, automatic balance where I don’t need to track though I am curious as always…

Oh and I didn’t forget to weigh myself this morning! I drank before and had my thick long socks on but that’s negligible. 75 kg so nope, I didn’t gain lately. Maybe I got back my water weight changes at some point? Or it’s just normal to be 78kg in the evening in clothes. But my trousers are a bit tight too… Whatever so it’s 75kg and there are simply no other way than down from this on my current woe. I want my 69kg back and then my very temporal 62 and below that new things come. I never was thinner than that in my adult life but possibly ever (maybe in my first weeks, I was 2 kg at 1 month old, my length was tiny too but I still wasn’t very round. but we just can’t compare a baby with a bigger person).
The 69kg was the point that I reached very easily on low-carb, I just steadily and slowly went down to it… And stayed there, mostly. For many, many years. Sometimes I ate carbier and it went up a bit but it was easy to go back… And then I got my very illogical stress gain more than a year ago and I am 75 since then. My carb intake did nothing as usual. My body prefers maintenance. It’s annoying as it seemed to like the 69kg, why I was stuck at 75… Maybe stress gain is special. Maybe I suddenly got old but nope, that sounds very wrong :smiley: Maybe I didn’t have my old momentum so I ate more in average, that’s possible. In my first year on low-carb 2000 kcal was enough for me (with the occasional high-cal day) and I ate a lot of carbs then (I considered it little back then though :D) and had 2 big and one small meal I think…
Whatever. So many things changed and I should make to work it here and now. It’s just annoying when I go lower with carbs, the number of my meals diminish too, I do things better, get out many not satiating items… And nothing, I stall just the same. I must have some weird effort/result graph. And I accepted it’s weird at 69kg but I am more again, where is my easy slide back to it?

I wrote way too much again.

I didn’t eat the sponge cakes and the leftover scrambled eggs but I had 3 egg milks/coffees with 2 eggs and 3 yolks in total. They were nice. I didn’t eat the jelly with unusually much meat crumbles in it either. It’s from the last pork shoulder roast.

And the gay cheesy purple-pink alien guinea pig rock is my last creation, @KetoKoala will get it in a petter (parcel sent as letter, we can send a decent sized one below 2kg as letter, it’s not very expensive that way and it’s enough for some fun stuff, books, homemade very fun comics with inside jokes and other jokes - and tiny rocks! not like this, I sent way smaller ones, a bunch of them :smiley: But I can fit 1-2 big ones like this critter too).
The girl in question is lurking here a lot but doesn’t write nowadays. And is pretty much dying from the Australian summer, it’s even worse than the Hungarian one and that’s horrible too in the hottest times, I only am okay-ish as my house is well insulated and now we have AC too. Horrible for people who can’t handle anything over 25C, at least. I only like higher temps for being in water but I couldn’t do it since years.
I am so happy we have winter with perfect-for-a-walk weather lately…

(Linda ) #80

The thing is carbs do affect most of us in our brains… people often say just one bite won’t affect us but it often only take one bite to wake up the triggers in our brain which inturn shuts down our willpower and we throw caution to the wind til something re triggers it… for some it’s next meal ,next day, but otherwise can take weeks or months…

You seem lucky you can step in and out of carnivore I don’t even really think about that as an option most of the year.

I’ve gained to much to even want to step away too far from carnivore got rid of rashes and pain in my back but those didn’t even really go til I dropped back to virtually just meat and spices.

I think having our little group /tribe an:grinning:d being able to share what we experience is probably one of the keys to success we can learn so much of each other and talk out things that others would see as extreme and not relate at all so don’t worry about howoften you type or share …