Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Daisy) #41

Day 4 Lion diet: meal one was 2 New York strip steaks before church. We went to the Chinese buffet to celebrate my mom’s birthday after church. I did not eat, just had water and enjoyed visiting with my family. The waitress asked if I was ok :joy:. My family knows I’m weird, so they didn’t care. They were just glad we came and celebrated with them! Then I came home and had a chunk of liver and 3 burger patties. It’s so nice NOT spending the afternoon sick to my stomach just because I felt a societal need to eat at a restaurant. That’s something to remember, you don’t have to sit out to participate. I was there, I loved visiting with my family, then I came home and ate the foods I knew my body would thrive on! Instead of coming home and spending the afternoon in pain and agony.
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(Will) #42

Day 2 has been good, the headache I had this morning eased off around noon. I’ll have to see how it goes in the morning on day 3 without the morning caffeine. Today I had 2 really good NY strips and a cup of delicious broth that I made with marrow bones. Got out and took a nice hike on the mountain with my dog until the rain started but still really enjoyed that. The joint pain and inflammation that I’ve dealt with for years has been a lot better since starting keto, I’m hoping that my journey during January will bring even more relief.


Fasting blood glucose 5.8mmol/l - bit higher than I would like. Fasting blood ketones 0.3mmol/l.

Just past noon. Time to break fast. It’s habitual. If I were hungry on waking I would eat then. But there is this interesting observation of setting habits and timings that seem to lock in physiologically (physical feelings of hunger), as much as psychological. 3 pastured eggs, 3 strips of middle bacon, fried in last night’s steak tallow, which has a hint of venison chorizo oil. 2 coffees.

These coffees are mostly water, maybe 2cm of coffee from the Italian stovetop pot, dash of cream, 5ml MCT oil, top up with rainwater. I mention the recipe because there may be people who regard a ‘coffee’ as a double shot coffee, some sweetener, and then the cup filled with technically dirty carnivore acceptable, cow’s milk. When we cheat, we teach ourselves.

Body scan has come up pretty good. The previous pain is better described as “stiffness” these days. It used to be stabbing pain. I can feel yesterday’s physical activity in some muscles. I generally feel weaker from being less active (not surfing or swimming) for the past 4 months. But the left knee, a late starter in the polyarthritis, is still painful when asked to do anything that results in traction, like taking a boot off. Doctor’s appointment planned for tomorrow for a recheck on the supplements compliance and the CBD oil compliance and effects.

Another porterhouse steak is on the menu tonight. Maybe with an egg and bacon accompaniment.

I’ve been out in the 11am full sunshine watering some trees on the property. Planning a dog paddle with Billie and Mrs. Bear on another beautiful summer afternoon.


Day 3. I expect wonderful satiation for a looooooong time as I ate so much yesterday and it’s day 3! :smiley: The first 1-2 days may have lingering effect of the carbs before even if they were few… But the 3rd is a proper day. Oh I am soooooooo curious what will happen now!

I make fluffy sponge cakes so I won’t be bored. And I have a little jelly (from the roast making) to make deviled eggs. And I try to make homemade egg powder…


I so enjoy reading everyone’s post and their day :slight_smile:

We are the same, family does not care what I eat. At chinese buffets I adopted eat only the peel and eat shrimp :slight_smile: But you are doing Lion Diet so I get the shrimp ain’t a draw for ya and one thing is too…why pay if you are only going to have a little. If I get ‘dragged’ to buffet I make sure I am a ‘tad’ hungry to eat A TON of shrimp and I do LOL

you have such a cool daughter and you guys have such cool outings :slight_smile: glad ya feel better from the migraine!!

you hold carnivore and it sounds like you are doing very well on eating your egg recipes :slight_smile: Some people thrive on eggs, it seems you are one who really enjoys them too!! Cool

you mirror me kinda alot when I read your posts, I see alot of me in you LOL Is that good or bad for you? HAHA

-------------for me Clean Carnivore easy eating day yesterday.

Today is also very simple. Back in the day I made mini meatloafs and made days of them and ate 1 per day. I am going to repeat that. lb of burger and 2 eggs and make into 1/2 lb mini loafs and eat. I like how they reheat so I do well on these. Will make a bunch of them.

