Christmas 2018 - The OFFICIAL share your decor THREAD


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For many the day after Thanksgiving starts the Season😄


Share or post pics please

Some ideas or suggestions:

Inside or outside festive lights
Table settings
Your go to Christmas Outfit- humorous attire as well😂
Tree…kinda early still🙂
Family Photos - ymmv
Ugly Sweater - contest Winner or loser
Seasonal Family Traditions
Church Events

No rules🤣

Merry Christmas

Thanks for Playing


Fun! So my decorations in general are pretty lame so far but I am really proud of this:

I knit my first xmas stocking! Up until now my knitting consisted of scarves and a couple of hats. This one is for me since I expected the first one to suck I made mine first and it actually turned out okay! I made a few mistakes but they’re probably something only I will notice. Though I will be making 1 change to the rest and that is making them a little bigger. This one is about and inch smaller than the pattern said- probably due to my knitting tension so I’m going to fix that for the rest of them :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

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I don’t celebrate Christmas but friends and family do so I’m weaving up some candy cane kitchen towels.

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I never have any decorations, not worth the hassle. Always made an effort for my son as I wanted him to have the magic of Christmas that I never had, but not worth it these days. If I did have decs I’d spend the whole time untangling cats anyway :joy:

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Great idea, another thread I look forward to. My dog N=1’ed me on canine advice I was skeptical about, so what was to be a day of decorating converted to a day of cleanup.

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Wow, that is lovely. Once upon a time, I corded & spun wool and did weavings. Seems like another life time ago, the 80s.

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I’m decorating my house with some homemade LCHF eggnog

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Love the mixer. Can not stand eggnog. Too much milk and I love my eggs cooked, not raw.

Do you use an alternative to either the milk or raw eggs?

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Sorry on the eggs, but, no, no egg alternative. I love “poofing” up the egg whites. I’m far more comfortable in the kitchen than last Advent. I used almond milk, as per the recipe.

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Please send some to Baltimore :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a tradition every year of making coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog, basically). Guess I’ll have to find a way to ketofy it this year!

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Converting recipes to LCHF is a fun challenge. Shall we call yours co-keto?

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  1. I didn’t even think to google Keto coquito! I guess I’m not the only PR person doing Keto :joy:

  2. Co-Keto, I love it! :joy: that’s literally the most perfect name :grin:

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This one sounds better, I am also not a fan of condensed milk, but this coconut milk you condense yourself does sound like something to try. I like this recipe better than the original posted one. I try to stay away from brown colored spirits, stick to the clear ones, less carbs.

I have never made eggnog but I might give this one a try. Thanks for the postings.

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Egg Nog wow

Found it!
Here’s one recipe to possibly easily convert
Use @Digital_Dave famous crust :smile:

Egg Nog Pie


I actually do make an Eggnog Cheese Cake as well, but have not converted it to a Keto-Friendly version yet. … But since there’s a Keto Eggnog recipe also posted above, might have to take a look into it. :slight_smile: Thanks

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There’s no accounting for taste. I thought this looked good but my wife said; “Ewwww.” Whatever.

Watching the video I see I didn’t fold my egg whites into the nog. You can make this recipe using your own keto eggnog and this pie crust.

I’m still digging that I get power tools in the kitchen, i.e. that nice mixer in the photo.

I’ll get that right next time.


This is my son. He learned 3 Christmas songs this week so he could go busk to earn money for Christmas.

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That suit will draw a crowd. It has a life of its own :christmas_tree: