Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022


(Linda ) #201

I was just asking I saw a youtube of steak n butter gal she did 30 days of chicken because after 3/4 years of beef she can’t eat it anymore
For now at least …she was eating 3lbs of chicken a day wings and chicken legs so I thought I’d bring it up…
Something I’ve considered is buying bulk chicken maybe 5lbs or 6lbs or so and eat that for a day or two…
3 or 4 pieces or so don’t work for me but maybe in bulk they might idk …lamb works but I will be heading home this week …

Our house here goes on market tomorrow … Showings start Friday so we will be leaving latest thursday afternoon…so hopefully be home in florida by this weekend.

(Robin) #202

Nothing better than content dogs. Must have had some adventures.

(Edith) #203

I went through a phase of chicken wings and thighs. I could eat them every day. I guess I overdid it one week and I suddenly found chicken thighs repulsive. I’m currently not too fond of wings either. Now I am enjoying breast meat which I wouldn’t touch before. :woman_shrugging:

I hope your home sells quickly.


I am so not like those people :smiley: I would rather fast for 30 days :smiley: And I really, really, really would be miserable then. But I would survive. (Oh my god, I would be so panicked about my tiiiny muscles I got… Okay, maybe I would try the chicken sometimes. But it would be quite horrible.)

I never could eat 20-30 eggs and nothing else for a month either… I couldn’t ever do a DAY on eggs only… A tiny meal is possible, a big one isn’t.

My current default “eggs and pork” (meat but I only ate pork this far) is the strictest I can do… For a few days, at least, a whole month is too much.

I like variety but I pretty much hate chicken now. Anything but that. I rather eat pork liver and I pretty much dislike that too but I still have a lot and I made a pâté again and it’s edible :smiley: It took insane amounts of fat (relatively. I made a small portion, just enough for 4 sponge cake muffins) and it’s still a bit dry, IDK how that thing does it…
I can be quite hateful and stubborn if a food really disappoints me. I don’t want to see chicken in 2022 and pork liver ever but I surely will eat at least one of them at a relative. It’s okay, those versions are better than mine.

(Will) #205

Good morning, the past couple of days I’ve noticed that it’s taking much less food to be fully satiated. I’m on 18/6 usually 2 meals during that 6 hour period. My concern is that these past couple of days I’ve only been able to manage around 1200 calories between those 2 meals. I’m afraid that’s not enough to continue losing the fat that I know I’m losing but again I feel completely satisfied and have no hunger whatsoever. Any suggestions?


Oh I had such days in the beginning. ME, the queen of overeating, undereating! It was surreal but abandoning my vegs for meat was already surreal.

Couple of days, I did that. And then I got hungry and had a heavier day. IDK if you will have that but I never can undereat for long. And whenever I see I already had 2 low-cal days, I use my very dense, very palatable items, eat whenever I can, as much as I can or something. I am so experienced, I know what I can use to boost my calories, almost no matter what.

Everyone slims down (oh, that’s so euphemistic in that situation…) while starving, by the way as we can’t make energy from nothing. There may be some odd calorie intake range where it doesn’t happen to everyone, though (I hardly have that as my metabolism is pretty reluctant to slow down, according to my tiny experiences and my SO had the same, he lost fat crazy fast while starving not completely, i.e. he ate just little. but we are simple like that)… But lack of fat-loss shouldn’t be our primary reason to do our best to avoid starvation. It’s not healthy.

Hunger… No matter what they say, you shouldn’t follow your hunger or appetite or whatever blindly. My hunger often goes on holiday. I still need to eat properly. Some people never have any hunger, days pass and nothing. I personally have this “need to eat” feeling, it’s just not accompanied with the feeling of hunger. But when I underate, I truly felt I am fine and practically couldn’t eat more. It was very odd but passed. Oh so passed, I eat WAY more now.

Maybe you can grab some tempting dense bites even without hunger? In the beginning meat easily gave me a stop sign and I often had shockingly tiny meals. So I ate 5 times a day (sometimes), I needed my food… If I can’t eat more at once, I need more meals.
But maybe you should focus on different items. Fattier meat or some extra fat on your food… Probably most of us have more and less satiating, more or less tempting items.

(UsedToBeT2D) #207

Maybe listen to the body for a bit?


