Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Mary Donovan) #282

Hello Fellow Carnivores!

My deepest apologies for not introducing myself to you before I just jumped in and joined.


My name is Mary and I am 46 yrs old. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was an obese kid and by 8th grade I was over 200 pounds. By the end of high school I was over 300 and shortly thereafter I was over 400. I tried almost every diet and plan. I have been in 12 step programs and got dropped by many sponsors due to not being able to stick to a plan of eating they wanted me to do. I have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try to lose weight and keep it off…I definitely went to some extreme measures when I was desperate enough. I never could stick to a plan for more than a few days before I would binge. I just didn’t get it.

I am a thriver and survivor of abuse of every kind that started when I was very young. I have been to weight loss centers, therapy and been prescribed some hard core drugs to help me.

I am a mother of two children. Both kids keep me on my knees praying daily. My daughter is BiPolar and now weighs almost 400 pounds. She is walking down some of the same dark streets that I did as a teen and young adult. Sadly, I do know I can’t push, pull, prod or dictate or control her and her choices. My son is a senior in high school and has autism and adhd. He is a genius and high functioning. At 6’4” and 290 pounds, his big emotions and inability to control himself made it necessary to put him in a group home supervised setting. That was the hardest choice I ever made. He is doing well and lives less than a mile from me. My husband and I spend a lot of time with him daily prior to his second COVID diagnosis.

My life took a huge turn for the better in 7/03. I was pregnant with my son and had been scheduled for a c-section. It was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. I was well over 423 pounds(the doctors stopped weighing me because I was getting so upset with the huge numbers that kept climbing. They did not have a big enough scale that went that high and they would help me on to the fright scale they weighed boxes on. How humiliating to have them adding weights to it to see how much I weighed! )My daughter weighed almost 13 pounds at birth and they figured he was gonna be a big one too. I was high risk with both and put in bed rest with both too.

The day that I delivered my son, the doctors did not know where to cut nor how deep to cut. Unfortunately, they cut through the placenta and they did not have enough hands in the room to pull me open and pull him out. My husband saw our blue baby boy come out. I lost consciousness.
My husband almost lost both of us that day. They would not let me see my baby and provided me with 2 Polaroid pictures of him hooked up to a ventilator and told me that they were certain he was not going to make it through the night due to his blood loss and deprivation of oxygen. He had 3 blood transfusions and two platelets that night.
I am so grateful and blessed the doctors were wrong. Two days later, I got to hold my sweet baby for the first time. They said I was too big to fit into the tight NICU with the wheel chair. They brought him to me. My apologies to anyone with a sensitive stomach. My son took himself off the ventilator and was out of the NICU within 9 days and came home. He was almost 12 pounds and they said that is why he was able to beat the odds.

I blamed myself and my weight for all that happened with my son. I looked into having weight loss surgery and was almost sold on the idea until my girlfriend had it done and they nicked her colon and almost died. Back then, Dr Atkins was in the news. I was led to look into his diet as the last resort before needing to have surgery which I would have never been able to do as I couldn’t lose the weight needed.

I only ate eggs, meat, cheese and fat with very little amounts of cucumber or zucchini. The phenomenon of no more cravings and no more binges on bags and boxes of junk happened for me. It was a true miracle. I had no idea if it was working as I did not have a tape measure long enough nor a scale that went that high. I promised myself that I would give it 3 months before I would even try to step on my scale that went up to 400.
2 yrs later, I lost 265 pounds and was down to a healthy weight of 150. I had not been that weight since 5th grade! I eventually added back more vegetables and found that I was often in major GI distress. Then I started adding Atkins bars and low carb stuff in place of some of my favorite binge foods. Someone said to me, “well if you are gonna eat that stuff, you might as well eat the real stuff! “
I did just that after 6 yrs clean on Atkins. I was totally out of control. I was a little kid in a candy store…I could not get enough. I gained weight back so fast it was scary and definitely it funny. I went from 150 to 356 in a year. I went back to Atkins and lost it again. I gave myself permission to have “just one” again and went back up to 325. Then I got so depressed and went for help. It was not until I consciously chose to go back to the basics that I was able to lose that weight again. I found that I needed to be a part of a community that walked the walk. I found this forum! The diabetes and high blood pressure never returned since 2004.

I have had MS since 2014 and was given a miracle of healing that doctors can’t explain in 2019. I had been put on palliative care after Cleveland Clinic tried all they had. I am off disability and back to work. I got Hashimotos from the last drug they used for the MS which destroyed my thyroid. That diagnosis came last year. The PCOS and IBS-C have not shown their ugly faces in years! I just got blood test results back for the Rheumatoid arthritis and it does not appear that I have RA. I will not know for sure until March when I see a rheumatologist. It was suspected when an X-ray of my foot was abnormal. Foot doctor said he didn’t see RA either. Just bunions!

I do apologize for being VERY long winded. I don’t know how to put all this in fewer sentences.
So, as I have read all the posts on here, I figured it was safe to share about my journey with you. It is not like I haven’t gotten to know each of you by your heartfelt and honest posts. Haha!



