Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


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So glad you found your fur babies. When we moved to Scotland from down the south coast when I was 16 our siamese cat went walkabout on the day of the move. My mum was beside herself with worry and everytime we came back down to visit my gran we looked for him. He was found exactly one year later a kind lady phoned my gran and said she thinks she’s been feeding our cat … my mum was so happy to have him back. He never strayed again.

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Welcome Judy. As you will see we chat about all sorts on here. Everyone is so friendly and very supportive. Personally I have found this so easy but have to admit I was already at a good weight so it was never a weight loss tool but it is certainly keeping my weight at a good number. I was a yo yo dieter for years and have a terrible addictive nature and this woe stopped all my cravings. Knowing I can eat when I want and as much or as little to satiate me has been so liberating.

Good luck with the changes. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here who are very willing to support and answer any questions. X


I don’t think Zero Carb Carnivore is a permanent fix (or nutritional home). We are all nutrition nomads. As we adjust our ways of eating we also change ourselves. Within that change we make new discoveries and discover new needs. Sometimes we repeat mistakes to test ourselves and bench mark how little, or how much we have adapted and changed to life and the stage we are at.

As an example of continuous biological change and adaptation, last night’s sunset was different from the many that were watched before it.


So I had a medical intervention that has been mandated by the state. 24 hours later and I feel crap. Joint pain flare-up, headaches and nausea. But not enough nausea to push me off plan.

Last night was 300g porterhouse steak pan-fried in butter with some flash fried sea scallops. @Fangs is a fan and an advocate of the ‘surf’n’turf’ with lots of chit-chat about crabs legs and shrimp. But I’m not sure on Fangsie’s take on scallops. Drink was rain water and then 7 supplements to promote anti-oxidants and reduce inflammation, including CBD oil.

NOFUN (No Food Until Noon - from @Carnivoor) breakfasts have been 3 pasture-fed eggs with bacon or smoked salmon and two morning coffees (unclean) that have some cream in them. I have had some A2 milk fermented cheese, but only a small amount = Spanish Manchego sheep’s milk hard cheese.

@Shinita, what is NOFUSS?

I’ve been thinking about how we change as we change what we eat. I substituted cream for cheese. Now I think I can control the cheese please. So, I have to reduce the cream. Dealing with dairy and coffee are clear clean-ups that still need to be solved. Oh, and some pain management. That means chasing some ketones in the way of eating.

I notice I haven’t eaten chicken meat all this month. I have had some fish. And I am eating chicken eggs. It was an unintentional change. So was losing an inch of my belly measurement 2 weeks in to clean(er) carnivore.

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Wonderful posts on the board with fab pics

HI to the new carnivores!!!

ZC is my permanent fix to my health and my permanent lifestyle now.
Now sure what you were saying on all that? Of course many can walk in and out of carnivore some easily, can add back in some other foods and stay very low carb still but do ok. There are many who can’t and that is US carnivores that live this lifestyle daily like me and there are a ton of us out there :slight_smile:

also on those supps, did you check them for possible oxalate build up being created thru those supps, I take it they are all plant based of some sort? just wondering if you researched on effects and what they might do to your joints as much as they say save them and make things better? do ya think a build up or intolerance could be effects? just curious. SEE I AM the type that questions all supps LOL, that literally is my personality. You can’t get me to take any pills of any kind but again, truly, this is a weirdo side of me :clown_face:

Scallops are YUM but I don’t eat them all that much. Too many times I got scallops and they always had some sand in them, got that sandy crunch with them and it just seemed to kinda turn me off them but I love the taste and I think I just get them less now cause of eating so many of them with hitting the sand in them sometimes LOL But scallops are a great surf for your turf!!

Mandated by the state? What did they ask of you? Wow it sounds awful and I hope that you are feeling alot better now.

WOW so lucky you got your poochie back :slight_smile: I couldn’t leave either if mine went missing like that. Back to FL is a good move if you can get ahead of those crazy storms swirling out there!! FL is the place to be for sure!

SO happy for you on finding your path to ZC and it suiting you so well!
I also am home :slight_smile: It took me a while to find zc but when I did get on this plan everything changed for me off the 5-6 yrs of crazy rollercoaster yo yo dieting BS! It is such a relief isn’t it? :slight_smile:

------------------SO LUCKILY our snow is down from 12 in. predicted to 3-6 but they ramped up all the icy conditions to worse and saying with big ice comes usual power lines down etc. BLECK! I am a NO snow type…these few days coming at me are not gonna make me smile but my kiddo is overjoyed…she can’t wait for snow :slight_smile: ugh haha

I got flipped around yesterday. My simple food at home got burned a bit. On road later than wanted and I had to eat so I got 2 double quarter lb burgers with cheese and it held me cause I was starving! But YUK on fast food burger patties. I used to eat them easily, now I just can’t stand them but I ate them for survival :wink: and they got me home to cook up my own burger meat and I ate 3/4 lb and it was fresh and delish. Since my timing was off on eating I wasn’t hungry til later at night when I just a can of tuna and mayo. My ‘unclean’ tablespoon which shouldn’t be in ‘eat clean january’ but tough HA

woke up hungry. bed at 11, up at 4am. My usual 5 hrs dead to the world and here I am typing now at 4:39 in the morning…ugh Eyes pop open and done, I am one who can’t go back to bed, that is a rare thing for me but I guess I can’t take the farmer hrs out of my life. Eh, it is fine, I just do me and do ok :sunny:

today is a nice steak for first meal. going to defrost a pk of pork chops for second meal.

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Welcome! And I’m impressed just with that feat :joy:. If I get more than 10 behind, I get too overwhelmed to catch up :joy::joy: I tried psmf last year and it really messed me up. Having come from an eating disorder background, it just was not for me. It took me about 3 months to recover from it. I’m currently trying Lion diet instead (ruminants, salt and water only) and am thriving. The key seems to be to experiment to see what works for your own body. I’ve been carnivore for a little over two years and I have now I think tries every possible way to do carnivore. Some failed miserably for me, though I know others who thrive in that method. Some have had good success. I think I’ve found what actually brings me success in Lion diet. Now the question is can I stick with it long enough to see those results. My goal was the month of January and that is not going to be any problem, I’m loving it so much!!! But… it is going to take more than a month to reach my goals and I have a backyard full of chickens laying me wonderful eggs that I hate not eating, plus a freezer full of seafood, chicken, pork, and the like. I’m not in a super hurry to get back to those foods but I do want to. So anyway, welcome to our little hideout! We’re so happy you found carnivore and you found us!

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Good morning all, I’m happy to see that there’s still new people going our little meat eating group.
This morning when I woke up, 4:15 just like always with no alarm needed, I realized something. I woke up, jumped right out of bed and began getting myself ready for the day. As I was doing that it hit me just how much more energy and focus I have these days. Before starting keto and then joining Clean Carnivore on Jan 1 I’d have to sit on the side of the bed and struggle to get going.
I’ve decided that I will continue this into Feb. only thing I might add back is a morning cup of coffee as well as herbal tea and some spices. I think that’s called “relaxed carnivore”. The dairy I’m completely fine without.
I still get a great deal of satisfaction, strange I know, when I look at my carb manager app every day and see that I’ve still had ZERO carbs during the month of Jan.
This coming weekend I have to go out and buy myself some clothes to wear, I’ve started looking like a hobo lately due to my clothes being so loose and simply being much too big for me now.
Anyway today I will be having ribeye along with chicken drumsticks.


wonderful post KD and I am thrilled to read you are thriving on Lion!

Many zc’ers just thrive on red meats. Lion diet is a normal every day for so many of us :sunny:

Key thought is IF you want a tad of variety to use up the freezer contents, USE that other meat as a side item. Big steak, little chicken on side. Big roast, little seafood on side. Big beef ribs, little pork on side. You can easily use up that food if you combo just a little.

That is how I came into zc into my 3rd year in. I was all ribeyes, all the time. Thrived like no tomorrow on those but I also did small sides of seafood, chick or whatever, I never made it the meal, I made all the other stuff sides to my massive ribeyes and let me tell ya KD I can look back and KNOW I was at my zc best for my well being.