Today is smaller NY Strip steak, mini 1/2 lb meatloaf and I do have a lb of shrimp cooked for backup emergency food if required :slight_smile: If I don’t eat them in the day the family will go on the attack and they will be gonzo by later tonight HA

Strong Carnivore everyone! We are all doing SO well.

(Linda ) #46

I started with egg pudding but it doesn’t last long enough so I cooked up 1lb ground beef And mixed in Kerrigold butter …
See how long that lasts…
I .might jump back to ground beef and butter for few days to make sure I’m not over eating onsteak just because it’s steak same for mutton…
It doesnt have to be exciting food maybe a month of boring might be a great change then I’ll only eat if I’m hungry…but I won’t commit to a month I’ll take it day by day.


I am suddenly hungry so I am not sure I will last until sunset… It’s 3:34pm, not a bad time and I write first! (Sunset is at 16:09, wow, it was 15:52 not so long ago… I think I change it to No Food Until 4pm even though NOFUSS sounds loads better :D)

Oh yeah, eggs, I would be doomed without them. They probably would be missed anyway but with my tiny meat options I have no choices. Not like I mind, eggs are great! :smiley: And I can get them from proper sources.

It’s my planned start of my… lunch? First dinner? 4 pm is such an odd time for a meal to name it properly… People here has their small meal between lunch and dinner around that time. If they have that but we surely have a name for that one.

My prettiest and simplest deviled eggs ever! :smiley: I used eggs and the jellied stuff below my roast (just the jelly, I need the tiny fat for some of my dishes. I do my best not to use more fat than what my meat contains, for now and it goes well).

I made sponge cakes and they got fluffier than usual so my muffin mold couldn’t hold even the fluffy part (some becomes liquid in the end but I usually can use all the fluff) so I have scrambled eggs from it.

And my leftover pork shoulder roast after I put some into the freezer.

2 sponge cake muffins (different ones as I used my not exactly egg powder but still somewhat hydrated stuff in one) and one of Alvaro’s cheesy egg whites, I just show it (though it’s too far and blurry), I won’t eat that, now or ever, I don’t even like that stuff, it lacks yolks!

Weekends are looser, I had coffee and tea in the weekend but now I am fully strict :smiley: Only eggs and meat and salt.
Meanwhile Alvaro has his vegetarian period now. It’s good I have vegetarian keto recipes as I did that for years on/off and sometimes I don’t want much meat anyway. I will make carby food too but that’s far from my preference and he tends to eat carbs with carbs sometimes and where is the protein then? He gets his protein, no worry but way less than me and some meals simply lack it. How can one get satiated without a decent amount of protein? I can’t.
I will be careful with meat in the future as he tolerates it until he has enough. And it’s sooo convenient when I just can feed him some of my roasts.

It seems it will be NOFUSS in the end!
And I tend to get cheered up when I come here and talk about food and I badly needed it today. Yay.

(Edith) #48

I do love our little carnivore group.

I’ve been a good girl my first few days of clean carnivore. I did have some deviled eggs that had some pickle relish and mustard mixed in, but other than that, I haven’t eaten anything with a sauce on it or any nibbles of fruit.

This morning started off with eggs, bacon, a slice of beef brisket, and some pork rinds. The porks rinds were post workout. I was starving and hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. I was a little shakey from hunger, so I shoveled some in while I was cooking breakfast. I can’t even remember the last time I was that hungry. I also tried chicken hearts for the first time. I have to admit, I am NOT a fan. :nauseated_face: They were quite chewy and definitely had an organ taste to them. This probably sounds funny, but I prefer my little chunks of raw beef liver. I was finally able to get some grass fed beef liver from my local farm, so I am going to start back on my liver “supplements.”

Dinner is going to be some New York strip steaks I got on sale. If I want to be more PKD-like, I will need to get more fat in my diet. For now, I am not going to worry about it. It will take some time to find a good source for beef fat. I may even buy some blood ketone test strips to see how far I’m in ketosis. I haven’t tested my blood ketones or morning glucose for years, but it may be interesting to see how clean carnivore goes along with my ketone levels and how my joints feel.

Several weeks ago, I cut back on my magnesium supplementation. As a result, bowel function became nice and normal. Unfortunately, my restless legs at night have returned, so I have upped my magnesium intake again. I would love my diet to eventually get me to the point where I don’t need supplements. For now, I need to keep them. I do seem to still be doing fine without the extra salt.

