Chocolate Cream Pie!


Hey! I’m new here, I came upon the podcast and forums back in December and have slowly been getting on board. I wanted to share a recipe I made today, Chocolate Pie!

I found the recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it a bit. I used Swerve in the filling instead of Splenda, and actual cinnamon and vanilla extract in the crust, instead of the Stevita substitutes. It came out GREAT!
Here is the link, and a photo of my masterpiece below (I skipped the garnish, and placed a spot of Reddi-whip).

The crust takes 1 whole egg, which they forgot to add–Pinterest user stated they got the recipe from “Sugar Free Mom.” So I stopped over there to check it out.

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

Well that certainly looks yummy!


Looks like one to definitely try!! :yum: