Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Karen) #221

I feel for you it takes so much trial and error trying to get it right. I love getting into my bed at night especially around the 8/9 o’clock mark but I hate the thought of what a long night it will be… even if I go to bed after 10 or 11 I wake just as many times makes no odds whatsoever. The sleep clinic gave me some sound advice but not the advice I could take with the hours I worked etc but will definitely trial their advice when I retire gully. Being a prison officer I have to have my wits about me and feel able to tackle anything thats thrown my way, not become complacent which tiredness can obviously do. Just as well I am partially retired and can grab some shut eye if needed. Even these 3 months I have been off recovering from the stroke I have very quickly slipped back into the erratic sleep pattern… First few weeks after my blip I had some great nights sleep! Hey ho it is what it is. 18 months and I will be fully retired if they don’t medically retire me before that! X

(Karen) #222

Well I have had both the stroke registrars and cardiologists tel appts now and they both seem very happy with my recovery and progress. Both very pleased that I am making good headway with my exercising again. The cardiologist said my stroke was cause by the atrial fibrillation and went into more depth explaining it. Both asked what I do for work when I said I return Monday they both said Oh! Hmmmm yep can’t get much more stress than in that place and thats what I have to avoid at all costs! The cardiologist said I wasn’t showing any signs of arythmia in the 24hr heart monitor and the echogram was all good but said that I just have to be aware it could happen again. Both seemed okay about me doing my CrossFit and doing the handstands again. I guessed from what they said that I was actually exercising more than they were! At least I feel that this has nothing to do with eating carnivore. So many people jumped on that one when it happened! They always want to blame what you’re eating haha. Tbh Although I was sure it had nothing to do with food it didn’t stop me having that speckle of doubt creeping in.

Busy bee again today so just sitting outside in the sun while having a brew and writing this. Going to meet my daughter at the spa just after 4pm yesss! Been back to wilkos and bought the remaining 3 conifers that I saw hiding under the bottom shelf yesterday then went to get Raymond to Doctors appt and home again, then to G/C to pick up the right compost for my cordylines. I bought 2 yesterday and have 2 ordered from QVC. Of course when I got to G/C I passed some little pots of cyclamen and they smelt so fragrant so I couldn’t resist and as I have seen how hardy the one I got a while back is I bought 9! Couldn’t decide on what colour so had to get one of each lol.

I will plant them tomorrow or Friday.

Just had a bit of cheese (1430hrs) and will have basted pork chops when I return from the spa. i have 6 defrosted waiting to be cooked and may just eat every one lol … we will see!

(Will) #223

Good morning all, very busy day today, great thing is I have plenty of energy to tackle these busy days. Today’s menu is 1.5lb of ribeye along with shrimp. Have a great day


4:50pm, still satiated, it’s a NOFUSS day, yay! I felt some not proper hunger and borderline temptation after I cooked for both of us (I mean, separate dishes though Alvaro had carnivore protein too, the boring cheesy egg whites only he can enjoy), lunchtime is the same time when my perfect satiation wavers and my state becomes neutral with the occasional tiny but not urging hunger… So temptation is possible but I don’t actually need food yet. It can go either way but today I was firm :slight_smile:

I barely have any meat left and I make my next roast on Saturday so some beef is defrosting, I can’t live on eggs and organs alone!

Sunny frosty day again, I walked a bit.

I have multiple kinds of fried liver-pork-egg things. I try to figure out which works best. Probably the one with least liver and most eggs, meat and spice… That’s the prettiest too.

Now I LOST the CF card of the camera somehow. Oh well.
And Tofu ate some of my food, chew others, fortunately it was the plate with eggs and I already decided to go and buy eggs tomorrow (good as now I have 1 egg left).
I ate after 5pm. I lost my appetite in no time but still needed food so it was difficult and not 100% carnivore (especially not no dairy :frowning: ) but I did well enough. I fried all my leftover mincemeat, the beef was too frozen but good as I only fried a bit, half is for the cats, this part is way too chewy, it will need hours… It’s good for stews, not so much for a quick bite. But the edible part was nice.

But I accepted my defeat and tomorrow will be a big roast day! I need it.

(The spoiler is about my too great cooking challenges when we run out of some very important item. And I already complicated my life with mixed fried things with liver lately… I am tired of these.)

[spoiler]I need the simple solution what a roast can provide especially that Alvaro’s sweets are in danger due to an almost complete lack of coconut oil, therefore chocolate. And he needs chocolate for life, he tried to explain that everything else (especially any fruity dessert) is acidic for him but I couldn’t follow. Last thing I remember regarding these things was that sweets are very much needed to give him enough nutrients without cooking hours a day (that we sometimes still do).

I am sooo lucky I don’t need chocolate and sweets just to stay alive… I don’t even need 2 different carby side dishes with my meat! Though I still can’t eat meat all alone and nothing else all day.

So I chose not to complicate my life even more, I have meat, Alv already has his food for the next 2 days except sweets but I have super quick ideas. He will survive it somehow. And my poor brain will regenerate from all the thinking. I like thinking, really but not when it’s some almost mission impossible regarding carbs and Alvaro’s special choosiness. He isn’t particularly choosy but he has his rules. Like chocolate is life or something. It’s serious panic state now without any… He even wondered about BUYING some and it’s serious as he pretty much hates and avoid added sugar (but he sacrifices himself sometimes). Maybe the shop has one without it? I don’t care, I just want peace after I figured out which are the 2 possibly desserts without chocolate for him for the next 2 days. I really doubt there are any more… :D[/spoiler]

I had coffee today, tentatively, with yolks… But nope, it’s a bad one. I stop it now.

(Mary Donovan) #225

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to make the time to check in here and let you know that I have been adjusting well from sloppy low carb/keto to carnivore. I had decided to make the commitment from the very beginning that I was going to dive in with both feet. I have been eating only animal meat, eggs. The added fat to cook the eggs in has been olive oil and that is the only thing I am not sure about with being carnivore. I don’t have to add fat into any of my other foods as I choose to stay with fatty cuts of meat and don’t drain them.

In just 9 days, my weight has decreased more, no GI upsets like I used to have with eating vegetables and low carb, calmer mood, and usually more energy.

I have MS, Hashimoto’s, IBS-C, PCOS, and possibly RA. My body is already thanking me for making the commitment to change. Fatigue is what I struggle with the most. I surrendered caffeine about 2-3 months ago and will not go there again. I work 3 jobs and am very active in all of them. I used to sleep horribly and have slept like a baby the past three nights.

So, I am “lurking” mainly because I am still learning the ropes. I do want to thank each one of you for posting. I am learning tons and also have so much more to learn. I look forward to the day when I am not working so much and can contribute more regularly. I am here with the hopes that this commitment to change will help me to physically and emotionally feel better. So far so good! Thank goodness!

(UsedToBeT2D) #226

Butter might be preferred over olive oil for many Carnivores.

(Linda ) #227

My dr allows olive oil/ and coconut oil/ advocado oil bacon grease and tallow

I tend to use tallow or bacon grease

So I been pretty strict last couple days with a cup chai tea with cream and sweatner ughhh yeah I know but it’s the cold and my cold drinks don’t cut it…meat has been lamb and more lamb …pants that were tight not any more so prob bloating from the flavored pork rinds…

But few more days and I’ll be out of the cold and old drinks will be all I need…

(Mary Donovan) #228

Thanks for the suggestion!


Olive oil isn’t carnivore but it probably doesn’t cause any problems for most of us (well I hate the flavor with a passion :smiley: but I don’t get unwell from it) and that’s the main thing, not being perfect lil carnivores (that I probably never will be and never really want to, actually. But I definitely converge to it).
There are so many great animal fats but each to their own. Animal fats has their unique flavors anyway… I use butter for dessert like things (like eggy coffee if I still drink those, dessert egg milks - as there are savory egg milks, oh my, I didn’t make those since ages!) and lard for scrambled eggs and fried meat if that needs extra fat. But with my fatty meats I don’t need more than minimal added fat.

(Mary Donovan) #230

I will probably switch to Lard which definitely tastes better. I would rather put it all out there and get constructive and helpful feedback to help me along in this journey! Thanks for the suggestions! I agree with you…yuck in the olive oil!

(Daisy) #231

Lard, bacon grease, or butter are the tastiest things to cook eggs in my opinion! I have a bottle of olive oil in my cabinet that I was going to use to coat a prime rib over the holidays and remembered reading how it goes rancid easily. I smelled it and it was in fact rancid. I used butter instead and my husband said it was the tastiest one I’ve made so far AND it didn’t make either of us sick! Last few I’ve made, he said it tasted better than Texas Roadhouse, which is his favorite, but it always made us sick. Now I realize it was the rancid olive oil that was making us sick!!

Day 14 Lion diet: meal one was top sirloin and bone broth jello. Meal two was flanken ribs. It’s been 2 whole weeks on the lion diet, longest I’ve gone so far! Honestly it has been so easy, I haven’t even wanted anything else! I feel really good, I feel leaner and strong. Obviously my sleep has not resolved on lion diet as I hoped it would, but I’m still making tweaks, trying to help it. Sleep last night: Supplements: 10 mg melatonin, 800 mg magnesium. Took those around 7:15. In bed around 8:30, had been hit with a wave of nausea while doing evening workout. On back with earplugs. Prayer and breath. Fell asleep very quickly. Woke at 9:30 with urgent bowel distress! Up again at 11:09 with itchy extremities. Put on cortisol. Another no to this melatonin…I will be returning this one also. Up again at 1 with cramps, put on magnesium tallow balm. Awake a couple more times but not out of bed. Woke from deep sleep with alarm at 5:14. Tonight I will use the one I’ve had for a couple years that I know doesn’t affect me. I don’t like the ingredients, but it works and it doesn’t negatively affect me. Both of these that I bought this week were 10 mg extended release, so maybe that is the problem? I will include 2 pictures that were the answer to a conversation I had with a friend today. I do apologize for the tmi, as I talk much of :poop: myself :joy:


Lard can be horrible too. The stuff in the supermarkets here (not even full lard, they put some dairy in it if I remember correctly, WHY?), that’s awful according to my memories. All the lard from home-raised pigs were lovely.
I get my lard from a pig farm and that’s nice as well with lots of brown parts… As I get the cheaper and better lard that met cracklings more intimately than the others (as far as I know, all lard is made similarly, side item of making cracklings or vice versa but the cracklings are way more expensive), once I found one in it…

And when I bought a tiny super fatty piglet, that produced the smoothest nicest lard. My normal one is grainier but good.

Butter and lard are both tasty but they are tasty differently - and butter and butter is different just like lard and lard… But I never met bad butter, maybe neutral, meh one but bad…? If the watered down abomination I don’t call butter doesn’t count. We have 60% fat watered butter here, once I accidentally bought it as I wasn’t careful, that wasn’t nice.

(Robin) #233

Oh, elusive sleep. I struggled for years. I finally started taking an anti-anxiety med (Clonazepam), and I am NOT anxious… but when I lie down to sleep, I swear the my brain gets flipped to the ON position. Think think think, not about worries ( I’ve never been one to worry) but any old thing. It’s amazing how quiet my head is now. What a relief.

And now that I am retired, I am trying to be more consistent in bedtime and wake time. Creating that habit has helped too. And a more consistent exercise schedule. I hope you find the same relief when you retire.

(Robin) #234

I was so happy to begin collecting bacon grease again when I went keto. when I was a kid, everyone saved their grease for cooking. I agree… bacon grease is heavenly.

(Edith) #235

Are you sure the bowel distress is not from taking such a large does of magnesium before bed?

(Edith) #236

I spread it on pork rinds like butter. Sooooo good!


I dislike bacon grease even more than bacon itself (okay, I don’t dislike bacon, it’s just meh. all my normal items are way better, bacon is merely crunchy and adds a tiny variety but the amount is negligible and it’s too fatty so not very useful). Sometimes I wonder what kind of bacon you guys have there… Though I am very sure I am simply more like a chuck person :slight_smile:

I don’t know if people had bacon grease here, many just ate pork belly fat raw (or fried with eggs). No leftover fat, it’s the normal for me. But surely some people ate pork fat differently. We probably hadn’t actual bacon, just that pork belly with skin and different amounts of meat (like zero, that was wildly popular and I never liked it), raw or smoked, in slabs. Frying it on open fire was the default activity on open fire. Some fat inevitably went to the fire, the rest on a slice of bread… It was fun but I still disliked it without any meat. Even meatier pork belly is just too fatty to me.

I tracked, I ate around 2000 kcal for my somewhat elongated dinner (biggish meal, break, a bit more. getting satiated wasn’t so easy). Well I surely was SUPER satiated all evening, I definitely couldn’t eat so nighttime eating didn’t happen. Yay. I like when I am just perfect and my mind doesn’t care about food.
Tomorrow I won’t drink calories either and stop frying everything, my added fat intake went up in the last 2 days but I managed to eat the leftover pork skin (that’s always nice :D) and some pork liver.

And I go and get some eggs as I totally run out of it.

I probably will need processed meat soon as I can’t get satiated with eggs and proper meat alone, I get super bored of both before I manage to get satiated, at least on most days. So it’s processed meat or something definitely non-carnivore (usually sweet desserts, they work wonderfully when I am bored of food but it’s so sad to use them just because I have no other chance). Or some valiant struggle but I am over that point.
Maybe I will get better at this later. I plan another strict carni attempt in March. As I still don’t wanna give up January so February will be my total freedom and stuff. (It probably won’t be much different from January.)

Still hoping OMAD will solve my problems. It makes perfect sense.

(Daisy) #238

I’ve taken that dose of magnesium glycinate for 3 years with no issue

(Edith) #239

Well, just remember, our bodies do change over time. It could be that you no longer need such a large dose and your bowels are letting you know. :grinning:


very true what VE said. We change. Absolutely. So any supps etc one takes might need to be looked at definitely!!

-------------fast post

have to hit the road, go check the lake house etc.

we got 10-15 inches snow coming at us on sunday night. Kill me please. You would THINK I live in the friggin’ South :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t wait til retirement rolls closer. I AM OUTTA here.

@Azi, believe me I will probably be your neighbor in Florida! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Today I got simple again. Simple does ME BEST
nice NY Strip steak and alot of hamburger

I hit the store and shelves of crap were wiped out but I stocked up on big meat for my freezer. Let 'em eat cake and get sicker, for me the meat aisle was stocked and I got what I required.

You yell SNOW down South and the area goes absolutely insane in a split second and stores are being wiped out instantly and that is just what is happening. Good thing I don’t eat that crap LOL I did put in a small supply of pasta for family. Good they can live now HAHA

Carnivore on strong everyone!
We are doing fantastic in this Jan challenge!! Strong people wanting changes and are taking actions to do just that!