Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022



This forum is good for learning English idioms… I am sorry for that, by the way. I learn these here too. That not only school lunches can be bad but restaurants can do things unwell too. Well of course I’ve read that sometimes… But I always had good experiences (I wasn’t too choosy either I suppose but I still had my standards and tastes). Except when I was a vegetarian and I got about 80kcal (only because of the single small gnocchi) main dish on a plate filled with mostly super thin slices of various grilled vegs. Separated with some empty space. I never forget that. There was another where they tried to pull something similar (IDK about the amounts but you can give me 2kg grilled tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms, I still stay hungry… Obviously… Like, a vegetarian is a human being too…) but I just ate meat there (it was the time when I ate meat 1-2 times per year…? just after I left home so I didn’t need to ban meat all year…), that was nice and too much for me :slight_smile: IDK why but I almost never could finish main dishes in restaurants. Or a whole pizza unless it was extremely thin (I was at such a place once). In Greece I just ordered an appetizer (octopus with vinegar, so so great) and a dessert and it was perfect.
Meanwhile I always could eat big meals. So I don’t understand myself. Maybe the timing never was good or I don’t know. But the restaurants I visited truly had huge portions. Oh and we did spend a tiny fortune in a Japanese restaurant once and true, they aren’t cheap but it still meant a lot of food. We was there for hours and didn’t get hungry for a day at least afterwards :smiley: That was fun.

And there was a temporal little Chinese restaurant in the nearby city. It has its special soup full with tiny shrimps! I liked that so, so much. I really need to get shrimps and make dishes where they shine, I don’t want just gobble up that expensive stuff, they are super good as a side item in dishes as I experienced.

I prefer my own homemade food but I start to miss restaurants. I wasn’t in one since… Quite a few years. One reason is financial and lack of travels but as my diet got more restricted, it got harder to find things I gladly eat anyway.
I want to see if a not so near but not extremely far away city still has its all you can eat Asian restaurant, there was an nice variety of fish compared to supermarkets… And we can choose anything and they fried them up for us right away… (And once we ate dozens of tiiiny coconut jelly desserts too… And I ignored the cheap, boring rice, I didn’t pay for THAT :smiley: I think I always was pretty good at eating things all alone though not as good as now. My roasts are simple perfect all alone. I only need something with them if they aren’t fatty enough.)
So it would be fun to see how much would eat now. Nice atmosphere too, not some overcrowded rush of a crowd like some other all you can eat place as I’ve read… It was expensive enough not to attract masses but it had nice Asian food if one chose well so it was worth it. I don’t know if they have fresh enough salmon to eat it raw… I don’t remember that. But there was a nice variety. I don’t remember much anymore.

We went out to see the “frozen birds” on the lake. They weren’t frozen :smiley: I soo admire them, swimming around in -5 Celsius… I saw at least 15 swans and zillions of… Dark birds, they were too far away but they must have been ducks, mostly. Some gulls. And probably coots too. As I saw them in summer.
I was hungry but when we arrived at home, it went very low. So I just made the necessary things on Alvaro’s bread, fried my bacon and whatnot. It gave me enough “food joy” so I don’t want eating now. (I imagine this is foreign for some of you :smiley: But I am like that. Alvaro doesn’t understand. I reminded him to the Hungarian saying again where the hostess get satiated by the smell. I often experienced that, cooking a lot turns off my appetite and I don’t feel hunger either. Unless I really need food already, nothing helps with that, just food.)

I drank coffee though. I will try harder in the near future…

We never ate lizards (never felt any desire to taste the unwanted preys of the cats and we have no big ones here), only other roadkills, a pheasant and a piglet. Alvaro’s dad ate zillion things. Like dog, getting some from his Vietnamese friend. Alvaro missed that experience, not being there at the time.

I probably would try many kinds of meat quite gladly. I’ve read snake is good…

(Edith) #182

That’s why since I became carnivore / carnivore-adjacent I rarely eat out. There is nothing I can get at a restaurant that I can’t make as good as or better myself. And, for way less money.


You said it!!!

(Linda ) #184

I agree with your statment completly but sometimes you find that few decent places that serve up an amazing meal and it’s still nice to go out and be social…but I truely get he bbq being totally awful chewy and dry have hit that few times and never go back then you find a really good one and not having to cook occasionally is great too…

But since going carnivore really havent had any fast food like macdonalds or burger King wendys etc the only meat I have tried was roast beef from Arbies and didn’t like it plain so I didn’t eat it… but bbq I will try …

(Edith) #185

I will eat fast food burgers for lunch. They come in handy when I’m in a pinch.

