Christmas 2018 KETO Gifts - what did you Receive or give?


(Troy) #1

I was very surprised
Not expecting this at all
Someone is listening and watching my WOE😄

This was my KETO cornucopia from my Brother
We rarely exchange gifts. Lol
Very thoughtful
I’m blessed and thankful

What did you get or give , KETO related?

Thanks for playing

Merry Christmas

Btw…I still have never tried MCT, but I have 2 bottles now🤣

(Ellen) #2

I gifted myself a fabulous 3kg beef rib, does that count??

(Becca) #3

Nice gifts! Merry Christmas!

My mom got me 2 books I asked for: “Grain Brain” and “The Big Fat Surprise.” Also, I suppose this isn’t specifically Keto-related, but definitely due to a lovely side effect of Keto: gf got me new clothes, 2 sizes smaller. All of my other clothes were huge on me, I was starting to look like a slob :confused:

I hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas!

(Janelle) #4

I made myself Keto pancakes for Christmas breakfast. That was nice gift for the day.

(Janelle) #5

Nice gift and thoughtful brother. Merry Christmas!

(Advice - go a little easy on the MCT at first :grin:)

(Carl Keller) #6

I’m doing prime rib this year but I am sharing with family (*pouts). We typically have processed ham for Christmas (and for serveral days afterward) but I think I am going to start a new tradition.


I got cheese curds in my stocking instead of chocolate/candy🤤. Very happy. Although the family just thinks I have cut out sugar and grain and just eat meat and veg.

(Ellen) #8

Beef rib all the way! Sorry you have to share.

(Jo O) #9

Our Non-Keto son Is smoking a whole brisket for us today. Yum!

(Mike) #10

I got a new kitchen scale (other one was ruined by a spill) and a portable frother to use for MCT coffee at work. Merry Christmas everyone.

(Troy) #11

No doubt!
Very aware🤣
Thanks for the warning

Just made me think of the all the horror stories and replies on the famous Amazon sugar free gummy bear user review! Such a classis
Those that do not know. Go read. Hours of entertainment :rofl:. At the expense of user error. Lol

(Allie) #12

@beccs I got The big fat surprise too, along with How to feed your brain, and Judgement detox - all from my Amazon wish list as my BF had no idea what to get me. He did surprise me with a retired Beanie Boo (I collect them), Alpine the reindeer, though :heart:

(Becca) #13

That’s very generous of you, much nicer than I’d be :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

(Carl Keller) #14

I have a plan. :wink:

*later that day…

“This prime rib tastes a little funny, like maybe it’s starting to go bad. I wouldn’t eat too much of it if I were you.”

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #15

I gifted myself with an Instant Pot and a Keto Instant Pot cookbook.
We will be having keto fondue for Xmas dinner as well.

Hope you all have/had a wonderful day.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #17

My sister bought the same thing for the household.

She also gave me two pizza stones for when I make Fathead pizza (one sausage and peppers, the other pepperoni, yum!). :bacon:

(Troy) #18

@collaroygal @PaulL
Nice… I got a Instant Pot 8qt for my parents!!
…I mean me😌

(Brennan) #19

My parents got me an insta-pot and my brother and sister got me a sous vide. Also mom sent me “The China Study” in hardcover.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #20

NNIIIIICCCCCEEEEE! as Richard would say.

(Randy) #21

I bought two beautiful Ribeye steaks and had Christmas dinner with my father. Also made a broccoli and cheese casserole.