Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Edith) #21

@FrankoBear, I have followed suit (or is it suite?) I have taken my measurements and a morning picture (Eek!) I think I will take the pics and measurements once a week.

I happened to find measurements I took over a year ago. Today my measurements were a half inch larger for all three: waist, hips, and thighs. I am 7 pounds heavier than when I took those measurements. Five pounds makes a difference when one is short. Lol.

My goal for clean eating this month is to:

  1. stay off the diet soda which you all know is a vow I made. I’m five weeks off it so far.

  2. Stay off caffeine unless I need it for a long drive.

  3. No nibbling non carnivore foods such a berries or other fruits

  4. Make the diet more PKD-like with higher fat, less protein, and adding in some liver and broth.

If I meet these goals this month, I will add to the goals for February.

(Daisy) #22

I need to do this. Except one of my family members stole my measuring tape and I haven’t found it in months :cry:

(Daisy) #23

My mom invited us to lunch today at a Chinese buffet. I had told her no, then 5 seconds later realized today is her birthday so told her yes. I won’t be eating there though. Just visiting and helping her celebrate. I’m going to eat right now before church and that will easily hold me until this afternoon! Not sure what I’m going to eat… I have burger patties, New York strips, and lamb in the fridge. I will open the drawer and see what tells “eat me!” :joy: will update later

(Marianne) #24

Are you trying to drink just water? Just be aware that you may have a screaming headache for several days because of caffeine withdrawal.


2MAD + NoFUN (No Food Until Noon). So many supplements as I get on top of an inflammatory problem.

Foods haven’t changed too much. I’ve been transitioning to cleaner carnivore for two years. Rather than suddenly going for it on a date change. Some tweaking on amounts downward and maintaining satiety.

Today was 3 pastured eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, cooked in the tallow from last night’s steak. 2 cups of coffee with MCT oil and less cream. 1 egg, porterhouse steak cooked in the renderings from venison chorizo ( there is a pasture raised deer farm between home and Mrs Bear’s Sunday yoga class), venison chorizo with two dominoes of sheep cheese halloumi. Sparkling rain water from the tank outside.

Joint pain is changing and resolving. I took my biggest paddle board out on the calm side of the cape today. But my shoulder is not yet ready for too much. The sunshine was warm, blue summer sky and crystal clear water. Can watch stingrays fossicking across the white sand for shellfish. I ended up dog paddling along with my Labrador.

(Marianne) #26

Wow; my props! Part of me would like to give up diet pop because I know it would be better for me, but another part of me really loves that treat. I have one day so far.


marrow bones…DARN you are going all in and decadent with your zc, you are smart doing just that! When new you eat ALL you love and adore and worth every darn penny you spend now ON YOU and not at some Drs office with med issues so yes, eat to heal! Marrow bones and that decadence of that eating will be wonderful. You know what you are doing, you rock it out!

@VirginiaEdie, it is suit, yea follow suit but a suite is a room with a bit of luxury in it as in a hotel suite but darn, I might be off HA but I think I got this one :slight_smile:

YOU are so right —when alot shorter those 5 lbs another means nothing to so many but will be a world of difference on a smaller petite skeleton frame. I hear you on that cause I am 5’8 with a long torso so I KNOW what I can get away with, looking way more slim at a higher weight easily cause the body distributes it well over a longer torso frame and height vs. a shorter small frame…so yea do you!!!

Now that excuse, a long drive requires caffeine…it don’t in reality HAHA

I think VE you are SO in tune with you and what works that you are in that 'adjust a tiny bit phase but you also know this is a long term lifestyle that works so well for you, you will hang onto it at all costs and that is fab!!

(Will) #28

Yes my plan is to only drink water. I do have a slight headache this morning, I was wondering if it might be due to not having the caffeine. This too shall pass.


yes slight headache and more will hit ya in that ‘adaption for each of us’ comes with personal issues we must deal.

