Cinnamon Bread Recipe

(Denise) #1

I made this one again after maybe a couple of years. Just felt I needed a treat and it turned out better than the first few times I’ve made it. I change the recipe to my “liking” and add Cinnamon layers in it, and add a little bulk powdered stevia to the cinnamon first :wink: I like using the ACV, but I slipped up and added Baking Powder as well (they say you don’t have to add both) but the loaf raised really nice.

I love adding a 1/4 cup up frozen blueberries I heat in microwave for 60 seconds, smash them up to get them juicy, then top it all with cream-cheese. Any amount I want but I think around quarter cup or depends on how big a slice I want of the bread. It’s more like eating cake to me :wink:

I check mine at 30 minutes and it’s perfect, check with toothpick test:

(Bob M) #2

My wife made something similar. It was quite good, but - for me - it has to be an infrequent treat. I eat too much of it otherwise.

(Denise) #3

I agree, I only make it once in a great while, I think I mentioned already, but it’s been well over a year since I baked it :wink: I’ve honestly never at a huge amount of any sweets, but carbs, well, basically every day with meals, and especially bread with sandwiches and toast. I did ever gain more that 30 lbs, and my T2 is genetic more than weight I think. I was big on gut-bombs, pizzas, tacos all from drive throughs :wink: carb junkie :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of mine I use 2 tbsp of cinnamon so it’s top-heavy with that :wink: I love it though :wink: but I noticed my tummy got a little sicky feeling because I’m not used to this type of food

this pic is better, the other was a bit distorted


That thing looks AWESOME!

(Denise) #5

You must love Cinnamon too @lfod14 :smile: It is good, but pretty rich so the first “cut” was bit too big, lol, so now I take much smaller slices as the recipe suggests :wink: Also less cream cheese as I mentioned not being used to “goodies” :slight_smile: Sorry not to have seen your post, I get zero email notifications.


The cinnamon comment made me think about this recipe

I have made these a number of times although not recently and they turn out pretty good. I sometimes switch up the sugar substitute and usually use what I have which is powered Swerve

One comment on the nut free, not an issue at my house but the people I know who are allergic to nuts cannot have coconut either

(Denise) #7

They look good @Saphire! I’ve tried the Swerve Brown sugar in a Keto Cookie recipe, but I didn’t care for them with the yucky semi-sweet choc. chips, or with the almond flour. What do you think of the Allulose?

I might check out your Nut Free Fathead although I have no issue with nuts either. I just like the sound of the texture you described :wink: Thanks much, Denise:+1:


The recipe is work but I like it. I honestly cannot remember the last time I made it so I don’t remember if I used Swerve Brown Sugar. I have some liquid allulose that I have used. I have nothing against it but if I recall it is not quite as sweet as other options. I find a world of difference between the granular swerve and the confectioners. I feel that I can use the confectioners in most things that require granular but not vice versa. I remember the Dudes, in the whipped cream recipe used to say you had to heat the granular erythritol otherwise it does not blend well. Not something confectioners requires. I generally avoid Stevia because it tastes bitter to me but everything else I am ok with

(Denise) #9

thank you @Saphire I believe Allulose is less sweet than regular sugar, and the granules don’t completely smooth out. I now like it better in my choc. fat bombs, I like the teenie granules that add some texture, I guess you’d call it. I like my stevia best as I can use so much less, and the only time I’ve had it be bitter for me is when I’ve put too much in something but that doesn’t happen now since I “put it in and taste” little by little.

thank you again for your info though, as I can use it to decide on what to use in what recipes. I rarely bake, or make any kind of goodies, but I guess I just got to bug and did both my bread and fat bombs. Won’t make them again for months most likely :wink:


Baking can be quite nice anyway :slight_smile: I love baking and it’s good I still can do it as my SO eats the result. It’s easiest with raised dough as it gets round and lovely anyway but other type of baked goods look lovely too. And if we use the light extras, smelling wonderfully. My sponge cakes smell nothing to me (they are just egg) but they are good and useful.
Cinnamon inevitably gives a nice smell (at least the good kind of cinnamon) but I like lemon zest the most. Almost never bake with it but when I do, mmmm, lovely smell for long in the kitchen!

(Jane) #12

I tried this recipe and wasn’t too bad. Not as good as authentic but none of the keto substitutes are. This one didn’t suck LOL