(Daisy) #186

Same. If I made a whole cheesecake, I ate a whole cheesecake. As I went to keto, if I made a batch of fat bombs, I ate a batch of fat bombs.

(Linda ) #187

I will over Eat on cheese cakes even my egg bread cake but I can after I have a few slices give the rest to my husband once it’s labeled his I won’t touch it…but the pork rinds he labeled mine so best way is not to buy them I don’t crave them…its once I’m eating them I have no control…i have two unopened containers of original porkrinds and they don’t even call my name lol… but they don’t have the flavourings…
I guess our addictions are also triggered by flavours, textures, but its all a good learning.

Todays eating is lamb… followed by a 2nd meal will prob be left over lamb roast and hock.

(Daisy) #188

Day 11 Lion diet. Meal one was supposed to be the rest of the raw round steak, but this morning went kinda crazy, so I had to leave in the middle of eating, before I could finish. Then our afternoon plans got canceled, so I roasted what was left up with a couple small chuckeye steaks. Sleep: Supplements: 800 mg magnesium glycinate, 10 mg melatonin (new bottle with extremely limited ingredients). In bed at 10:31, on back with prayer and breath. Fell asleep almost instantaneously. Being on my back has made a huge difference in my sleep quality! I listened to a podcast by Dr mindy pelt the day I started this journal about sleeping on your back, and it really has made a massive difference. Anyway… up from 12:30-1:30 with some sort of rash/itching all over my extremities. Was it the new melatonin? We’ll see… back to bed at 1:30, on my back with prayer and breath work. Can’t remember how quickly I fell asleep. Up just after 4 to pee, right back to bed/sleep. Awake at 6:30 and stayed in bed dozing off and on until 7:03. Woke 2 minutes before my alarm. Tonight will be a control night, no supplements. I’m also dealing with a breakout on my face from the melatonin I returned. :cry:
image image image

(Karen) #189

Wakeful night but also slept some and dreamt very strange dreams… possibly getting anxiety about going back to work soon arghhhh!

Up and straight on to 100 flights stair runs , so pleased these are back in my daily routine, they ease my back and are getting easier and I am not nearly so puffed out … now able to get to at least 20 flights before going through first puff whereas only a few days back I was puffed at 5 flights. Progress yesss!

Planted those hall plants and got them outside all bar the small conifers as I wanted square planters for those. Then decided to take Raymond to the G/C where I could buy the square planters. Thought I would check lidl for some more ferns but my local one had sold out so I stopped at Raymond’s local lidl before picking him up and managed to get some more. They are so nice planted in the troughs. I just thought I would kick myself if I didn’t get some more at that great price. When we got to the G/C the ferns there were smaller and twice the price. Also their conifers, the same size as the ones I got in wilkos, were also twice the price. Gotta grab those bargains lol. Got the square planters and will plant up the conifers tomorrow along with the latest purchase of ferns :smiley:

Didn’t eat brunch till I got home about 4pm! Ate some cold roast chicken a bit of cheese and then cooked up some streaky bacon. I am missing my steaks but was full so the steak will wait till tomorrow.


This editor and its saved things are a bit weird when I have multiple comments started at the same time and something special condition happens… I lost a long post but at least you don’t need to read that. (I should have known better and when they got mixed, I should just save it in a file or don’t close the tab but I forgot the CF card again… the usual.)
Oh well.

IDK what marginally important was in it… I remember the unimportant things.

Whatever. So I had my day. Extremely bad, I don’t want to think about it but maybe 3/10? I usually don’t find anything below 8 acceptable, maybe sometimes 7 when I don’t care about joy.
I didn’t enjoy my food at all… Until midnight…
I ate at 5pm, 7pm and as that wasn’t enough, after midnight as well.

(The darkness abomination on a half boiled egg is Vegemite, sorry… I don’t like it but Alvaro does so we have it and sometimes I taste it and still don’t understand how anyone likes it but whatever. And I was so desperate for something to put on my egg and variety is variety… And I had a knife with Vegemite on it as I made Alvaro a Vegemite-cheese bread stick. He liked it, of course.)

I didn’t eat half of the pork/skin/egg fried things (IDK how to call them. we call absolutely everything more or less similar to this frikadeller just with the Hungarian word of course. even if it’s meatless but it has meat, not only skin, I usually like this). But I had more eggy coffees and a little mascarpone.
And after midnight a nice piece or pork roast and some salmon spread. Still not a huge fan of this pork chuck but it’s meat with fat, I am not against it now and it was my best option by far.

