Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022



The thing that jumped out at me was the raw beef liver.

I know it’s popular in some carnivore communities, but I would always err on the side of caution and fully cook any organs before eating them. I personally feel that the risk of food poisoning outweighs any supposed benefits of eating raw, whether it’s fresh or frozen.

(Will) #242

Found some flanken style ribs at my local grocery store this morning, I have never had them, had to look them up to see exactly what they were. What caught my eye was the nice marbling. From what I read they have very nice flavor. I’ll be grilling these along with a ribeye today. I also found some back ribs that I’m going to put in my crockpot with my homemade bone broth, just to see what I come up with, never had those either.

(Mary Donovan) #243

Stocked up on beef yesterday! I have a whole upright freezer and a back up refrigerator with more freezer space. I have a local farm who can supply me with clean and grass fed meats. I looked at the store last night and saw that some of the jars of lard had sugar and dextrose! Double the sugar??!! Yuck! Also the lard in the store has BHT and some other preservative. I would rather go and buy some pork fat, plop it in the crock pot and render my own.

I bought a pack of uncured sugar free bacon and used some of that fat to make eggs this morning.

Food for today is eggs in bacon grease, beef chuck roast and rib eye for dinner
Water to drink

Only working one job today for 12 hrs. I look forward to getting some much needed sleep.

(Robin) #244

I haven’t heard of flanked steaks either, be interested in what you think. Ribs… how can you go wrong?

(Mary Donovan) #245

Sounds wonderful! Can you or anyone else please share how you make your bone broth? I have had some from the store before and I didn’t care for it at all.
Thanks in advance!

(Polly) #246

Try this book by Sally Fallon Morrell:
Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World
which tells you everything you might need to know about making your own broth.

(Daisy) #247

Apparently I can not quote multiple people at the same time anymore… @VirginiaEdie so I will just mention you here :joy:
It’s definitely a reaction to those brands of melatonin. Last night, I took my old melatonin with the same high dose of magnesium and no problems. The same reaction I’ve had every time I’ve taken this exact product combination: 4 blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep! So I may just have to accept the less than ideal ingredients in this one. I’m going to try a couple other brands, but if those give me the same reactions, I’m going to stick to this one that I know works.

(Daisy) #248


These are what I’ve been eating all week! They are delicious! I’ve only had one time that they were disgusting, a few weeks ago. Every other time they are absolutely delicious. I make mine in the air fryer at 450 for about 15 minutes!

(Daisy) #249

If you have access to Instagram, I have a couple batches worth of instructions saved to my highlights. I also have an old YouTube video that probably isn’t exactly how I still make it, but pretty close! Let me see if I can post links…

I skimmed the video, it’s almost 2 years old so I have made some tweaks. I now use Morton lite salt and I cook it for 2 hours and 12 minutes now and let it sit on warm for a couple more hours. The ig link I posted was from last week, so very current!

(Will) #250

Good idea I didn’t think about cooking those in the air fryer. I’m looking forward to having this for the first time

(Karen) #251

Well I ate just 2 pork chop yesterday and a bit of cheese and a bit of ham oh and a hard boiled egg before bed. Had the worse night ever. 3am downstairs watching a documentary went back to bed at 4am but couldn’t get back to sleep so got up again at 4.20am and was downstairs till 5.45am. Back to bed and restless till I got up at 9.20. Cancelled the CF class at 4am and thought if I slept okay after I got back to bed then I would just turn up in morning if I was feeling up to it but nope that didn’t happen. My occy therapist woke me with a phone call at 9am and I got up at 9.20 and Di stair runs. Feeling the effects of a bad sleep now and will be in bed early.

Did some more potting and got all the plants from the hall outside and they look sweet.

Had brunch of a bit of cheese at 1130 then had the remaining 4 pork chops at 3.45. Cooked up some more hard boiled eggs for the fridge. Feeling a bit bloated which isn’t really like me.20220113_171117

(Mary Donovan) #252

Thanks so much!


2100 kcal, TMAD. I shouldn’t underestimate my need for meat. I fried 383g and it wasn’t enough for dinner after a light lunch. Close but not quite. The oven takes ages.
I had similar problems at the end of lunch but I had a sponge cake I could eat it with cheese and I was fine for hours.
I am not into eggs right now but I can eat meat in bigger quantities.