No suggestions. This is your body healing and changing. You just continue to eat as you need. Do not put ANY stock in kcals or how often you eat and do not get in your own way right now :slight_smile: Best for carnivore at all times is eat as you need…never force any changes at all. New people on carnivore need to do only 1 thing. Eat when hungry. Do not eat when not hungry. That truly is the best way forward. New on plan alot more changes and flips and feelings and healing are going to come to you…key factor is don’t overthink any of them at all…remember again 1 thing, eat all you need when ya need it, don’t eat when you don’t need it :slight_smile:

Agree with KT on this one, follow your body. Simple as that. Carnivore should not be manipulated truly, mostly that is all about new people. When years into plan you can monkey a tad, lol, but even then we must be careful doing just that.

I was one to live on chicken thighs and wings only. Loved it, til I hated it. Then I ate ribeyes only in my day for the longest time. Then I flipped to pork pork pork. And then I hit into tons of seafood with any meat I ate, surf and turf was my thing. SO EVERYONE just eat as you desire, eat all you need and don’t look back at any time :slight_smile: Your body is telling you things, just eat what it wants and you can never go wrong on this lifestyle.

-------------yesterday was simple for me

today will be very simple also

don’t know why but getting good sleep. 6.5 hrs. is a biggie for me

I think clean simple eating works absolute best for me. I am loving doing just that

got 3 smaller NY Strips steaks for food plus got some burger meat.
Beef is the word for me today!

Rock it out guys!!!


I posted this in zero carb videos, tips for new people to this lifestyle.
Kelly and Dr Ken!

(Will) #210

Thanks everybody. I am definitely learning what it means to listen to my body. Physically I feel so much better, I know I’m on the right track. So far a whopping ZERO carbs in January.

(Robin) #211

I’m assuming your market is hot there, like the rest of the country. You should have no trouble selling your home, and probably for more than you ask. Good luck!

(Robin) #212

I will occasionally have a period of time where my body sends definite signals of hunger. I usually comply and feel better for it, with no damage done. Same can be said for signals to not eat. But there are exceptions, as always.

You are smart to keep an eye on your calories. When your appetite wanes, it’s too easy to eat too little. Which is fine for a day or two, but you can sabotage yourself if you consistently are low on fuel.

What I need to be leery of is late night signals to eat, as I was always a late night grazer and that was a big part of my weight challenge.

The great thing about this woe is you have the freedom to tweak some things and see how it works.


I got hungry and ate at 1pm. Oh well.
I run out of the drinkable coffee, yay! :smiley: But I like to drink some foamy stuff so I had an egg milk. I put a tiny bad coffee into it (I never ever will buy some unknown coffee again…), oh it works but it has no coffee taste so it’s pointless. Yay 2!
So here comes my no coffee time! I run out of pork skin and everything extra to eat so I go back to eggs and pork now. Maybe with spice when the dish requires it.
I can eat boiled eggs again, yay 3!
Food is nice now. And I finished the last, lean part of my chewy pork chuck roast (yay4). I don’t want roasts now, I will fry pork shoulders in tiny cubes and minced.
It will be good. I have pork tongue, I will buy chicken liver and turkey wings, I still didn’t touch the beef… I don’t worry about my near future. (I have too much pork liver in my freezer too but let’s not think about it now.)

Sigh. I sooo wasn’t a late night grazer. I had my moments here and there but it’s not really my feeding time. But something happened in the last 1-2(?) years and now this is a problem. And it’s so annoying that I LOST that problem on carnivore before but now I have it again…
I try to go back to OMAD but I am bad at being strong for, like, 3 hours once to make it happen with a big chance… :smiley: Maybe tomorrow. I felt like eating today :slight_smile: But I am adamant about not eating late at least. I ate early, I can’t have everything! I will have a niiiice porky dinner and that’s it.


Had to evacuate for another serious bushfire. Just getting under control now. 3 major fires this summer. Two too close to our place for my liking. All 3 were due to humans. I am down on the human race at the moment.

Easing back into work work as well. In the city for two nights. Mrs. Bear’s uncle’s funeral.

First night in the city I had to cater for myself. It was yummy. There was some cheese: Manchego sheep cheese with black truffle and pan fried halloumi from Cyprus ( cow, goat and sheep milk mix). 250g beef fillet steak, 250g pickled octopus, organic streaky bacon and sparkling mineral water.

Have stayed on plan, except for that cheese sneak.


I agree with Robin on this in that on carnivore we can go very long without eating easily, but the one thing we in the zc world say is, even if not hungry, and going longer without eating, fry up a burger, or steak, or whatever food ya love, you might just DEVOUR the entire meal and think WTH? or you might try not want but a few bites and done.

When in doubt, eat meat, simple as that! When wondering, stick meat/seafood fish or fowl in front of you, your body will direct you easily!

your cheese streak is OK when you are out and about and needing food to suit you thru what ya can find :slight_smile: don’t even question that ya know even if you put a no or low cheese option into your goals…you did fine.