So think detox, withdrawl issues and when that happens, always think eat more meat/seafood fish or fowl…that WILL BE your saving grace to this elmination plan. SO HOLD strong, you got this if ya want it :slight_smile:

(Edith) #30

I’ve made the drive from my parents to home with and without caffeine. If I don’t have some caffeine, by the time I’m 2/3 of the way home, I’m slapping my face trying to keep my eyes open. If I do have a caffeinated drink, I make the drive without getting sleepy.

I drove home from my parent’s house last night and since it was late, I decided not to have tea. I thought I was pretty awake when I left. Let’s just say it was a challenging drive.

But the long drive scenario happens about every two weeks, so that is not often enough to become or maintain dependency. I’ve been off caffeine for a few days now and no withdrawal symptoms. :grinning:


alot of this is lifestyle before ya hit the road.
there is NOT one of us dealing with this stress and against our time on what we need to do…so caffeine additive is NOT ever an answer but a crutch and I get that easily!!!

Just better life timing, better less all in controlled life thru how we deal and more? but key being it is ‘all fixable’ without caffeine but yet the easy fix is just that, BUT life is hard on every single darn one of us, we choose literally the path forward thru it all…so?

I am in a ■■■■ storm of crazy right now with my 94 yr mom going in retirement home and leaving my hoem and my hubby has an 81 yr mom falling apart hard right now the med issue thru diabestes and ALL the crazy and she got the all…so yea.

We can deal or find excuses or CHANGE in some way but in the end, if a cup of coffee floats your boat when ya need it, cool. Never saying don’t do it for what you need, but KNOW and learn why you need it maybe? Big stuff in the end but caffeine is a pure addictive item so?

this is ALWAYS just a chat, just saying’, just what floats or your boat or thoughts of ‘what if’? kinda thing…never going against ya VE!!


I am not so well so coffee found the way to me (I have a headache too but that alone wouldn’t be enough).
The sun is shining, I should go out, I ate over my energy need without a walk anyway… Had a quick lunch as I felt the need for it at 1pm. I am not very satiated but I don’t want more eggs or pork right now. I ate more meat than yesterday, 570g/393pound/20 oz… It’s not much, how anyone can consider it much in general, for everyone…? I find the pork too chewy now but only because the 4 hour Christmas chuck was soooo super (too) tender. And because it’s not chuck, the best stuff…
I ate 3 eggs now and I am not sure I ate enough. But it wasn’t a small lunch, it’s 1920 kcal in guesstimation. It feels small though. Interesting. But it’s only day #2, I am not surprised much, one has hungrier days anyway.
3g ch, 120g protein (the lowest number I seem to function without a ton of fat), 153g fat… As always, I don’t feel I ate much fat (well, I didn’t but my ideas about much fat are a bit skewed :D).
Did I write I get little joy from my food now? My brain still refuses to work, well I ate and it’s early afternoon so my body wants a nap, it happens.
It’s good I don’t need to enjoy my meals all the time. I would like to stop eating for a week as a big, well-fed snake but sadly I can’t skip meals. And I can eat just fine, it just lacks the usual joy. I don’t want pork shoulders for a while now. Not bored of it just disappointed a bit. And I want softer meat. Maybe one reason I like processed meat that it’s wonderfully soft, usually (and the bresaola is fun even if chewy but I didn’t see it lately in the supermarket)… The other is the generous amount of paprika in most of them… But I can do it both with normal meat but I didn’t want to add back spices yet and a plain patty would tempt me to do it…

But I didn’t want to write down all my thoughts. Just report my substantial meal :slight_smile:

I ate a single tiny bite of beef tongue, meh. Went out, drank coffees, my headache is stubborn but tiny so it’s fine.
I put most of the pork shoulder into the freezer and got out a small box of chuck. Tomorrow I make sponge cake (and cheesy egg whites for Alvaro).

Weekdays will come so I expect no coffee or food until sunset but at least 3pm. WHY my body does it, why my hunger is connected to the presence of Alvaro I have no idea. It’s not like I even was there when he had his lunch (way before mine). Oh well. Weekends are special and holidays too, to some extent.

If I won’t forget, I will weigh myself tomorrow! Monday morning and day #3 seems a great time for it. I can’t take measurements but I know how my only pair of trousers I can wear feels… Tight when I have something underneath (it’s thin but I have no winter trousers) and crouch. We will go from here!
I obviously won’t make a photo of myself, that’s not my style. Though… Nope. I have some kind of photo when I hold a cat or stood next to a (way taller) teasel… Because I know I will lose fat from my head now (as I did it last time. it’s horrible I am not my lowest in the last decade even not counting my short time below 69kg but it’s very true) and it’s very visible. So I wanna see that I suppose.

It’s quite basic to me on carnivore for most fruits but now I avoid my single rosehip when I walk too :smiley: Just to do things really clean as no way it cause any harm to me and it’s during a walk, used up right away. But in this January I am serious. And it’s not like I need the rosehip at all, it is just a tiny fun (and annoyance with its hairy seeds so it’s super tiny, half a pea of fruit flesh.
Oh I hope staying away from all sweetness helps :slight_smile: No cream, no tiny onion, not even spice now…

How much protein did you eat before? Even if you wrote amounts before, my memory isn’t that great… I have no such option, I can’t eat less protein. And I would get bored without liver and soup so they will inevitably happen soon! I want turkey necks for my soup, I don’t have many options without plants… But I like turkey necks :slight_smile:

[Totally offtopic from here on.]

I almost broke my glasses when I accidentally step on it harder than usual (I have the skill to stop my step when I touch it, of course it’s not 100% but I still stopped just a bit late), I really need a new pair, I couldn’t even put back the tiny, already annoying screw. So I use a piece of a paper clip now. And I have a purple bruise on my finger I don’t remember how I got… So I am normally clumsy in 2022 too. But I can draw adorable animals (I just learned that fact, it was surprising as it just happened without me practicing a lot), I need to change my profile pic. Dee* is WAY cuter than her dad, Dingle. Especially when she is cosplaying, she does it all the time. I want to draw her in all astrology signs (Chinese too) but she wanted to be a giraffe last time… sigh It’s normal for original characters, writers complain about that phenomenon too. I experienced it all the time when I did role playing using drawings. My chars are very stubborn, usually, no wonder, they are mine.
(But she was adorable as a sheep first so I really can’t complain.)

  • my worm OC. No idea what kind of worm, sometimes I research and give up. Ssomething close to leeches? Looks like an earthworm but without the thicker part and not so long. It makes cosplaying living beings with limbs a bit tricky but Dee is extremely positive, confident and playful. She should be my role model, actually and it must say something very bad about me, being worse than an imaginary worm :smiley: But she is really awesome in her silly way.


are you all in carnvoire and its guidelines as we never fast on ZC or never not eat or eat off plan?

just wondering on truly where you are at on a full in carinvore plan only? reading conflicting issues on the board with your way forward?
Just your posts confuse me a tad LOL so what are ya doing and are you all in for easily Jan and after will be? always wish best way forward for you but are you doing a real plan now and holding just that? as you want?

(Edith) #34

Don’t worry. I know not to take what you write the wrong way. Everything you write is always well intentioned.

I am dealing with elderly parents, as well. The pandemic is making it difficult for their home health care service to provide consistent help on the weekends, so I go over and help in the evenings. It’s a 1.5 to 2 hour drive, but after a busy day, I’m already tired when I head over. Hence the caffeine. So, yes, it’s a crutch. Although, I like to use the word “tool.” :grinning:

(Linda ) #35

I spent the morning reading “eat fat grow slim” by Richard Mackcarness…written in 1960
Although his plan is not carnivore. More low carb, the take from the book is that to lose weight its high fat high protein low carb we need… so this is the route I’m going to continue using Minus the carbs… I’m not going to set up any set planned meal times or fasting I’m just sticking to meat and fat with no snacking so pork rinds and parmesan crackers still off the table…if I need extra food that’s where egg pudding will come in handy…

(Polly) #36

You are admirable for taking the time to care for your elderly ones at a distance and if that takes caffeine then a tool or a “way to a means” it is.