@Ketodaisy, good for you for enjoying the company and not feeling pressured to eat food that doesn’t agree with you. I have done that sometimes, as well. If does not bother me. My friends and family all know I’m “weird”, :laughing::crazy_face:

@Karen18, I hope you have recovered from your migraine.

@FrankoBear, while you are having wonderful warmth and sunshine. This is what I have today.


OH @VirginiaEdie, no kidding, you are in the snow zone :slight_smile: We are getting some flakes but skirting us so no snow. Feel for ya on that one LOL

Remember one thing as much as we wanna experiment and more on ourselves, key is MEAT!

Eggs, this or that or ‘less than heavy balanced fat/ratio heavy dense meat’ will never equal or give us long term energy and more so just keep that in mind…which is why SO many of us are big rumi eaters and it is imperative for us. Just a thought, the eggs, the chicken, the deviled eggs, the bacon and more…we can’t do any of that long term without the big hardcore steaks from big animals we require! OK just a chat again :slight_smile:

@Azi I say the same. I know when we change up a bit and control a bit and think this is great for a bit, never go against what you personally need ever for what suits you :slight_smile: For me ‘burger meat’ is OK, it will never equal a steak, or chuck roast, or sirloin or london broil or a round roast or prime rib etc…so always keep in the mind where YOU do best :slight_smile:

@Shinita, doing great for sure! It is cool to talk food in your life and how it all effects you :slight_smile: Alot of us who eat different than others and need it will always feel the effects of others and how they eat in our lives, we all walk this :sunny:

--------------So got 2 lbs of burger, making my mini burgers right now in a bit. Steak to start, burger for sure and then ? Might just be it…simple clean and easy IN THAT I AM very fortunate that my days can be very easily controlled on my way of eating, I am so happy literally that I am not facing at this stage in life more hard changes.

(Edith) #50

Oh, I LOVE snow. No problems here. :grinning:

(Robin) #51

Well, I can’t really brag about my carnivore challenge thus far due to moving out and now moving in, I am regularly running to local burger joint and grabbing a triple bacon cheeseburger sans bun… cramming it into my mouth cuz I suddenly realize I am famished, and then not thinking about it till the next day, cuz I am running; on and on, LIKE THIS SENTENCE! (I have lost 4 pounds in a week, but probably not healthy or sustainable.)

My words for the new year are Balance, Stability, and my forever word; Equanimity.

(Karen) #52

Alas I woke this morning with migraine, it was back 10 fold and took a few hours to get rid of. At first I thought it was the return of the dreaded head I had when I had my blip and took paracetamol but then realised it was the big M and took a migralieve which eased it off.

I had the remaining 2 x hard boiled eggs that I had cooked to take with me yesterday. A little earlier than I normally eat at 10.45am. I did however have a nice long and fairly deep, at times, sleep last night. I must have needed it.

Early Dinner was sirloin steak and a little later a bit of cheese and 3 thin rashers of bacon. Need to start getting rid of it out of the fridge along with other stuff that I should get eaten.

Just had a restful day sitting in my South facing lounge which is warmer than my kitchen where I normally spend my time and is West facing. The sun was out but it was a bit blustery out there and that wind was a bit chilly. I decided staying in the warmth was the option of the day for me. I am booked on to CF class tomorrow and Wednesday so will see how I get on.

@Fangs yes I do have a very cool daughter, she comes up with some good ideas … incidently she slept a good long sleep last night too lol! All that fresh air and those steps that mounted up… plus all her driving to London and back home. I used to be just like her and thought nothing g of driving miles and miles but not so keen on driving long distance these days.

(Robin) #53

I love that you call it a “blip”. Great attitude. :vulcan_salute:

(Marianne) #54

Sounds lovely; I love plants and gardening. What season is it where you are?


1600 kcal but you don’t know how big of a chore it was to eat that much (but I needed it, I felt that even without having any idea about the number as no matter how experienced I am, no matter how simple I eat, I can never guess my calorie intake)… TMAD in 2.5 hours (16:00-18:30), I drank calories and used variety, I made much dirty dishes again, well it was the day when I made mince meat and sponge cakes, tomorrow will be better.