Now you got me thinking big on this! I might just repeat my best zc times and go for it. Lion February for me coming!!! I will absolutely support you thru Feb cause I will be doing Lion right with ya :sunny: if you so choose to keep going. I have no issues tackling that easily!! and thru your journey you could be bringing me back straight to my best zc life ever so, win win for us both :star_struck:

I so loved your post also! You are a carnivore thriver too! When this lifestyle suits a person we know it real fast, we feel it right down to our individual cells and our changes we see and feel as just part of our eternal being. Vibrancy, vitality, energy, movement, well being in mind, and more is truly what us carnivores love and we won’t be giving it up, once here, not many ever go backward cause, why ruin the best lifestyle one can have if this plan suits them so well? I know I won’t ever leave :slight_smile:

Happy to read your report and you will keep on going strong with me into Feb cause I am going Lion cause KD just inspired me to think back to my best and it was always ribeyes, ribeyes, ribeyes!

We all can roar thru Feb and give good support to each to make those little changes we want for being our best on carnivore lifestyle!

------------------SO ALL the great posts got me motivated right back up. I can flounder on zc when I go off my best way to eat and I KNOW what it is but other seafood and meats and BBQ take away and more call my name but ya know, I wanna go back to best for me.

our group is the best and so inspiring truly!

(Daisy) #270

:confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: yay!!!

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Linda, first of all, I cannot imagine your panic. We once moved only a mile away and one of our cats got freaked out and would not come in. I went by several times a day for a week and finally had to scramble into a bush and tackle… seemed like he went feral in that short amount of time. Of course, new owners and a dog were already in his old house. Ugh. Torture.
Sidewalk face plants are the worst! Silver lining is you didn’t break anything.
Am I right in that you still had your home in Florida? I remember you had quite the ordeal surrounding jobs, houses, etc.
This will all soon be in your rear view mirror, literally. And thankfully. Whew! You got this!


My collie Reggie went missing for a few days and I was beside myself in that this dog never did anything ever ya know and never left the property but as he got older he went a tad further and he got locked into someone’s garage next door and when they opened the garage door a few days later (big winter cold, many not moving) he came home and yet I still asked neighbors about it and they were like YEA we had Reggie in our garage and took care of him and I was like ?? Hmm…freaked me the heck out.

Pets are family for many, that wander will go bad one day ya know when they won’t come back so control it all best we can :sunny:

(Robin) #273

CRAZY DUMB NEIGHBORS! Good job on taking care of Reggie, but not contacting you???

(Judy Thompson) #274

Thank you!
We go out to eat at breweries mostly, went yesterday and going today. Yesterday I got tritips. Today, whatever I get, I won’t have sides. I got them but didn’t eat them much anyway. Since I’ve made the decision, and know I have better food at home, there’s no need to eat the sides at the restaurant!

(Judy Thompson) #275

Thanks KD, I feel the support and enjoyed every post. I’m impressed not just that there are so many ways to do ZC, and that you’ve done it every possible way in 2 years, but also that it’s still a personal journey for every person.
—For now, switching from beer @breweries and gin/lc tonic @home, to scotch and soda, sometimes just soda. Hubby loves his beer, if I’m not drinking he goes elsewhere at night. For 5 years starting in 2002 I was in FA, a 12 step weight loss group. Hubby went to the bar every night. He’s all about comraderie so I guess I can nurse a ZC drink and make him happy :slight_smile:



I’m experiencing the opposite to the rest of you; I sleep quite a lot. I use an app to count sleep cycles because after years of experimenting, I discovered that if I wake up at the end of a cycle, I feel better than if I’m in a deep sleep in the middle of a cycle.

A cycle is 90 minutes. You should allow 15 minutes to fall asleep.

So if you wanted to wake at 8am, your options are:

3 sleep cycles: 3.15 am
4 sleep cycles: 1.45 am
5 sleep cycles: 12.15 pm
6 sleep cycles: 10.45 pm

I can handle 4 sleep cycles but I feel a bit subpar.
I do very well on 5 sleep cycles.
I do best on a swap between 5/6 - so half the week have 5, half the week have 6.

But this week I’ve been all over the shop - feeling overtired in the evening, brain buzzing when I get into bed, not waking up before the alarm, and finding it hard work to get out of bed.

I was puzzling over it, but then I remembered that I got my booster last weekend. I reckon it might just be that and it’ll shake out to normal again next week.

Might have a lie in tomorrow though, seeing as I can. (Bet I wake up at 7.30am completely naturally.)

(Mary Donovan) #277

That is ridiculous! My two digs are my life and I would be devastated if they were missing. If I found out that my neighbors had them, I would be highly ticked off! So glad your pup came home!

(Mary Donovan) #278

Thank you for your kind and concerned reply. I do appreciate it! I probably should have shared more about myself from the beginning. I apologize that I didn’t. This forum is all new to me. I have wonderful doctors who have seen for years that my very low carb lifestyle is saving my life. I will be very careful and continue to trust the healing and my body to adapt.

I welcome feedback from anyone anytime. That is how I learn. You are awesome! All of you!

(Edith) #279

Hummmmm… I had really bad joint pain in my feet and ankles after my vaccination, which was during the Christmas holidays. I’ve been having a hard time getting up since the start of the new year. I’m usually up before 5 am. I thought it was because of the weather and dark days of winter. Maybe it’s from lingering effects of the boost shot.


No Food Until Sunset :smiley: I will change it to something else later but it’s so early nowadays… And I still can get easily triggered at lunchtime…

You are right, of course, we change! No cream is super easy for me now. Cheese isn’t needed and I suspect it doesn’t satiate me well (impossible to test as the amount is so tiny, 10g-20g on cheesy days) but it gives me variety, it can be substituted with various things… I have very limited carnivore options right now so cheese it is. Or worse. I need to go back to my original strict carnivore, maybe with some processed meat, only eggs and meat doesn’t work for me for long yet.

We have sun ALL DAY every day lately, wow.

3MAD today with much food but nothing outrageously much. My roast is awesome and I love my eggs as well. I just couldn’t resist to eat scrambled eggs with extra yolks…
One day I will get my act together…

(Karen) #281

Had a good day but it was a damp foggy day and very cold. Nothing has died in the garden as yet :crossed_fingers: I go out and inspect it every day now hahaha

Pharmacist phoned me this morning and I popped in to the surgery to see him this afternoon taking my BP monitor with me to see how it compared to his monitor and it was only a couple of digits different so we assume from that that my monitor is fairly accurate! So it is my BP that is erratic and spikes and not the monitor being wrong hmmm but he said so long as any spikes reduce back to normal fairly quickly I am okay. So I am going to take reading every day for a couple of weeks and then see him again and we can decide whether we have to adjust meds. He said if they are normal more and returning to normal quickly after spiking then I may be doing more harm than good taking more meds. I don’t want to be rushing in there. Suits me I don’t like taking meds. He was lovely… gosh I say that about everyone don’t I but everyone has been lovely and very supportive.

Also had another call from my line manager and we agreed I would turn up at 10am and he would meet me outside the prison gate and take me in. They have changed to gate to an enhanced security gate (which apparently it should have been since the place opened as it is a B Cat (one down from top security) and he didn’t want me standing in a queue and getting pounced on, in a nice way, from my colleagues.

So today I have tried to eat more, not sure whether the new meds I’ve been given are causing my appetite loss and feeling full much quicker. Appetite loss and weight gain are 2 of the possible side affects! Funny how meds cover every possible side affect… so we can blame them if we put in weight and also blame them if we lose weight hahaha. I try not to even think about side affects unless something happens that I can’t explain in any other way. So brunch at 11.30am was just a pack of brunswick ham, thin sliced and about 5 slices… not a lot in the pack … poss 100-150g.

Dinner about 430pm 1 sirloin steak very rare… almost blue and 2 cold cooked chicken thighs. Had to work on that lot and it wasn’t A LOT! A bit of cheddar to follow as I like the change in taste… wasnt eaten through hunger.