Oh there is next week, new chances to eat properly! Or at least gain muscles, my last workout was so bad, I was weak.
I hope I form very useful new habits now. I won’t try to eat a dessert that I never ate without sweetener (the vanilla/lemon mascarpone. as it was so miserable without a few lemon juice drops), it’s almost painful… :smiley: But I was a tiny determined hero (tiny as I didn’t have temptation, I just didn’t like the food). Maybe it’s not always so bad but it was already a bad, bad day with new failed biscuits. They aren’t good. Not even properly crunchy.

So I hope my January this far had some tiny use… As I hardly ate little enough to lose fat, I didn’t practice the nice convenient OMAD (or even TMAD), I ate late (but I was glad as it was easier then on some days), I wasn’t even THAT strict (but I couldn’t, it was hard enough this way)… I really hope it wasn’t pointless. I had a point, I just partially missed it…

I will try a weee bit harder :slight_smile: Nothing too serious, that would be in conflict with my core personality.
I need to be a better hedonist!

I have nice plans for tomorrow, pork roast and sponge cakes, mostly.

(Edith) #191

Happy Monday everyone.

I have to admit while I stuck to carnivore over the weekend, it was crappy carnivore: pork rinds, lots of seasoning, salami. I went up a pound. I know, a pound is in the noise, but up is the wrong direction.:rage: It was certainly not very PKD-like, either

Today I am back to cleaning things up. One of my goals for this month is to actually see what blood ketones and fasting glucose are doing, but the batteries in my monitors are dead, so I need to get some new ones. That will not happen within the next few days. I am going to be halfway into the month not meeting any of my goals if I don’t get my tush in gear. Even so, my joint inflammation may be improving. I need a little more time and a little more improvement to make sure its not just a fluke or my imagination.

@Ketodaisy, noticing anything different with your lion diet?


I had circumstances (they really piled up, I fought for a while. and I have no regrets though not sure it was worth it… but at least my rebellious self will lay down for a while? it is super silent in January as I am super determined) so I ate the tiny sweet mascarpone cream Alvaro left. It went wonderfully with my sponge cake with a bit of mascarpone in it…

But it’s a normal relaxed day now. I had appetite at lunchtime so I ate lunch today. Scrambled eggs, pork roast, sponge cakes with salmon spread, a bit of cheese, eggy coffee… It was maybe 7/10, good enough.
I go back to no dairy tomorrow, I keep spices for certain dishes and I will use some old pork skin from the freezer so it won’t be zero processed meat either. Only eggs and meat is for the next 3 days and then we do shopping so who knows? :smiley: I really think some sausages would be good but only a bit when it’s needed.

And I plan to take NOFUSS seriously from now on. I got used to this, even with the hardships, now it’s time to avoid food and coffee until sunset. How hard can that be? Not at all, I am just my undisciplined not-fully-hedonistic self. But than won’t do, I wanna lose fat so I can’t afford eating lunch when I am not even properly hungry then.

I am lazy to look at my notes for the last 9 days, I ate a ton, that’s it anyway… And I probably ate my usual amount of salt too.
(I am amazing, I thought without added fat, dairy and sweeteners I will eat cute amounts. I am not very surprised though. And it didn’t help I didn’t wanted my food, I still had to eat and much at that. Yep, always odd to see that appetite matters to people. I overeat without any but it seems, even a slightly negative one can be too much to lose. I don’t call mine overeating as I wasn’t way over my energy need in average, I think. It would be good to know my energy need, no idea, I just suppose it’s like 10 years ago plus my slightly bigger activity.)
But OMAD is soooooo more logical and convenient too. I think about food all day anyway but with 4 meals, it’s still worse.

We will see.

My back is okay today but my muscles are still tired (I expected that) so my workout will be tomorrow. We had sunny weather and a tiny snow today! Very tiny so it melted in the sunny parts in no time. I had a small walk. I really need a longer one already but I tend to dress not properly. Today I was very hot in my thicker jacket. Last time we were hungry (it disappeared for me though but Alvaro needed his lunch and we walked together) and before that I forgot my gloves… Since it’s cold, I am not very motivated to walk, it was 15C right before and I needed time to get used to it. But now I am ready for my still quite small, 4km walks.