I hope things ease a bit for your parents’ care providers soon and that you will be able to step back a little and only visit in a social way.

(Linda ) #37

Dr Cywes is all about using tools or as he puts it bridges and coffee is on his list even with cream…

I haven’t removed coffee from my list either but haven’t drunk any in a couple of weeks but that’s normal for me to go off and on…like you diet soda is not here anymore I am going to try the electrolytes hot chocolate to see if I can use that as my tool for a hot drink we will see how that goes when it gets here…


Who knows? I know from the cases (it was extremely rare) when I run out of coffee and had none for a week that nothing happened to me. But coffee doesn’t affect me much anyway, maybe that’s why.
I would love not having headache when stopping drinking coffee as I have it very very very often with coffee… I was like that even as a kid. My poor body tried to communicate with me through headache, it was my hypothesis… Now it can say things related to my eating using other methods but for the rest, it’s headache. Too much stimuli, too little sleep, need for food, stress, too little air or exercise… And who knows what else. Sometimes I feel what is the problem, sometimes not.
It would be nice to get rid of it even if my headache is little, I am a hedonist who dislikes annpoying tiiiny headache for many hours a day and anyway… My lifestyle should be good enough not to have them so often.

I had such things when I rode my motorbike in hot weather on the highway, it was insanely boring but when one travels far, it’s good to do it quicker. Only energy drinks worked for me (probably cola too according to my childhood experiences but I went for energy drinks then, funnier taste), coffee was totally useless but I know it never makes me more awake. I was already on low-carb and didn’t consume too processed stuff and I hated most sweeteners but it was that or risking falling asleep on my bike on the highway…
I heard about people who was immune to all caffeine. I only feel nothing if it’s coffee or tea, the others seem to work.

I think eating ONLY eggs and meat (OK, I had coffee but I try to stop), not even a hint of spice now is pretty much carnivore.
And I fast, obviously, I always did it, on every woe, I don’t force-feed myself ever, I told you that already! I don’t even have the willpower or the personality for force-feeding and it’s even harder with my actual carni food. I eat a ton anyway so why would I need that? I had a lunch over 1900 kcal…

Oh, my future, you mean? Well I add back this and that if I can’t avoid it (spice, a little dairy, processed meat very rarely) but January should be strict. And I do this until June and then I probably will be a different person and we will see. I don’t even know where I will be in the end of this month, I don’t want to look too far… And anyway, it sounds almost scary to plan fully carnivore months :smiley: I never wanted to be a carnivore, still don’t want to, I can’t help my body needs super strictness and my mind see little point in plants nowadays… We will see what happens, I really don’t know.

I assume my goals or rather expectations didn’t change yet. I wrote them a few times, it’s carnivore(-ish) most of the time. More like extreme low-carb almost always but it’s pretty hard to pull off with much plant matter :smiley: So I never even try. I think I would be quite okay with subtle rare off days but it seems I change rapidly when I even go near carnivore for more than 1-2 days so I don’t expect me wanting my usual off days for long. I lose interest in more and more items. I already don’t ever want onions, it’s just needed for stews. Not like I want stews but maybe I will be bored with my other stuff. I pretty much lost interest in tomato too but Alvaro likes eggs in purgatory and it helps me when I can’t eat my eggs in normal forms. I totally LOVED them not so long ago… So I’m changing and I didn’t even really started seriously…
I only know going very low-carb is good to me and I shouldn’t ever stray too far too long. But how exactly I will eat in the future? I don’t know that. It will be quite low-carb as nothing else makes sense. But it probably will be a bit more relaxed than proper carnivore. But I don’t know. I don’t force or try hard anything, happens what happens. I do try things but only if it feels comfortable. A strict January is more than comfortable, it feels the only way for me, December was worse than I expected… Not so wild but still much for my poor body that wanted super low carb as the stubborn thing tends to do that since I tried carnivore and my mind can relate but it’s still not that easy and simple… But I can do a month now. And more month but possible in a more relaxed way. I don’t think I should avoid dairy longer term. I am fine with them and I want only a tiny bit most of the time but I am way too chaotic and they rarely satiate me so I overeat fat, I can do that so, so easily… At least short term, I think longer term carnivore does good things to my satiation. So weeks later I may add some back to see if it’s okay already. Only if I want it. I probably won’t want them specifically (maybe sour cream?) but only proper, cheaper meat and eggs sound too boring longer term…

