Clam chowder?

(Todd Chester) #1

Found a small can of chopped clams (clams, sea salt) without any weird chemicals.

Target: clam chowder.

I looked on the internet, instantly tossed out those keto recipes with 25,286 ingredients, and find rested on what I though would be doable:

can of clams
chicken stock
crispy bacon

You guys have a simple recipe you like?

(Bob M) #2

If you find something, that would be good. I just don’t know how to thicken it, as that usually uses wheat flour.

(Joey) #3

Some folks are fans of xanthan gum for such purposes. It has high gross carbs & minimal net carbs. I’d suggest researching it carefully to see if it’ll be something you want to explore. I have no personal experience with it as a food ingredient in my own cooking. YMMV.


Try Carl’s

(Bob M) #5

It looks like Carl used xanthan gum

I have to say that I’m a stickler for trying the initial recipe with no changes. Reading through those comments, I see so many changes when making it the first time…


I don’t make chowders, but to thicken up other soups, I use Carrie Brown’s favorite Konja powder. A little goes a long way so add slowly it thickens as it cooks. I start with 1/4 teaspoon to cup of liquid. It hold up well to the heating not all keto thickeners do that.

(Todd Chester) #7

I do not have any Konja powder. But I do have both Chia and Flax powder. I wonder if either would change the flavor in the wrong direction?

(Bob M) #8

Those probably wouldn’t work. If you try them, try them on a small part of it, say a cup that you separate out.

(Todd Chester) #9

A wise recommendation!

(Todd Chester) #10

Wait a minute! I use animal fat (including butter) and heavy whipping cream to make some very thick gravies!

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Those will not work in a hot food, texture will be off putting.

I avoid using flax because of the Omega 6.

You could actually make a roux with butter and fine ground almond flour and add that to the dish…

(Todd Chester) #12

If butter and heavy cream do not work, I do have organic walnut flour available. (A family member is allergic to almonds.)

(Jane) #13

This may not be a popular position, but I use flour to thicken gravies and soups. A tablespoon is 6 net carbs and when you look at the portion size you will consume it ends up being 1-2 carbs. I know some are allergic to wheat but it doesn’t bother me.

Years ago I eliminated all wheat for 6 weeks and didn’t feel any different.

(Bob M) #14

I also use roux (flour + butter, in equal weight). For me, I remember how to make it and use it, and it’s not that carby really. For the other thickeners, I thicken things so rarely that I can’t remember how to use them. Some can be boiled, some can’t. I just forget.

Unlike Janie, I find wheat causes allergies, asthma, many other issues. But as long as I have it infrequently, these don’t appear or are minor enough that they go away after not having wheat.

(Robin) #15

I find myself in a position at times while eating out, when I know the meat was probably marinaded with some sugar in the mix, but there is nothing to do. So I consider the amount I may get in my serving, and just enjoy the novelty. No ill effects.

(LS Conway) #16

My xanthim (sp) gum has 0 carbs.

(Todd Chester) #17

In my case, since “healthy carbs” saddled me with T2 Diabetes, grains are public enemy #1. I am going to add some butter to the heavy whipping cream and see if that sets up.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #18

Or you could whip the cream until it turns into butter . . . . just saying . . . :grin:

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Let us know how it turned out using the alternative nut flour please.

(Bob M) #20

How did it turn out?

I’ve tried adding butter to sauces I made. While they get a bit thicker, they are nowhere near what happens with a thickener. I still don’t use thickeners that often, as I don’t really care much how thick they are. But for soup, that might be different.