It would be good to have appetite and hunger properly at mealtimes. Carnivore tend to get away my desire to eat and it feels very odd. I still eat much as my body urges me but it’s a chore or not enjoyable but easy on the worst days and it’s almost never like my “normal” state. Food is behind some smoky door regarding my emotions…? I am shadowed? IDK how to explain this. Well I am waiting for this to go away. I had very nice, enjoyable carnivore meals in my life so this thing isn’t inevitable…

But it’s possible my other life factors interfere now.


love your new garden pics K plus I still see your trap door in those pics :slight_smile:

wow on the guts and the melatonin and all…I know you will find that sweet spot for you!

me too on the salami LOL I wanted it gone but I ate earlier and got very hungry around the 10 at night spot and ate salami and hard cheddar chunks and believe me it did not set well in that I got like more fidgetty type and got wired a bit?? I don’t know but I ain’t going there again.

---------------got hungry at night so I hit salami slices and cheddar. too late for me as I know it is and I got wired up. Sleep at 1am and up at 7 after twisting around a bit and more. I GOT ALOT on my mind too, the hamster wheel of life stress was spinning too so that don’t help one bit.

Today is mini mealoaf got cooking along with big mealoaf for family
first meal is 2 NY Strip steaks, smaller so I am inhaling 2 cause I know I need them.

No scale. Waiting til end of month and hoping I am down 1-2-3 maybe and just let it happen cause key being, I am going all in for a year, if I get 1-2 per month gone, I hit my 20 gone in a year and I ain’t leaving my eating plan EVER so if I just focus on that, I get’er done and get results :sunny:

cooked eggs and sausage for mom and now I am starving ya know…those eggs and sausage set me up to want to eat but it is only 11, I am waiting another 1 hr before hitting up my steaks. best I stay on my usual eating times.

all great here so far and hoping everyone has a fab carnivore day. Stay carnivore strong all!

(Karen) #194

@Fangs yes that trap door is still there. I planted the extra ferns along with the 4 conifers I bought the other day. The extra ferns look really lush by the shed. I did my 100 flights this morning and then sat out with a brew and listened to the birds chirping away and smelling the herbs that were wafting up around me. I was nicely sheltered from any breeze just outside the back door and it felt nice and mild and I felt so relaxed and calm… might have been all that lavender! Then it was time to do that planting. I had a couple of slices of gouda around 1145 after planting and then popped out to my daughters to pick up two ebay parcels to post and the post office is right opposite wilkos so I went in to see if the last 2 remaining conifers were still on the shelf and they were so in the trolley they went … along with some more containers, troughs and a load of soil. The shop assistants were lovely, got me a
bigger trolley and took the trolley out to the back loading bay. I was parked just opposite in Tescos so drove across the road and loaded the car… that was a workout on its own lol… 5 bags of top soil and 4 bags or compost! Then out and into my hallway! So as soon as it was unloaded I was planting up again!. Garden starting to look so pretty.

Didn’t have dinner till about 4.30, cooked up and ate 2 duck breast fillets. They were really delish very succulent and i cooked them rarish. Also boiled up the roast chicken as the meat was getting a bit dry so I will just have the stock from it as a drink.

My line manager phone me today, I go back Monday and Tuesday but he said I won’t be working those two days just mingling and chatting to people. He is very compassionate, couldn’t have asked for better support. Had I had any other manager I don’t think I would have had the same support. The cardiology dept phoned this afternoon and asked if I minded changing my consultant appt to a tel appt. Saves me driving across town to the hospital. Thats Wednesday and tomorrow i have the stroke registrar tel appt. So hopefully everything will be very positive.

Still having strange dreams and disruptive sleep but I am used to that. Possibly a bit of anxiety stepping in now returning to work is imminent !

(Daisy) #195

I feel so much slimmer. And just feel good. I won’t get on the scale this whole month, so don’t know specifics, but I’m feeling good in my body! Energy is good, eating habits have evened out, I just feel good. If I could truly see some lasting improvements in my sleep, I’d be on top of the world :joy:

Day 12 Lion diet: meal one was air fried stew meat and bone broth jello. Meal two was burger patties. Last night was a control night, so no supplements and no earplugs. Supplements: none. In bed at 10:25, on back with prayer and breath. No earplugs. Took several minutes to fall asleep (I had taken an almost 2 hour nap yesterday). Up at 1:16 and 4:03 to pee. Right back to bed, but slow to fall back asleep both times. Awake a couple other times. Lots of dreams. Up when alarm went off at 5:30.
image image image


I have noticed such a difference between pork and beef. I don’t skimp on the portion size, I eat fatty cuts, I eat until I am full…but with pork, I find that I am hungry again a few hours later.

With beef, I’m just held over that bit longer. It’s really noticeable to me.


We will see what beef will do on the only day in January when I allow myself that luxury…
But I am quite fine with pork and eggs as long as I don’t have too many meals. But I easily can do OMAD even on high-carb (more exactly, it’s only easy on higher-carb but after the first OMAD day things usually get easier nowadays) so my long term satiation isn’t that choosy. It just takes a lot of calories (more with carbs and added fat), protein and fat (even lowish-protein or low-fat can work if I manage to raise the other one).
(Alvaro has it easier, he only needs a lot of calories, almost pure carbs works wonderfully for him, giving him a 8-9 hour nice satiation and he isn’t sedentary during that time. Very much unlike me but well, carbs give him energy and he gets his fat and protein from his other meals.)

I am ALWAYS hungry a few hours later unless I ate (more than) enough for the actual day. Interestingly, I often have 1-2 hours on carnivore instead of my normal 3 hours (and I probably had longer times on high-carb). It was practically always 3 hours on low-carb (including keto but not carnivore). I did some way over 3 hours on carnivore, it’s very odd to me.
But if I eat chicken (or a small meal), I am hungry right away, it’s like carbs.

I was very much not hungry at dinnertime (dinnertime is the time when Alvaro eats. I don’t have a specific time for that) but ate a bit to ensure a small eating window. Now I feel completely full. 1700 kcal, 69% fat, tracking is so very tiresome due to lots of calculation even for my base 2 items… Maybe I should do it once for multiple days… Though it helps to see where I am to avoid midnight eating.
One egg in my only coffee. It’s an okay day. And my food was delightful. Only the mentioned 7/10 but I can’t go higher without proper appetite.

I won’t eat more today, no matter what. I am serious now. And clearly ate enough.

I should think about food way, way, way less. I try to avoid the forum. I will fail, obviously but maybe I will come less often.

(Will) #198

Happy Monday
The weekend went very well, I managed to stay on track even when faced with 3 tables loaded with food including desserts (family reunited).
Today my food includes sirloin, chicken drumsticks and shrimp if needed. Hard to believe we are 10 days in already.

(Linda ) #199

Have you ever tried like buying bulk chicken (because it’s a cheaper option for you )using spices and trying to eat a couple of pounds skin included… and see how you go…whether it be,a whole chicken or cut up portions… or roast of lamb or mutton?

My two bags of pork rinds and my tightest fitting jeans are tight so back to strict carnivore for me
I noticed if I try to even have too many days of lamb hocks it’s super tasty but then fats what I’m looking for even to the point I’ll cut the fat off my steak and just eat that… and keep the leaner parts to mix with next days food.

Husband had an appointment for blood draw with the va early this morning he returns home and asks me where the dogs are…next couple hours were spent walking coming home and repeat to find them finally 2.5 hours later they were back at home …
This is them now


Chicken is just as cheap not in bulk but yes.
Not nice tasting stuff except what I had at my Aunt. I was always hungry after a mere 1 kg chicken drumsticks in one sitting. With skin and a little added fat and maybe other things. I had to eat A TON of other food afterwards (well yeah, I run out of proper food soon so that included carbs and I can eat them almost forever but I did what I could).
I don’t even try it at home. I couldn’t even stomach much of that tasteless or worse thing (spices probably would make it quite edible but without the meat flavor it’s just not good enough). Tender, that’s okay but…

I eat turkey, that’s better and always pair it up with pork. Fowls can’t seem to satiate me well alone. Maybe not even not alone but I need the variety sometimes.
Turkey is quite cheap too, I have just looked at stuff on sale on a hypermarket we will visit this week, turkey wings cost as much as chicken drumsticks and they are kinda similar sized things with skin. (While chicken wings are useless cat food except a bite where it’s thickest to me. Turkey legs are tasty but full with hard tendons. Both are more expensive than my favs.)

Comfortable dogs, they remind me of our cats… They are theoretically outside cats but they become inside cats in winter (except for the nights). They have big dense fur but they still wanna sleep in my beds (as I have a bean bag too. a bit small for a human bed though we sleep in it sometimes but it’s wonderful for Tofu) - so they do that. Alvaro’s bed and an armchair only they use downstairs are popular too but my beds are THE BEST. I can relate, I am fond of them myself.

Now that I eat carnivore food and the cats are inside… And even Tofu learned how to jump to the kitchen counter… The kitchen, more like the food or plates that contained food before need a bit more work and attention. After a few interesting sounds from the kitchen (once I said “it sounds like someone licking my fork” - it wasn’t the first time so I could make this educated guess and it was spot on) I learned my lesson.

I just realized this evening that I didn’t feel my trousers tight when I went for a walk… Yay? It was almost painfully obvious, impossible to miss when I sat down to put on my shoes in the last weeks.