So I plan to stay somewhat strict as my default woe (I need the strictness now but I can do it only because I truly lost the need or desire for the omitted items and I doubt it will come back with full force) but if I feel the need and see it’s safe, I will relax my ways here and there.

[It will be a huge success when Alvaro will believe I am SERIOUS about my January. He keeps asking if I want banana or a piece of orange… I don’t even touch a little spice, I am almost quilty about coffee and definitely don’t intend to eat fruit in the next months (and it sounds very easy, I really lost the need years ago and mostly the desire too later. it’s still nice but not needed AT ALL and my body would scream bloody murder now anyway :smiley: I need my strict January, physically and mentally). Maybe later a few drops of lemon juice if it’s that or quitting… But that’s it.]


I don’t have too many changes to make.

I eat very ‘clean’ ordinarily. I was eating some processed meats at the end of last year (bacon and sausages) as I was trying to up my fat, but now that I’ve settled on 80/20 beef mince, I don’t need these.

Apart from the beef, which I eat most days, I also tend to eat:
salmon sides, slabs of roast pork loin or belly, and lamb chops.

I keep eggs available in case I want them, but I don’t use them as a staple. I generally find that I crave them for a day or two and then don’t touch them for weeks on end.

I have a coffee in the morning. In this cold weather, I’ve been having a decaf in the afternoon as well. Otherwise, I drink water - still or sparkling.

As I’ve been away at new year, I’ve had a little bit of alcohol - but I’ll stop that from tomorrow (back to work) and I intend to abstain again, probably until my next holiday.

I also had a little bit of dark chocolate this week, whilst staying with a friend, but I can’t say I’m overly fussed! It’s been interesting to discover that I really am not bothered about it.

Last year, I started lifting weights 3x a week and I found that really helpful. I aim to continue doing that, but also adding in some cardio in the form of walking. I used to walk miles every day and haven’t since moving to a desk job, and I know that I am painfully unfit in that regard. I’m only looking for something short and gentle, maybe a mile a day a few times a week; nothing dramatic - but just enough to improve my fitness.

Let’s see! Looking forward to following you all on your carnivore fuelled journeys.

(Karen) #40

Arghhh bad sleep again and up at 7am. Daughtrr picked me up at 8.15 and orf we jolly well went to Kew Gardens. For those of you further afield who may not know, it is the world’s largest botanical Gardens, situated in Richmond, London. So a 2.5 hour drive down the motorway.

We had a super day walking talking and taking in the plants and beautiful aromas that would suddenly hit our nostrils!

Sian had booked us in to a restaurant at 1.30pm and it was a lovely Italian Grill.

I had Comfit of Duck with chorizo, bacon and black pudding it was fabulous, Sian had an 8oz burger with bun and all the trimmings lol

Then we headed back home. So glad she did all the driving. We were home for about 5.30pm so a fairly long day and I am quite exhausted as I took a migraine as we were walking to the restaurant and my migralieve was in my bag in the boot of Sians car! I have taken a pill since I got home and it is easing now.

8 had a bit of cheese and a hard boiled egg since getting home.