Sigh. My slightly negative appetite all the time isn’t so great. I can handle zero joy from food for a few days (though I really could have use more joy today) but when eating doesn’t stop at “chore” but starts to move towards torture (I am dramatic but I am a hedonist and I want to enjoy almost everything, first of all, eating), that’s quite worrying…
And I had variety :frowning: I made cute pork chuck patties with egg… Without spice so they aren’t that good.
I ate beef tongue - I gave up and added some paprika and the dish went from borderline edible (in moderation only) to good. I still didn’t enjoy it much but if I had ANY tiny joy today, that was regarding the tongue with paprika.
I had 2 coffees with 1-1 egg in my eating window ( the first happened at 17:15). They were okay. A bit unusual as I normally use butter or cream or at least a little vanilla or rum or something but they worked and added calories. Today I needed all the help.

I sooo have no problem with wanting to eat off. I have zero such desire (and Alvaro ate an orange today, next to me, I was glad smelling it is carnivore, the smell filled the kitchen! I love citruses), I just don’t like my normal food.
I probably will add spices when I know it enhances the dish. I always used my sausage spice mix for my patties (but when my appetite is better, they worked without. I easily ate some today as well but it took time and wasn’t particularly enjoyable. just easy) and I never could enjoy tongue without paprika. So they need it.

Maybe I will be a bit careful with roasts now, I start to feel some meat aversion forming, let’s hope the shoulders are the culprit and the little chuck roast I have now will be fine.

In the end of my dinner I felt a huge desire to fast for a long time even if it’s hard… Just to avoid these eating problems. But hopefully it will be okay. I always feel differently when hungry but it doesn’t mean my appetite don’t stay a bit negative and eating is hard for me then. Simply needing food is worse, hunger helps more.
Part of the problem is that I don’t want most egg dishes at the moment. I finished half of my scrambled eggs, nope, not my thing now. The sponge cake muffins (I ate 6) were better but I need something with them and they are more work.

I still have tongue and I will buy liver soon! And I can make egg pudding… And if I add back spices, it will get better.

But now I am satiated just not in a pleasant way. I squeezed everything I could into myself and I am happy it’s over for today. Tomorrow will be a new day with its new fights.

(Why am I like this IDK. Hopefully it will change for the better. I am nothing if not stubborn and I lost my patience, I want to stay in my close to ideal track comfortably. I will make it happen somehow.
Maybe it’s the sudden change. Or December has longer term effects. Eggs and meat only really is a tad restrictive to someone like me but as I knew I won’t miss the other, definitely not helpful items, I had to skip them. Spice is harmless, I just wanted to start super strict :slight_smile: But I will avoid cream in January and barely use any later, it’s non-negotiable. It couldn’t help with my actual problem anyway. Cheese and sour cream has a chance if I really can’t see a better option but I didn’t give it up yet. The spice is for times when it’s clear they are needed, not just on ANY day… I should be careful with allowances, I know myself.)

Okay so being concise won’t happen. No surprise here.

So I am moderately pleased, it was a tad hard and a bit much work (though I will enjoy the results tomorrow as well) but my macros are fine. 120g fat and protein, 5g carbs (7 eggs)… Fat went lower as fattier pork gave way to a leaner cut (this pork chuck seems pretty normal, not the unusually fatty one I had on Christmas) but it makes eating enough harder.

I planned to do my workout but I just wasn’t okay enough. My backache is still here (I got B vitamin pills to try but they didn’t help this far) and I chose digging my tiny vegetable garden (just a bit, I never could do it for long with my back) over a workout, who knows how long this warm dry weather lasts? I already started it a few days back and it feels better to finish it now and not some time in spring. It’s an interesting project, my whole garden has poor soil but that part was filled with yellow soil :smiley: We buy dark soil, sometimes cow manure and use our compost to make it better but it’s still not so great. But the flowers are pretty in it :smiley: Decorative plants and fruits tend to love my garden, vegetables have problems (the inedible but very decorative swiss chard - I know it’s allegedly edible, I even tried it but it’s green leaf, totally useless and not tasty at all - loves the place) but it’s mostly perfectly fine for us. But I still want tomatoes for Alvaro and sometimes for me, the shops don’t have tasty ones and it’s so cool to just to go out and grab one. I like the colorful radishes too, they are fun but that’s it. Oh and we have parsley but we almost never use it. And zillion herbs we never use except the mint sometimes :smiley: But it’s nice to have them. I like the green ones as they just grow whenever, they don’t look very much not belonging in the grass.
I always have a few beans but merely for decoration, they have pretty red and white flowers and in my childhood the outhouse and the corn storage building was surrounded with them, going up high… I have sorrel plants out of nostalgy as well (we had sorrel and I hated spinach with a passion :smiley: Mom tried to feed me some once. never again. once there was a spinach party I attended, no idea why, I realized it’s not soooo bad but I still never saw the point of eating it. meanwhile Alvaro cooked 1.5-2 kg at a time and ate it all in days :D), at least it’s sour and not like grass or worse but I still don’t really eat that since my childhood (just a leaf in a blue moon).
I have various flowers just growing here and there in my vegetable garden too, I only help the morning glories as they need it, they are the prettiest of all.

Mmmm, my garden. I like it despite the work I don’t like to do. But it’s not much work. And when it’s sunny, it’s nice to some very tiny extent. The trees really don’t need any work most of the time. Mowing the grass is the worst by far. And burning the wood, the garden provides a shockingly big amount while we rarely do a little cooking outside… We never will burn the wood from the rebuilding of the house several years ago… sigh. I dread the day when we cut down our useless plum trees (they always get some virus, we bought more resilient and better ones, they are tiny so won’t bother me for a long while, no pressure canning will be needed in the next years. we NEED the plum trees there - or some other but what kind? -, the garden would be so bare without them there, next to the stairs. the proper, 45% stairs. the garden is full with stars due to the high elevation. one end is in the valley, the other on the almost hilltop :D)… And we noticed two of our thujas don’t look so good. Big ones. But I like one of them, it’s just dead on the top… :frowning: At least our pines are okay, so many nearby (only in the forests, not the zillion ones in this area belonging to gardens) are sick since a few years… But if I want to see very very healthy plants, I just look at the blackberries… They want to be everywhere at once and they are good at it and we suffer pain (the thorns like my hair and clothes too) to keep them at bay… I don’t even like their fruit so much… But Alvaro does and I like when I have every kinds of fruit for some reason so they stay. But maybe their territory will diminish when I really lose my patience one day :smiley:

(Mary Donovan) #56

Hello Everyone,

I would like to join this challenge if I may please. My low carb journey started back in 2004 when I was hoping that one more diet would help me lose the hundreds of pounds that were in my body. It did work beautifully and I struggled to keep it off without support. I have since gained and lost the same hundred + pounds over and over again and was never successful without being strict and accountable with my food…yes that means clean. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and when I eat clean, I feel tremendously better. I have never done zero carb and that might be what I need to get my body well and my head clearer. I look forward to doing this and am excited to see I won’t be doing this alone!

(Will) #57

No headache so far today so I’m happy about that. Had a nice big NY strip cooked in tallow for my first meal today. I took some of the broth I made and cooked up some ground beef and added it to the broth, I will have a bowl of that sometime before 6:00 p.m. I never eat between 6p.m. And 10a.m. The following morning. So far so good, I’m feeling nice and full after eating and have plenty of energy.

(Robin) #58

Good for you! There are very few truly challenging feats that can be accomplished easily or on the first try. You got this!

(Karen) #59

Winter but a lot of the plants where in huge conservatories. Google Kew Botanical Gardens, beautiful. We want to go back in late spring early summer when it will be in bloom outside as well as indoors.

(Daisy) #60

I prefer to eat roasts either raw or cut up and seared. Slow cooking DEFINITELY gives me aversion!!

Day 5, back to work today after almost 2 weeks off. Ugh. :joy:. But that also means back to routines, which I thrive on. I changed my work schedule by about 15 minutes or so to get a longer workout in. Now in saying that, I was doing about 6 minutes a day and now I’m doing 20-25 minutes. But hey, it’s what I’ve got and I’ll use it! Meal one was a decent roast cut into bits and air fried. I didn’t finish it, so it was part of meal 2 with some lamb chuck chops. I did feel the need (flavor wise) to add a little salt to the lamb. It just was not all that good :joy:. My sleep had gotten decent for a few days taking melatonin and magnesium together, but now it’s back to being bad. Up several times a night the last couple nights. Sigh. Someday I’ll figure it out maybe.
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