I think I will have another very very satiated and satisfied evening food wise, I liked the pork. I almost liked the amount too…

Tomorrow should be the day when I do things right. NOFUSS OMAD, no calories drunk (I had leftover today), focus on my pork roast.
And a nice workout too :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #254

Day 15 #liondiet #fulldayofeating : meal one was Denver steaks and raw beef liver. Meal two was bone broth jello and flanken ribs. From my sleep journal: Supplements: 10 mg melatonin from my old bottle, 800 mg magnesium. Taken around 9. Went to bed at 9:48, with earplugs, on my back, prayer and breath work. Fell asleep very quickly. Slept until 1:34 (this has been my consistent result taking this exact combination!), up to pee and right back to sleep. Woke around 3:30, but didn’t get up. Rather restless sleep from there until alarm went off at 5:14. Every time I have taken this exact combination, I get 4 hours straight and it’s literally the only time I do. Every other night for 21 years has been 1-2 hours at a time. I have been trying to replicate it with a different brand of melatonin because this bottle has soybean oil in it. Definitely not an ideal ingredient, but every other brand I’ve tried so far has given me adverse effects. I will keep trying other brands while falling back on this one to get that precious 4 hours uninterrupted!


I don’t even wanna track. I got hungry and massively overate. Mostly using almost carni food (I had no meat just boiled eggs and fatty fish spread). I never had this on carnivore-ish, I wasn’t this bad on keto unless I intentionally consumed too much added fat (like on my chocolate day once). But I won’t lose now. I will do NOFUSS from now on, no matter what and tomorrow is a nice day to try meat only or close. As I dislike eggs and love meat right now and I will have a big roast (my roast making times are complicated for reasons, it’s started but will be finished tomorrow evening).
So I attack at every front and we will see. I had enough of this useless struggle. Since I went keto, I just eat more and more… Okay, not when something drastic happens but that’s short-lived.

But I wasn’t enervated since… long. I obviously don’t have much energy as I never have but maybe even that seems to change… Cool.
Good thing my weight and fat still isn’t primary problem :smiley:
But tomorrow’s workout better be great and I gain some more muscles! :smiley:

(Edith) #257

Could it be that you are not eating enough during the day? When you don’t eat enough and your blood sugar drops during the wee hours of the morning, it causes a cortisol/stress response. The cortisol surge wakes you up and makes it difficult to fall back to sleep.

Could that be a contributing factor to your sleep problems?

(Linda ) #258

So much stress lately trying to pack up to head home to Florida husband let jake and chacha out three times yesterday i was up for what felt like half the night walking the streets with no luck gave up at 1am after tripping on uneven concrete and going splat on the side walk… Lucky it was dark and no one saw lol…
5.30 chacha came scratching at the door but no jake so hubby went out no success and we he got back out I went with no luck…
I got home and said to my husband I’m not leaving nebraska til we find him…
at about 7 am some guy found him so we got him back but so much time lost with walking the streets will be an extra day in nebraska. But im happy to have them home.
Food today was half rack of ribs no sauce 2nd meal was alfredo chicken no noodles

I’m so ready to go home now before we lose jake again lol… but on a bright note even though I’ve got so many bruises and inflammation from the fall…I got Lot of exercise lol…


Mary, that is a lot to deal with, and you are still working 3 active jobs. The flags go up, with concerns for adrenal fatigue. The carnivore diet can be a good elimination diet, but one has to be careful as it may effect adrenal function, depending upon the body’s response. In short, some people will respond with a “stress response” to a large diet change. You do not list any adrenal hormone problems. The list is immune system and inflammation oriented. So, a clean carnivore diet used as an elimination diet, eliminating inflammatory substances in other foods, is a good step. But it probably needs doing carefully with a physician who is low-carb knowledgeable, can order and track bio-markers, and on-board with the effort, I think.

(Judy Thompson) #260

Hi, I’ve been on KF for a few years but only carnivore since yesterday. I started reading this thread yesterday morning and finally got through all 258 posts a minute ago. Fascinating and what a great community!

I saw an article at the grocery checkout on PSMF on Dec 30, read up on it and started it Jan 1st. But for me, 20g fat is NOT acceptable. I lasted 11 miserable days and ate 2 dozen egg whites, the yolks of which can finally be used!
Maria Emmerich led me from PSMF into Carnivore, whew! Close call.
After 10 or 12 years of lc/keto, terminating the 50+ years of dieting - I want to believe that I’m finally home!
I look forward to spending a lot more time here.

(Karen) #261

I can stuff my face till the minute I go to bed and still sleep bad… food quantity seems to make no difference food quality ? …well that may be different. Forgot to mention I also had a mug of chicken stock prior to the bad night and chicken seems to affect my sleep … I can’t eat eat too close to bedtime. I had a mug full yesterday but earlier in the day and had a good sleep last night only getting up for a wee 3 times and got back to sleep each time w/o probs. I dreamt those crazy dreams still but I knew I had slept a pretty good sleep … probably so tired from night before. I went up at 7.30pm dropped off just after 8pm.