Oh my. You poor soul, I wish you all kinds of great things for the future after all these!!!
It must have been super hard! Take a big virtual hug from me!

(Mary Donovan) #284

Thanks and I appreciate that you took the time to read it. I am done beating myself up. I just give it what it thrives on. Premium fuel.

(Daisy) #285

What a story!!! My heart was all over the place reading it! I’m so glad to hear how many things have already improved for you and can’t wait to watch your journey!!

(Daisy) #286

Day 16 Lion diet: meal one was a tray of steak bites and a small hamburger that I apparently got distracted mid picture taking and never actually took the picture :joy:. Plus bone broth jello that I did photo. Lunch was short ribs and beef liver. Sleep: Supplements: 10 mg melatonin from my old bottle, 800 mg magnesium. Taken around 9. Went to bed at 9:39, on back, with prayer and deep breath, no earplugs. Fell asleep fairly quickly. Up at 12:30 to pee, I think if I had put in earplugs I would have slept longer. Went back to bed and right after laying down, felt a little tummy trouble and went back to the bathroom. Back to bed about 10 minutes later, put in earplugs and stayed in bed the rest of the night. I remember waking one other time and literally telling myself “NO! You’re not allowed to be awake!!” I shifted positions and fell back asleep until my alarm went off at 5:09. I feel like I’m putting myself under too much stress in trying to figure this out.

(Linda ) #287

On the road headed for Florida 26 hours straight driving but we on our way all of us no dogs missing lol…storm warnings snow warnings all around us…so it might take a bit longer to get home and it will be truck stop food for our meals…yeah we towing the trailer but she is packed to the brim including all my meat haha…

So todays food was a American grand slam sausage bacon and scrambled eggs I do hope they were not pancake mix loaded but no cravings…no stomach cramps…
We had to load the trailer in be ween house showings lol…but im just so happy to be heading home…

Welcome Judy psmf doesn’t work for me its another for of restricted dieting 800 calories or less …it almost had me binge eating …the lastt week I feel like I’m gaining …so I will be trying to sort out why when i get back to Florida so count me In for feb as well.

(Edith) #288

Wow! I can only say you sure have been through the wringer. I’m honored you felt you could share that with us. You will find nothing but heart-felt support on this forum. It’s why I’m still here after four years.

(Judy Thompson) #289

Mary, reading your story I choked up more than once. The best news is that every time you tried extreme lc you succeeded, and fairly comfortably, the somehow got derailed but tried it again and it was right the next time too. They say only 3% of people are successful at dieting over several years’ time and those are the ones that obsess, and think of little else.
Other diets are missing nutrients but based on the reading I did this past week - 3 books and a ton of websites - I’d say Carnivore has just about every nutrient. Satiety should be a given.

We went to the brewery, they had no scotch, I had 2 light beers. I looked that up - 15g carbs. Not perfect but not awful. I ordered a German sausage plate with 2 sides being mashed potatoes and gravy for hubby to eat. He’ll love me forever!

Did my grocery shipping. So easy! Didn’t even go in the vegetable dep except to grab a bottle of Caesar dressing for hubby.

Has anyone eaten lamb liver? I stopped at the butcher and lamb liver and heart were the only organ meats. Thought if nothing else I can dehydrate it for the puppy.

(Robin) #290

The silver lining to all of this is that you are here today and committed to keto. Atkins was successful for many of us back in the day. But we weren’t informed enough to know how strict we need to be with our carbs.
It sounds like you know this will work for you… that’s huge. And you know time is on your side. Be patient. Know that scale will not always be reliable. You can lose inches and sizes while the scale stalls.

Glad you’re here. You got this!

(Edith) #291

I tried lamb liver, but the taste was too strong for me.


So, the second part of January started. I handle it as another start :slight_smile: I have a new goal too: I will do my absolute best not to track. It’s extremely much work with my many meals and pretty useless right now anyway. I never could stop in the last years for long, I automatically restart it. But it’s not exactly eating so maybe I can use my willpower for it… (It’s against my principles to use willpower if it’s about actual eating. Not like it works when I have compulsive experimenting… But that’s pretty rare on carnivore.)
I don’t want to track until some nice, simple, established OMAD. I know I eat a ton until then anyway, my protein is always in its normal range and it’s enough info for now. Nothing interesting happens.

My meat for the next 4-5 days (totally not visible but more than 1 kg pork shoulder roast. about 4 pounds in raw weight so zillion calories and no one can expect me not eating my several eggs a day as well):

No idea why the roasting lasted for 3.5 hours this time but the meat is super tender, I like it! :smiley:
And it didn’t give me any jelly or rendered out fat this time so I will use a tiny bit pig farm lard for my eggs in the near future. I will try to eat egg dishes without added fat but I really like my scrambled eggs with extra yolks right now…

Tomorrow (technically today, it’s 1am) is shopping day! Some Hungarian Grey sausage is on sale! I didn’t even know that (that(?)) hypermarket had such a thing… Sounds nice. Hungarian Grey is a quite famous and old Hungarian cattle breed, more expensive than normal ones. It’s a bit like Mangalica for pigs. Both were popular in the past then we didn’t hear about them and now they came back and are hyped since probably decades again… The beef farm butcher Hungarian Greys sometimes, it’s a bit more expensive than their normal cattle. But I would want mutton… They have the fancier breed for sheep too, Racka :wink: Let’s learn about nice Hungarian breeds, not everyone was here yet when I talked about these last time :smiley: Mangalica has curly and often red fur, - but it comes in various colors - and it’s a “fat pig”. IDK if mirror translation works there but it’s way fattier than the ones bred for meat. And it’s rare and way more expensive in supermarkets and I have no idea about the breed in the pig farm shop, they have various breeds, Mangalica is just one of them and they don’t come with their separately labeled and priced items. They mix the breeds for some reason anyway, it makes the meat healthier for some odd reason, once we talked about it. Well, I mostly just listened. The parents are pureblood ones, the piglets are mixed. And super cute, piglets are good at that… :pig:

Never but I plan to! It’s impossible to get it here… I mean, in supermarkets in the city. I know places but they are way too far away from here.
I am sure I would like it.
Our butcher only has pork and chicken, this is that country… Pork and chicken is almost everywhere, beef is only in bigger places, mutton is rare. Why is it rare? Our country has a HUGE history regarding sheep. We have very traditional mutton dishes (even our goulash has a mutton version and it’s a perfectly authentic traditional one) but at some point people got choosy, oh sheep has a smell and now it’s too rare…? Or I don’t know what happened.

I will check out the more interesting meats of the hypermarket we will visit tomorrow, it has the best meat selection I ever saw, not like it means much but it’s really nice. They have zillion kinds of pork, beef (veal too), chicken (hen and rooster too), turkey, probably duck and geese, I am not interested, rabbit, deer, I think wild boar as well… And mutton. Some organs too.

(Judy Thompson) #293

Thanks VE, I suspected as much :slight_smile:

(Judy Thompson) #294

Shinita that’s phenomenal. I wanted to make venison jerky but although the deer are overrunning us and deer hunting is legal here (we’re in the Texas Hill Country), you can’t buy deer meat in any stores. Organ meats in general are in short supply. I found one pound of beef liver today and also got chicken liver. The dog eats it too, I dry it for her.
I don’t know about pig tongue and pig liver although I’ve eaten those parts of beef, pork liver and tongue make me wonder.

(Daisy) #295

Lamb liver is alright. Not as good as goat liver, but better than beef liver!

(Mary Donovan) #296

I definitely fit in this category. I am also glad to know that I am far from alone in this lifestyle.


Yes, I really like it.

It’s one of the things I notice a big difference when I buy it from a farm compared to a butcher, and from a butcher to a supermarket etc.

For me, I wasn’t fussed on chicken liver. Beef was very strong tasting. Venison and lamb were equal in being great.


just chillin’ thru the weekend waiting on snow and ice. yuk

defrosting a big Tbone steak. dinner, not sure. I do have burgers available, might just hound some of those down and call it a day. Not in the mood to think of food lately ya know, which I love :slight_smile: but in the end, I have meat/seafood available all around me so I am fine either way I go on second meal.

feeling good. cut salt a tad still but yesterday I wanted it so I laid into a good bit and enjoyed all my saltiness, made me feel better in some ways, not sure how, but salt and me are a team for sure! Cut back mindfully, sure, cutting it out all together, nope, ain’t happening yet :sunny:

(Karen) #299

Safe journey to Florid xx

(Karen) #300

Lambs liver is okay. I am not a huge lover of liver but have it occasionally. I don’t differentiate between been or lamb I just pick up liver and eat it whatever the type.

(Karen) #301

Not the best sleep last night but not the worst either. Thought about cancelling my CF session at 5am but decided it would be doable and I wouldn’t have to put too much pressure on myself lol. So was up and stair running, 100 flights, just to get my back reset and body warmed up. It was -2° and damp. Knew the CrossFit box would be freezing and it was lol. Did a team workout and was glad I went and felt I had done what I wanted to do.

Popped to The Company Shoo on the way home and bought the fridge load in the photo. The lump of meat on the bottom shelf is beef striploin steak. There will be enough to cut at least 9 steaks to the size I like … half price at £12 so that will be just over £1 a steak… that’ll do nicely. So there is also a whole roasted cooked chicken, 4 packs of cooked diced chicken… well one was fillets and I ate that for brunch about midday. That took me about an hour to eat and the pic is of a side plate! … I have to eat it slowly else I am too full. Some roast chicken drumsticks that I will chuck into the large pan later and make stock/chicken soup from. 2 packs of 4x pork loin chops and several different cheeses that should last me for quite some time as I am not eating it at the pace I was prior to Xmas. So the whole fridge full for £32.44! Happy bunny today and I wasn’t going to bother going.

Not sure what I will eat later, will check the use by dates and then decide.