SO SORRY on your brush fire scare. I am mostly down on the humans as a species who has a friggin’ clue on this planet overall HA Right there with you on that!

I hope everything gets settled and your fires are handled fast near you!

SO much destruction thru fires tho and they hit in so many areas over the globe. Fire tho is normal in life with lightening and regrowth but the darn humans adding insult to normal nature is tough to take, I get that~!
Cool pic tho!


I got back my love towards fried pork shoulder too… I felt almost okay, a still bit hungry… And managed to eat a lot of pork (not THAT much but compared to the circumstances)… Still, I reached the point where I couldn’t stomach more egg or meat but was hungry. What is with me, and it happened after the meat :frowning: So I went a tiny bit off but made sure that the main part of the dish was egg yolks… But it still had 15g walnuts and maybe 10g erythritol. Best cake ever! 10/10. Now I am fine. Just a bit disappointed my normal food wasn’t enough. Maybe OMAD would make it easier…

I pretty much reached the point that I reached in the middle of November in 2019. I don’t seem to be fine with restricting myself anymore. I thought I will last longer… I think all those joyless meals wore me down.
But it doesn’t matter, I do whatever I consider best, I clearly keep my basic January attitude, I just accept that sometimes it’s unnecessarily hard. So I do some stricter carnivore-ish than usual. Definitely NO cream in January, I stick to that, at least :wink: And I minimize everything not strict carni and only use it for a good reason. It should be good enough.

Or I just should put my life in order and not thinking about food ALL the time. Well I can’t avoid being in the kitchen for hours, even the simplest possible food making takes ages for some reason… I pretty much had enough of that. I SOOOO wish to try to be there for only one hour as an experiment but I can’t remember this… If Alvaro is at home so he can cook for himself, it’s the same or worse… Well he is worse sometimes, he can spend 3 hours on a veggie soup that is very inadequate to satiate him…

I try to disappear and make changes.

(Karen) #217

Another so so night , up quite a bit and crazy dreams again. Did my 100 stair runs and then had stroke follow up tel appt . Stroke registrar very nice and happy with how I am doing. Cardiology appt tomorrow. My fitbit weekly update tells me I have done 360 flights of stairs more than the week before … progress!

Another industrious day as it was nice and mild. Went out the back wasteland behind my garden and dug up a couple of hostas. I lost all mine when I got it cleared and i do like the leaves so put some in a couple of pots where they shouldn’t be quite so invasive. Also dug up and potted a small nettle plant. I quite enjoy nettle tea now and again. Went off to wilkos via Aldi where they had some more herbs so i bought a number and a big trough and 2 cordalines from wilkos and came home and filled the trough with the herbs for my daughter. Drove over to her house and popped it outside her back door as a surprise. Then went to the other local town to see if their wilkos had any more of the cheap smaller planters and they did so I got some for the cordalines. Oh busy busy… also planted up a teapot with some mint … the Aldi plants were tad unhealthy again but hopefully it will take. I do like a mint tea too.

I had brunch about 1130hrs a ribeye steak that i took out the freezer a couple of days back but didn’t fancy with a couple of fried eggs. All was cooked in the duck fat rendered from the breast fillet

Then I had a bit of cheese, a hard boiled egg and a couple of side plates of streaky bacon.

Early to bed this evening feel tired after busy day…

(Daisy) #218

Day 13 Lion diet : meal one was a New York strip and some beef liver (and bone broth jello). Meal two was a huge plate of flanken ribs! Sleep: Supplements: none. In bed at 9:28. No earplugs. Prayer and deep breath. Took a really long time to fall asleep. Out of bed at 11 and 1 to pee, awake several more times. Very restless sleep. Woke right before my alarm at 5:05 but the alarm still went off. I will try the new melatonin again tonight.
image image image image


Now I got curious what my sleep does regarding sleep stages… And what is healthy and normal… I just know that I only remember my dreams if I go back to sleep…

(I feel wonderfully satiated now so at least I won’t eat late today…)


I got one of those busy busy days happening and I ain’t a fan of busy busy but sometimes ya gotta tackle it :wink:

food today is 3 pork chops coming in at 1.5 lbs for the pk. and I got a 1.5 lb pack of burger. Will eat all pork chops, the burger, maybe 1/2 or 3/4? lb probably. We shall see.


I just LOVE the simple of 2 pks of meat and my day is done!! Too bad I gotta cook for the carbys in the family :frowning: ugh
my carnivore day is covered, off I go to get stuff done :sunny: